» Boris Johnson accuses care home bosses of failing to look after their residents during the pandemic 
07/07/20 06:17 from the Mail online | News
Prime Minister Boris Johnson provoked an angry dispute last night after he accused care homes of failing to look after their residents properly during the coronavirus pandemic.

» Liberal and Labor are receiving JobKeeper payments
07/07/20 05:06 from the Mail online | News
The scheme designed to keep people employed during the financial hardship of the coronavirus pandemic has attracted claims from South Australia's Liberal and Labor divisions.

» Colleges Plan to Reopen Campuses, but for Just Some Students at a Time
07/07/20 04:23 from NYT > U.S.
To provide some semblance of the campus experience during a pandemic, colleges say large chunks of the student body will have to stay away and study remotely for all or part of the year.

» Tom Hanks Describes 'Very Different' Illnesses
07/07/20 00:50 from Health from Newser
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, his wife, are recovered from their March bouts with COVID-19, with no remaining symptoms or aftereffects. But he's still surprised by their different experiences with the illness. Hanks and Wilson were diagnose...

» Laid Off and Locked Up: Virus Traps Domestic Workers in Arab States
06/07/20 17:18 from NYT > World
The pandemic and economic crises have caused many workers to lose their jobs. Some have been detained, abused, deprived of wages and stranded far from home with nowhere to turn for help.

» Europe’s Roma Already Faced Discrimination. The Pandemic Made It Worse.
06/07/20 16:53 from NYT > World
Roma people in a Bulgarian town are barred from leaving their neighborhood. Officials cite a medical risk, but residents and advocates say it’s yet another form of bigotry.

» Trump Falsely Claims ‘99 Percent’ of Virus Cases Are ‘Totally Harmless’
06/07/20 16:52 from NYT > Health
The president dismissed the severity of the pandemic, downplaying the effect of the disease even as infections surge across the Sunbelt and rebound in California.

» Pilots Were Once in Short Supply. Now They’re Losing Their Jobs.
06/07/20 16:46 from NYT > U.S.
Before the pandemic, airlines worried about not being able to replace retiring baby boomers. Eager recruits expect to bear the brunt of layoffs.

» Live Coronavirus Updates: Global Tracker
06/07/20 16:02 from NYT > Health
More federal workers are returning to their offices. New data shows the pandemic’s disproportionate effect on Black and Latino people in the United States.

» Live Coronavirus Updates: New Caseload Records Across the U.S.
06/07/20 13:58 from NYT > World
Some federal workers are returning to their offices. New data shows the pandemic’s disproportionate effect on Black and Latino people in the United States.

» Meet the Gleaners, Combing Farm Fields to Feed the Newly Hungry
06/07/20 13:54 from NYT > U.S.
An age-old tradition suddenly has fresh urgency in the pandemic, delivering surplus produce to Americans who can’t feed their families.

» What We Learned in 100 Days of Life Interrupted
06/07/20 13:18 from NYT > U.S.
Four first-generation college students in Newark, N.J., tell the story of the pandemic, their uprooted plans — and what they found out.

» Live Coronavirus Updates: Federal Workers in the U.S. Return to Offices
06/07/20 12:19 from NYT > Health
The move could jeopardize progress in one of the few regions where the virus is declining: Washington. New data shows the pandemic’s disproportionate effect on Blacks and Latinos in the United States.

» Are Protests Unsafe? What Experts Say May Depend on Who’s Protesting What
06/07/20 10:17 from NYT > U.S.
Public health experts decried the anti-lockdown protests last spring as dangerous gatherings in a pandemic. Health experts seem less comfortable doing so now that the marches are against racism.

» Egypt arrests ten doctors and warns health workers to keep quiet about coronavirus
06/07/20 09:44 from the Mail online | News
Security agencies have tried to stifle criticism over president Abdel Fattah el-Sissi's handling of the pandemic, which has caused 76,253 infections and 3,343 deaths in Egypt (pictured, testing in Cairo).

» Assessing the Real Coronavirus Death Rate: Live Updates
06/07/20 09:28 from NYT > Health
Assessing the virus’s real death rate could offer clues on what to expect next. Data shows how much harder the pandemic is hitting Black and Latino Americans.

» Our Cash-Free Future Is Getting Closer
06/07/20 09:00 from NYT > World
The pandemic is propelling a shift toward a cashless society in ways that no other single event has. Experts say that’s not necessarily a good thing.

» US dips below 50,000 new cases but experts fear July 4 will act like 'rocket fuel' for pandemic 
06/07/20 05:34 from the Mail online | News
Fewer than 50,000 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the U.S. on Saturday for the first time in four days, but there was little jubilation. Florida and Texas (pictured) held mass July 4 celebrations.

