Chemistry in Pictures: Worthless chemistry (Jul 6, 2022 22:53)

Organophosphate insecticides restricted to protect salmon and other species (Jul 6, 2022 20:50)
US EPA to require vegetative buffers to capture pesticide drift and runoff near waterways

US EPA finds new risks for 3 solvents: methylene chloride, N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP), and perchloroethylene (Jul 6, 2022 20:49)
Draft revised evaluations assume no use of personal protective equipment

FMC acquires pheromone producer BioPhero (Jul 6, 2022 15:04)
Start-up says fermentation process significantly reduces costs

[ASAP] Engaging Students at a Historically Black and Catholic University during Fast-Paced Summer Session Courses for Better Learning Outcomes (Jul 6, 2022 04:00)
Journal of Chemical Education DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.1c01271

[ASAP] Introducing Elements of Inquiry and Experimental Design in the First Year of an Undergraduate Laboratory Program (Jul 6, 2022 04:00)
Journal of Chemical Education DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.2c00311

LEADS Conference to bring together young researchers and top chemists (Jul 5, 2022 22:34)
The event will prepare early-career professionals and students for successful careers i...

California mandates recycling of many single-use plastic items (Jul 5, 2022 18:26)
Law excludes chemical recycling of plastic, legislator says

Chemistry in Pictures: Microbial worlds (Jul 5, 2022 15:48)

Lonza to invest $500 million in a fill and finish plant for biologic drugs (Jul 1, 2022 20:54)
Swiss firm contends the commercial-scale facility will complete an end-to-end services ...

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