» Vaccine Mandates and the Law
06/10/21 14:16 from Industrial Fire World
The jury is out about whether vaccine mandates will stand up to legal challenge. In the meantime, attorneys recommend collaborating with employees to develop sound vaccination policy.

» Fire at PPE Release Over Three Dozen Pollutants of Concern
06/10/21 10:31 from Industrial Fire World
Air, soil, and water tests conducted after the fire determined nearly three dozen "pollutants of concern" were detected at the site, reported WGRZ.

» 15 Fire Departments Assist in Germantown, Wis., Industrial Fire
06/10/21 10:10 from Industrial Fire World
No information has been released about the cause of the fire at Waste Management.

» Plane Strikes Milan Office Building
06/10/21 09:58 from Industrial Fire World
A small, single-engine plane carrying six passengers and two crew crashed into a vacant two-story office building on October 3, killing all eight people aboard.

» Coxreels® Exceeds Standard for Salt Spray Testing Hours
06/10/21 09:40 from Industrial Fire World
Coxreels exceeded 20% more hours than the recommended industry standard for salt spray testing.

» United Safety Acquires Fireboy-Xintex from W.S. Darley & Co.
06/10/21 09:32 from Industrial Fire World
The completion of this acquisition marks the largest acquisition in the fire suppression market for United Safety.

» REV Group Names New Senior Vice President of Engineering & Technology
06/10/21 09:27 from Industrial Fire World
Eric Sandstrom will focus on leading innovation within the specialty vehicle industry and creating a more sustainable future with alternative fuel solutions.

» Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
04/10/21 17:01 from Industrial Fire World
The process of identifying potential major incidents can be challenging as opposed to smaller incidents.

» Have You Established a Safety Culture?
04/10/21 12:47 from Industrial Fire World
To save lives, a safety culture must be created to include the water tank, fire protection system, tank owners, and those who perform work on the tank.

» Cybersecurity for Fire Protection Systems
29/09/21 16:05 from Industrial Fire World
What does cybersecurity have to do with fire protection? Plenty, finds a new webinar from the NFPA Research Foundation.

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