» Tokyo’s First Female Governor Sails to Re-Election Even as Virus Cases Rise
06/07/20 03:40 from NYT > World
Yuriko Koike has received high marks for her visible presence during the pandemic, but the coronavirus’s resurgence has raised anxiety in the Japanese capital.

» Taj Mahal remains shut as India reports record daily virus cases
06/07/20 00:08 from Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
India's top tourist attraction the Taj Mahal will remain shut, officials said Sunday, as the vast nation registered a record daily number of coronavirus cases and opened a sprawling treatment centre in the capital to fight the pandemic. ...

» Thirteen universities facing closure after £19bill blackhole caused by pandemic
05/07/20 23:44 from the Mail online | News
The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has warned that 'generally less prestigious institutions' are at 'greatest risk of insolvency' as they 'entered the crisis in a weaker financial position'.

» Croatian Prime Minister’s Gamble on Early Elections Pays Off.
05/07/20 23:24 from NYT > World
Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic ran a risky campaign based on his government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. It paid off, with his party’s best showing in more than a decade.

» NHS chief warns the social care system must be fixed within a year amid the coronavirus crisis
05/07/20 22:18 from the Mail online | News
Sir Simon Stevens (pictured) said the pandemic should be used to 'properly resource and reform' social care - demanding politicians fix the care system within a year.

» Boris Johnson meets NHS heroes as one final clap is held for health workers on NHS' 72nd birthday
05/07/20 19:11 from the Mail online | News
The clap, at 5pm this evening, is a continuation from the success of the weekly Clap for Carers as a way to thank NHS staff for their tireless efforts throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

» South Carolina Nightclub Shooting: 2 Dead and 8 Injured
05/07/20 16:05 from NYT > U.S.
The club, in Greenville, was hosting a concert on Saturday night despite state orders that nightclubs remain closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, officials said.

» The Pandemic’s Big Mystery: How Deadly Is the Coronavirus?
05/07/20 14:32 from NYT > Health
Even with more than 500,000 dead worldwide, scientists are struggling to learn how often the virus kills. Here’s why.

» I flew on the 4 biggest US airlines during the pandemic to see which is handling it best, and found one blew the rest out of the water
05/07/20 13:34 from Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
I found that, above all, social distancing is a concept that varies depending on what airline you choose to fly on during the pandemic.

» Coronavirus Live Updates: Latest News and Analysis
05/07/20 12:31 from NYT > U.S.
A solid estimate could offer clues on what to expect as the pandemic spreads. And thousands of residents of public housing towers in Melbourne, Australia, are subjected to a five-day lockdown.

» Despite precautions, summer camps have failed to keep out the coronavirus
05/07/20 12:25 from Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
Campers and staff members promise to isolate before they arrive at camp, but in several cases the pandemic has arrived with them.

» ‘They feel invincible’: how California’s coronavirus plan went wrong
05/07/20 10:00 from Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
The state was the first to issue a shelter-in-place order – now a few outbreaks have sparked an explosion, with 6,000- 7,000 new cases a day over the past weekFor a good while, it seemed California had skirted past calamity. It was the f...

» Rishi Sunak's handling of pandemic sees him trounce Boris Johnson in Covid-19 poll
05/07/20 08:14 from the Mail online | News
Rishi Sunak's handling of the Covid-19 crisis has seen his personal poll ratings surge ahead of every member of the Government - including Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

» Prince Charles pays tribute to 'costly sacrifices' made by doctors and nurses during coronavirus
05/07/20 07:45 from the Mail online | News
Prince Charles praised the 'renewal of community spirit' that has seen volunteers helping the most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic, as he marks the NHS's 72nd anniversary today.

» With Department Stores Disappearing, Malls Could Be Next
05/07/20 07:00 from NYT > U.S.
Brick-and-mortar retail was in the midst of seismic changes even before the pandemic. Analysts say as much as a quarter of America’s malls may close in the next five years.

» National Trust urges Boris Johnson to spend £5.5billion on open spaces to make Britain greener
05/07/20 06:59 from the Mail online | News
Boris Johnson is being urged to plough £5.5billion into creating a 'green economy' of parks and open spaces to turbo-charge Britain's recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

» Victoria records 74 new COVID-19 cases hit Daniel Andrews announces
05/07/20 02:40 from the Mail online | News
Victoria has recorded 74 new cases of COVID-19, a significant drop from a day earlier when the second highest numbers of the pandemic were recorded.

» GPs face calls to reopen amid concerns they prefer working from home
04/07/20 23:23 from the Mail online | News
The British Medical Association and the Royal College of GPs appear keen to continue with what they call 'new ways of working', including working from home, after the pandemic.

» Mexico's COVID deaths pass 30,000, world's 5th highest total
04/07/20 21:48 from Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
Mexico topped 30,000 COVID-19 deaths Saturday, overtaking France as the country with the fifth-highest death toll since the coronavirus outbreak began. Officials reported 523 more confirmed coronavirus deaths for the day, bringing the na...

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