05/14Otter Has Hangover in the Morning From Partying Too Much - Amusing
05/13Evolution of Homo Sapiens Resulted in Odd Niche Adaptations
05/07Dog Advertises His Best Feature - Strong Affection
05/06Questionable Survival Benefits From Some Human Traits - Evolution
05/02Hairy Pig MInds Young Puppy Dogs
05/02Australians Want Government to Introduce a Sugar Tax
04/24Dog Waits Patiently for Cream Cakes - Comical
04/23People on Newstart Cannot Afford Rent - Welfare
04/18Prairie Dog Conductor Keeps the Beat - Amusing
04/17Ace Electric Vehicles to Make Battery Car in Australia
04/11Seal Gives his Mate a Fright - Absurd
04/10Buzz Aldrin Sees UFO on Trip to the Moon
04/03Squirrel Has Head in His Coffee - Mad
04/02Storage of 600 Years for Gold Nanoparticle Optical Disks
03/27Our Grandchildren Will Not Experience Flora and Fauna
03/26Cat is Upset by Decision of Master - Giggle
03/21Dog Entranced by Cake on the Table - Goofy
03/19Lithium Battery Will be Superseded by the Proton Flow Type
03/13Female Dog has Cute Pigtails - Hysterical
03/12Food Sourcing and Reproductive Success Improve Magpie Cognition
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