» Covid-19: MPs call on government to produce detailed plans for PPE in England
08/07/20 10:16 from Latest headlines from BMJ
The government is failing to act with “sufficient urgency” in building up stocks of personal protective equipment (PPE) in England ahead of a potential second wave of covid-19, the parliamentary...

» Covid-19: The inside story of the RECOVERY trial
08/07/20 09:31 from Latest headlines from BMJ
On 16 June the world heard that the first proven lifesaving treatment for covid-19 had been found. Dexamethasone, a widely and cheaply available steroid, was reported to have cut deaths by a third...

» Covid-19: unjustified risk to people held in immigration removal centres
07/07/20 21:11 from Latest headlines from BMJ
We agree with McKee and colleagues that any delay in finding solutions to the challenges of covid-19 must be avoided.1 As they say, there is a disproportionate burden on ethnic minority populations,2...

» GPs call for cut in red tape to manage aftermath of covid-19
07/07/20 16:21 from Latest headlines from BMJ
The Royal College of General Practitioners has called for a permanent reduction in “box ticking exercises” to give GPs more time to focus on delivering patient care in the aftermath of covid-19.The...

» Is stratified shielding from covid-19 feasible and ethical?
07/07/20 16:09 from Latest headlines from BMJ
The concept of stratified shielding from covid-19 is interesting but complex and potentially unethical to implement in practice. As described by Davey Smith and Spiegelhalter,1 the risk of covid-19...

» Covid-19: Herd immunity is “unethical and unachievable,” say experts after report of 5% seroprevalence in Spain
07/07/20 15:32 from Latest headlines from BMJ
The results of the first nationwide population based epidemiological study of SARS-Cov-2 seroprevalence, conducted across Spain, reveal a national prevalence of only 5%, making global efforts to...

» Covid-19: Major US medical organisations urge people to wear masks
07/07/20 11:17 from Latest headlines from BMJ
Three major US healthcare organisations have asked Americans to wear masks, practise social distancing, and wash their hands to prevent the spread of covid-19, while the White House rejected giving a...

» Covid-19: Airborne transmission is being underestimated, warn experts
07/07/20 11:07 from Latest headlines from BMJ
Microscopic respiratory droplets generated by talking and breathing can hover in the air for minutes or hours and drift many metres horizontally before infecting people, argue 239 experts from 32...

» Helen Salisbury: Is lifestyle a choice?
07/07/20 10:52 from Latest headlines from BMJ
Doctors’ attention is currently focused on coronavirus, but previous agendas haven’t gone away, including the high prevalence of non-communicable diseases in wealthier parts of the world. A key...

» Covid-19: One in 10 cases in England occurred in frontline health and social care staff
07/07/20 09:26 from Latest headlines from BMJ
Health and social care staff, hospital patients, and care home residents made up a substantial proportion of covid-19 infections in England during the height of the pandemic, a report by Data...

» Complete protection from covid-19 is possible for health workers
07/07/20 09:16 from Latest headlines from BMJ
At the start of the new coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan, healthcare workers were insufficiently protected because of lack of awareness of the emergence of a novel infectious disease.1 As recognition...

» Lessons from Leicester: a covid-19 testing system that’s not fit for purpose
07/07/20 09:11 from Latest headlines from BMJ
With the flare-up of covid-19 and re-imposition of lockdown, the population of Leicester is suffering the fallout of a chaotic testing system that seems to have forgotten its prime purpose, namely to...

» Avoiding a Health Care Financial Meltdown
07/07/20 00:00 from JAMA Current Issue
The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has revealed gaping holes in the US health care system. Hospitals and physicians are struggling to address the rapid shift in the demand for services while hemorrhaging financial resources...

» The Cigarette: A Political History
07/07/20 00:00 from JAMA Current Issue
This Arts and Medicine feature reviews a newly published political history of the US tobacco industry, emphasizing the continuing importance of cigarette smoking to illness and death at a time when the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) p...

» The Importance of Proper Death Certification During the COVID-19 Pandemic
07/07/20 00:00 from JAMA Current Issue
This Viewpoint emphasizes the importance of accurate, detailed documentation of cause of death, underlying medical disease, and contributing comorbidities to allow public health agencies to track and manage the coronavirus disease 2019 (...

» The Importance of Long-term Care Populations in Models of COVID-19
07/07/20 00:00 from JAMA Current Issue
This Viewpoint discusses the importance of distinguishing rates and patterns of disease in long-term care vs general populations when developing mathematical models to predict the future spread of COVID-19 infection.

» VA Hospital Emergency Conditions Admissions During COVID-19
07/07/20 00:00 from JAMA Current Issue
To assess the effect of COVID-19 on health care, this study compares admissions data from the Veterans Affairs system for overall admissions and for 6 common emergencies immediately before and for 6 weeks during the pandemic.

» Exposing Volunteers to SARS-CoV-2 to Hasten a COVID-19 Vaccine
07/07/20 00:00 from JAMA Current Issue
This Medical News feature discusses the debate over human challenge trials to test the safety and efficacy of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine candidates.

» Alternatives to Invasive Ventilation in the COVID-19 Pandemic
07/07/20 00:00 from JAMA Current Issue
Since its invention in the 1940s, the positive pressure ventilator has always been known to have both risks and benefits. Although mechanical ventilation is unquestionably lifesaving, there are numerous associated drawbacks. Beyond the o...

» Potential Implications of COVID-19 for the 2020-2021 Residency Application Cycle
07/07/20 00:00 from JAMA Current Issue
This Viewpoint proposes ways to reform the residency application process, given stresses likely to be placed on applicants and programs from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including limiting the number of applications, making more progra...

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