CFO perspectives: Why a deals lens could help your finance function navigate a COVID-19 environment

The phased reopening of the economy will create significant volatility. CFOs will need to strategically assess their response to key questions, and establish the capability required to successfully react quickly and decisively.

How CFOs can bounce back from COVID-19 with the finance organisation they always wanted...

CFOs and their finance organisations have been focused on limiting the immediate impacts of COVID-19. We see a response to COVID-19 that will follow three successive phases - mobilise, stabilise and strategise.

Keeping your controls reporting active under COVID-19

How does a service organisation keep its processes and controls operating under COVID-19? PwC’s Krishna Iyer explores five key things service providers should consider when delivering their services during a crisis.

Snapping up a good deal: Why some retail, consumer and leisure acquisitions deliver and some don’t

By Lisa Hooker. When Retail, Consumer and Leisure businesses can take a breath from the current pressures and look to future planning, M&A will be an important option to consider.

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