» Recent SalesExec System Updates and Improvements
01/12/17 12:29 from ClickPoint Lead Management Blog
November 21, 2017 Improvements Right Click Context Menu: When you Right Mouse Button click on a lead within the Lead Manager Screen (LMS), you have the same functionality as the LMS Toolbar. Optimizations to Search on the Pre-Pull Page. ...

» Montrose Travel Expands Travel Partnerships and Improves Sales Revenue with Lead Management
29/11/17 15:49 from ClickPoint Lead Management Blog
        Montrose Travel is always on the lookout for ways to expand those travel services that enable them to offer the very best travel products across all lines of business. Montrose operates successful divisions in...

» Setting up a sales process for an inbound call center, so simple even your kids can do it
20/02/17 12:48 from ClickPoint Lead Management Blog
Simplicity in your inbound call center will improve sales performance I was just at NextCon in Phoenix, a great show put on by the cloud-communication company; Nextiva. At the convention Steve Wozniak spoke about his life and time at App...

» ClickPoint REST API: Officially Released for SalesExec Lead Management Solution
20/12/16 08:21 from ClickPoint Lead Management Blog
What is a REST API? Representational state transfer (REST) or RESTful web services are one way of providing interoperability between computer systems. REST-compliant web services allow requesting systems to access and manipulate textual ...

» Is Your Website Really Built to Maximize Sales Leads?
09/12/16 14:15 from ClickPoint Lead Management Blog
  Some company websites are lead generating machines, while others just kind of sit there without doing much of anything. Which kind of lead generation website does your company have? Internet marketing firm Straight North recently ...

» New Support System for LeadExec
09/12/16 14:13 from ClickPoint Lead Management Blog
Dear Valued ClickPoint Software Client, We have recently made some adjustments in how our support team will continue to provide you with assistance. In our effort to help educate and empower our customers, we have updated our Knowledge B...

» SalesExec Updates and Improvements
09/12/16 14:12 from ClickPoint Lead Management Blog
Dear Valued Clickpoint Software Client, We are pleased to announce new SalesExec updates and improvements for the month of September, 2016. Each month we will release new updates with an article showing you how to make the most of these ...

» 6 Ways TCPA Compliance Can Improve Lead Quality
09/12/16 14:11 from ClickPoint Lead Management Blog
6 ways ClickPoint helps meet TCPA compliance to provide better quality leads. Read More The post 6 Ways TCPA Compliance Can Improve Lead Quality appeared first on ClickPoint Lead Management Blog .

» 3 Ways To Keep Any Inside Sales Team Active This Holiday Season
09/12/16 08:10 from ClickPoint Lead Management Blog
I am sure you are excited to enjoy the Holiday season just like everyone else, but if you are like me, a sales manager, you fear the holidays. You are most likely nervous that your inside sales team will slow to a crawl.  First, no matte...

» What I learned from the doctor who served two presidents
09/12/16 08:07 from ClickPoint Lead Management Blog
If you haven’t made it to NextCon, you really should think about going next year.  Every year Nextiva, a progressive cloud-communication company located in Phoenix, puts on one power packed show.  This year they had great speakers like G...

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