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(5 hours ago)@HiwaAfandi: '2 minutes airtime on Rudaw dedicated to cyber security & digital transformation tells allot about how much our society understands DX. How would you respond to such a broad topic in 2 minutes? Talking about Stuxnet or NotPetya? No, I will us

(5 hours ago)@kelvinross68: 'How to design a cyber-secure #smartgrid - @ENCS_CyberSec launches training for #security #architects. Plus watch my interview with ENCS managing director Anjos Nijk at #EUW18. #cybersecurity #CyberAttack #Hackers https://t.co/3DGCWfGx6v '

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(17 hours ago)@windbgtips: 'The Time-Travel Debugging tool from #WinDbg Preview can be used as a standalone binary (ttd.exe) Copy the TTD\ directory and you can use TTD without #WinDbg, allowing you to script your #TTD recording useful for: - #fuzzing crash replay - #

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(20 hours ago)@actionfrauduk: '⚠️ Alert: These personalised emails claim to be a spam warning your own email provider. In reality the malicious hyperlinks could infect your device with malware! #TakeFive & #Tell2 - #PhishyFridays! '

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