» Postoperative Adverse Events Secondary to Iatrogenic Vascular Injury during Anterior Lumbar Spinal Surgery
02/11/20 00:00 from The Spine Journal
Anterior lumbar spine surgery (ALSS) requires mobilization of the great vessels, resulting in a high risk of iatrogenic vascular injury (VI). It remains unclear whether VI is associated with increased risk of postoperative complications ...

» Fractures of the odontoid peg of the cervical spine
30/10/20 08:48 from ClinicalKey Latest Issue: Injury
Injury, Volume 51, Issue 11, 2020 Nov, Pages 2429-2436 | Eseonu, Kelechi; Oduoza, Uche; Fakouri, Bahram;... Introduction Management of odontoid fractures has been recognised as a challenge since the first description of these injuries in...

» Spinal trauma in DISH and AS: Is MRI essential following the detection of vertebral fractures on CT?
29/10/20 00:00 from The Spine Journal
Biomechanical stability of the spine is altered in patients with a rigid spine, such as those with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) or diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH), rendering it vulnerable to fracture even after seemingly i...

» Inclusion of L5–S1 in oblique lumbar interbody fusion–techniques and early complications–a single center experience
19/10/20 00:00 from The Spine Journal
Minimally invasive surgical techniques for lumbar degenerative disorders are conceived in hopes of reducing approach-related muscle damage and allowing quicker rehabilitation, while maintaining a low complication rate. Oblique lumbar int...

» Systemic bone loss following myocardial infarction in mice
06/10/20 10:36 from Journal of Orthopaedic Research
Journal of Orthopaedic Research, EarlyView.

» The lumbar autonomic nerves in male: a few anatomical insights into anterior lumbar interbody fusion
25/07/20 00:00 from The Spine Journal
Anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) is a commonly used surgical technique for the treatment of degenerative lumbar disc diseases [1]. It has the advantages of not disrupting the stable posterior structure of the lumbar spine and redu...

» Development of machine learning and natural language processing algorithms for preoperative prediction and automated identification of intraoperative vascular injury in anterior lumbar spine surgery
12/04/20 00:00 from The Spine Journal
Intraoperative vascular injury (VI) may be an unavoidable complication of anterior lumbar spine surgery; however, vascular injury has implications for quality and safety reporting as this intraoperative complication may result in serious...

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