Albert G. Horvath named new CEO of the American Chemical Society (Nov 28, 2022 21:21)
The ACS treasurer and chief financial officer will succeed Thomas Connelly in January 2023

Strand Therapeutics raises additional capital to series A financing (Nov 28, 2022 20:39)
The company pioneers logic-based mRNA circuitry for a more controlled drug delivery

How materials scientists investigate plane crashes (Nov 27, 2022 17:11)
Accident investigators often study aircraft components’ materials to identify the root ...

Cloudy outlook for sunscreen ingredients in the US (Nov 27, 2022 17:10)
DSM is close to winning US FDA approval for a new UV filter, the first in almost 20 yea...

A tiny brain good only at video games, for now, and an elephant-trunk gripper arm (Nov 27, 2022 17:07)

US EPA proposes raising TSCA fees paid by chemical manufacturers (Nov 27, 2022 17:07)
Industry group wants substantiation of the agency’s plan

University of California strike impacts chemists (Nov 25, 2022 16:48)
The labor action by graduate student researchers, teaching assistants, and postdocs shu...

Metal-tolerant fungus cleans up mercury (Nov 25, 2022 16:47)
A prevalent soil fungus has the enzymatic tools to break down the toxic pollutant methy...

Half-lives of rare isotopes revealed (Nov 25, 2022 16:47)
New isotope accelerator lets scientists explore the limits of atomic structure

SK Geo Centric plans plastics pyrolysis in South Korea (Nov 25, 2022 16:42)

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