» D614G as the one in 1,300 Aminoacids "natural" random mutation of the Sars-Cov-2 or the distributed lab designed variant, uniquely suited for the human host?
03/07/20 10:46 from FBI News Review

» Did the Covid-19 Pandemic come from the clandestine bioweapons lab run by the Russian Mafia? | Disease X-19 News Review In Brief - 6:24 AM 6/29/2020
29/06/20 06:25 from FBI News Review

» 12:16 PM 6/4/2020 - Is there a connection between Covid -19 and the present "civil unrest"? Of course, it is. These are the two consecutive parts of the same Intelligence Operation. Rightists Trump and white nationalists, and the leftist Antifa are ju
04/06/20 12:18 from FBI News Review

» 10:21 AM 5/21/2020 - Russia, Putin, and Putinism
21/05/20 10:27 from FBI News Review

» Review: Sars-Cov-2, Porcine Coronaviruses, and African Swine Fever Infections: is there a connection? - 5.18.20
18/05/20 14:54 from FBI News Review

» 4:07 PM 5/10/2020 - M.N.: The question about the origins of Coronavirus and the origins of Covid-19 are complex, multi-faceted, and they include, in my opinion, the criminal and the Intelligence aspects, in addition and beside the Medical - Biological - E
10/05/20 16:08 from FBI News Review

» 6:28 PM 5/7/2020 - Blogs | In Brief - Review: For our most Brilliant Intelligence Services and their exceptional and talented Analysts...
07/05/20 18:30 from FBI News Review

» 8:30 AM 5/7/2020 - The new coronavirus spread quickly around the world... sometime between October and December last year, scientists said on Wednesday.
07/05/20 08:32 from FBI News Review

» 4:01 PM 4/12/2020 - New York medical workers ended an overnight shift treating COVID-19 patients only to find their tires had been slashed
12/04/20 16:03 from FBI News Review

» 8:06 AM 4/2/2020 - Corona Is NYC's Epicenter Of Coronavirus Outbreak | The question is : Were the different strains or sub-strains with varying degrees of virulence introduced in different places (about simultaneously?) from the beginning? This does not p
02/04/20 08:10 from FBI News Review

» 8:42 PM 4/1/2020 - Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: Coronavirus Could Spread Through Pipes in Buildings, Officials Fear
01/04/20 20:44 from FBI News Review

» Mike Nova’s Shared NewsLinks Review In 250 Brief Posts: Forensic epidemiological cluster analysis of the published data on the Coronavirus cases in Long Island, New York.
01/04/20 16:48 from FBI News Review

» 2:47 PM 4/1/2020 - Here I would like to offer you, my dear readers, a piece of amateur forensic epidemiological cluster analysis of the published data on the Coronavirus cases in Long Island, New York.
01/04/20 14:59 from FBI News Review

» 11:16 AM 4/1/2020 - Look at the Coronavirus map of New York City, it speaks for itself: This is the real Collusion: Trump + Russian Mafia! They conspired to bring to reality the old dream of Trump's: to get rid of the NYC eyesore, its public housing proje
01/04/20 11:26 from FBI News Review

» 9:51 AM 4/1/2020 - M.N.: Is Coronavirus Epidemic in NYC a plot by the Russian Mafia to introduce the virus into the NYC projects housing, following the pattern of the Hong Kong outbreak of SARS in 2003, so they could get rid of the projects and build thei
01/04/20 10:10 from FBI News Review

» 1:30 PM 3/31/2020 - The American KGB spied on the whole country: without sufficient justifications, on made-up pretenses, needlessly, aggressively, stupidly, most of all to satisfy their criminal voyeuristic psychopathic needs. They were on their sure way
31/03/20 13:35 from FBI News Review

» M.N. The Epidemic Map of Germany looks amazingly like its socio-political-economic map, before the Reunification of Germany. What could this mean, what is the interpretation?
30/03/20 13:05 from FBI News Review

» Is this the WAR of the Russian Mob - TOC on the Italian Mafia - Cosa Nostra? It is going on for long time. Look into this. - 8:24 AM 3/30/2020
30/03/20 08:25 from FBI News Review

» 5:56 PM 3/29/2020 - Coronavirus Deaths in Germany: Is there a different, less virulent strain of the virus?! Did we do the comparison studies?
29/03/20 18:04 from FBI News Review

» 6:23 AM 3/29/2020 - The War on America: The Coronavirus Pandemic is the greatest failure of the US Intelligence in History. | "There was almost certainly an early and undetected introduction of the virus into the city, probably in mid- to late January, sa
29/03/20 05:11 from FBI News Review

» 2:11 PM 3/28/2020 - The assessment of Coronavirus Pandemic and the U.S. Epidemic as the event of bio-terrorism
28/03/20 14:21 from FBI News Review

» 12:14 PM 3/28/2020 - REPRINT: Application of a Risk Analysis Tool to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS‐CoV) Outbreak in Saudi Arabia
28/03/20 12:18 from FBI News Review

» 28/03/20 10:59 from #TWEETS BY @MIKENOV from #mikenov #FBI, #CIA #DIA #ODNI #US #UN #Investigate #Germany, #Russia, & #Ukraine & their Intelligence Services in starting #Coronavirus #Biowarfare! #Ruslandia und #Khokhlandia, #PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES!!!
28/03/20 11:26 from FBI News Review

» 8:43 AM 3/27/2020 - Coronavirus Transmission: My Hypothesis: COVID-19 is used as a Bioweapon
27/03/20 09:07 from FBI News Review

» » Vladimir Putin urges G20 to work together to find coronavirus vaccine 26/03/20 18:55 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks
27/03/20 07:11 from FBI News Review

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