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Rep Scott Perry And The Congressional Gold Medal Legislation And The 1/6 Insurrection-
It's AUGUST 2021! That Means But One Thing-
More Evidence For Wendy Bell's Racism-
A Deep Dive Into Those Trump/DOJ Phone Notes (A Pennsylvania Connection)-
Someone Should Tell State Senator Mastriano (Guidance From The DOJ)-
Vote For Me! Vote For Me! VOTE FOR ME!! (Pittsburgh City Paper "Best in Pittsburgh")-
Wait A Goshdarnminute! Wendy Bell's Husband Is Vaxxed???-
Questions For Candidate Sean Parnell -
And Now, A Message From Reality On The Virus And Vaccines-
Aw, Sad Face. Look What's Happened To Robert David Steele's AriseUSA/QAnon/Anti-vaxx Tour-
More On Wendy Bell's Speech At That Arise USA/QAnon/Anti-Vaxx rally-
More On Robert David Steele's QAnon/Anti-vaxx Rally In Beaver-
Lisa Kellerman is Not A Medical Doctor. (More From That Freedom/QAnon Rally In Beaver)-
Arise USA! QAnon Rally TODAY! (More On Robert David Steele)-
Wendy Bell Misinforms With Numbers. Again. -
Meanwhile, Outside-
St. Mary's is closing-
July 21! Beaver Pennsylvania! Arise USA! QAnon Tour! Be There!-
A Quick Note About Wendy Bell's YouTube Ban-
ARISE USA! (Wendy Bell Joins The QAnon Tour)-
Wendy Bell Challenges The Fact Checkers (Spoilers: She's Misleading. Again)-
Wendy Bell, Spreads The Good MAGA News!-
Babusz, Summer 2006 - July 10, 2021-
Wendy Bell, Fact-Checked. Again. (Spoilers: She's Misinforming Her Public)-
A Question For Senate Candidate Sean Parnell (Endorse or Denounce Hitler)?-

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