Going Negative

Is it time for banks to evolve their strategies for a world in which rates are consistently at - or below - zero?

S/4 HANA by 2027? A golden opportunity to target true business transformation

SAP is pushing back the deadline for ending their maintenance and support for existing ECC systems from 2025 to 2027. Through this blog, there are three things everyone should act upon.

Don’t call CEO cost cutting plans ‘negative’ or ‘defensive’

It's time to move on from the simplistic assessment of cost-cutting as a purely defensive measure in challenging times. Zubin Randeria explains why it should be part of how all companies go about achieving their strategic goals.

UK CEOs target M&A activity for growth

2020 is set to be a true test of resilience. M&A could be pivotal to both facing down threats and seizing opportunities. Read more in our blog by Ken Walsh.

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