International students in US cannot take classes online only (Jul 7, 2020 23:04)
Trump administration says students must take some classes in person, reversing pandmic-...

Mussel-inspired polymer glue sticks to wet surfaces (Jul 7, 2020 21:02)
New adhesive can be applied and cured with UV light in a range of salty and acidic cond...

Pentadiamond outshines the original (Jul 6, 2020 05:02)
A theoretical material made of carbon pentagons is lighter and stiffer than a standard ...

Same catalyst, different times, give different enantiomers (Jul 6, 2020 05:01)
Reaction forms chiral amines in high selectivity

Tomohiro Fujita wants to help Japan reach its potential in biotechnology (Jul 6, 2020 05:01)
The country has failed to fully harness its traditional strengths in fermentation, the ...

Is clarity coming for biobased chemicals? (Jul 6, 2020 05:01)
Despite record-low oil prices, companies say their biobased alternatives are in demand

Smelly science: Scent training your dog and the sweet smell of fresh laundry (Jul 6, 2020 05:00)

COVID-19 shakes up summer internship and research opportunities (Jul 6, 2020 05:00)
How companies, research experiences, and undergraduate students are adapting

Solar production rose amid pandemic shutdowns (Jul 6, 2020 00:15)
Better air quality in Delhi meant less haze-and a boost for solar installations

Radioactive plume detected above Europe (Jul 6, 2020 00:15)
Trace levels of radioactive elements were measured over Scandinavia and the Arctic

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