The fujiwhara effect of cyber and deals

With the increasing rise of data, GDPR and changes in the technology landscape. Are you considering cyber security and data privacy at the right time in your deals process? Read our latest blog by John Nugent, Andrew Turner and James Rashleigh.

As one: How to make sure your asset and wealth management joint venture hits the ground running

Joint ventures in asset wealth management is a growing trend, but have you formed a robust plan of action to maximise value? Read our latest blog by Stephen Jones and Gary Lam.

Scanning the future: how aerospace and defence companies can tackle the "big tech" threat

Recently Jeff Bezos, chief executive of Amazon, warned that if “big tech” turned its back on national defence, the United States would lose out. Big tech’s push into A&D is certainly not without controversy; some projects have met with resistance from employees. But it remains that incumbent A&D players have a challenge on their hands.


Winning bigger: Turning a good deal into a transformational deal

By Nick George. Our latest research reveals that successful deals in Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) can outperform those in other sectors. What marks out the deals that deliver from those that don’t?

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