» Twitter Chat » National Drugs & Alcohol Chat Day 2018
23/01/19 21:00 from NIMH News Feed
NIDA hosts its annual National Drugs & Alcohol Chat Day on January 24, 2018.

» Scientific Meeting » The NIMH Director’s Innovation Speaker Series: Changing the Landscape of Mental Health Services for the 21st Century
17/12/18 21:00 from NIMH News Feed
On December 18, 2018, Dr. Margarita Alegría will describe the need for a paradigmatic shift in how mental health services are delivered and by whom, to be ready for the 21st Century.

» Stigmatizing Narcissists & Narcissism: Are They the Secondhand Smoke of Our Time?
09/12/18 08:45 from World of Psychology
The thing about smoking cigarettes is that the behavior is something we wanted to stigmatize, in order to decrease its frequency in people. At its height in the 1950s and...

» New Drug Shown to Ease Pot Withdrawal, Lessen Use
09/12/18 05:00 from Psych Central News
A new drug can help people diagnosed with cannabis use disorder reduce withdrawal symptoms and marijuana use, according to a new study. According to recent national data, approximately one-third of...

» Narcissists May Be Less Likely to Support Democracy
09/12/18 04:00 from Psych Central News
A new study suggests that narcissistic people are less likely to support democracy. They are also more likely to feel that democracies are not good in maintaining order, or that...

» How Empathic People Can Set Effective, Loving Boundaries
09/12/18 03:30 from World of Psychology
You’re a highly empathic person. You fully and intently listen to others. You tend to focus on others’ emotions, often feeling them more so than your own. In fact, it’s...

» Hidden Reasons for Poor Work Performance
08/12/18 17:17 from Psych Central Professional
This was the third poor performance review Gretchen received at her job. Her boss was puzzled. Gretchen said she always dreamt of being a designer and finally got this job...

» Infections In Childhood Linked to Increased Risk of Mental Disorders
08/12/18 16:39 from Psych Central News
A new study shows that fevers, sore throats and infections during childhood can increase the risk of also suffering from a mental disorder as a child or adolescent. According to...

» How the Opioid Epidemic Affects Chronic Pain Patients
08/12/18 13:45 from World of Psychology
“It is borderline genocide,” said DeLuca, 37. “You are allowing [chronic pain patients] to go home and essentially suffer until they kill themselves.” Last year, Lauren DeLuca went to the...

» MeToo and Its Challenges
08/12/18 08:45 from World of Psychology
Perhaps you’ve been there, too. Quietly watched one more survivor come forward, seen one more perpetrator publicly held accountable. Perhaps you breathed a sigh of relief that this type of...

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