11/26Gymnema Sylvestre to Treat Diabetes - Reduce Sugar
11/20Fat Cat Drinks Beer
11/19Aboriginals Got to Australia Along Two Routes in Southeast Asia
11/13Cat Poses for Photo
11/12New Rice Crop to Save the World
11/05Lemur Gets Carrot Cake
11/05Higher Risk of Cancer for Tall People
10/30Dog Gets a Big Shock
10/29Australian Western Desert Occupied by Aboriginals 43,000 Years Ago
10/24Dog blends into Carpet
10/22Jurassic Piranha Fossil is Earliest Flesh-Cutting Fish
10/16Humans Put in a Bath for Cat
10/15The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is Wrong
10/09Longevity Will Require Genetic Manipulation and Drug Therapy.
10/03Ostrich Eyes Food
10/01Only 10 Percent of Human Genes are Researched
09/26Dog Flies Over Water
09/25Scientists Find Three Viruses to Control Cane Toads
09/18Mouse Eats Cat Food - Funny
09/17Tech Job Guaranteed on Academy Xi Course
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