» Standing Out from the Crowd When They Won’t Let You
18/01/18 06:00 from SalesPOP!
In this Off the Cuff Instant Interview, we ask Roy Osing how a salesperson can stand out from the crowd when their company won’t let them. The post Standing Out from the Crowd When They Won’t Let You appeared first on SalesPOP! .

» Don’t Sell People “Things”–Sell Them Value
18/01/18 06:00 from SalesPOP!
If you want a better understanding of what truly motivates people who are looking to buy, here’s a great story–backed up by one of my favorite poems. I was recently working with a group of sales professionals when an interesting mo...

» SalesPOP! Top Contributor Spotlight: Meridith Elliott Powell
17/01/18 06:00 from SalesPOP!
On what she loves about SalesPOP and sales itself, why sales managers must collaborate with salespeople on quotas, selling in today’s (very different) economy, her own favorite buying experience, and her top selling lesson for 2018. Meri...

» Sales Lesson #1: Don’t ‘Get’ Your Customers to Do Anything!
17/01/18 06:00 from SalesPOP!
Search on the phrase, “how to get your customer to . . .” and you can learn how to get them . . . to trust you, . . . to buy, and . . . to pay 10% more, Want to get them to love you, too? Click here to learn how! Ignore these ... The pos...

» Gordon Tredgold: What Are The FAST Principles?
17/01/18 06:00 from SalesPOP!
FAST consists of four basic, powerful principles: Focus (on goals), Accountability, Simplify (to increase efficiency and probability of success), and Transparency (get good performance measures, see how well we’re doing). In this i...

» Improve Sales Results with Emotional Management
16/01/18 14:00 from SalesPOP!
Despite today’s explosion of technology and information, we’re still encountering some of the same selling challenges we did 25 years ago. Knowledge isn’t the problem–it’s the application of knowledge that’s the issue. For example,...

» Salespeople: Learn Emotional Fitness
16/01/18 06:00 from SalesPOP!
Here is the next in my series on salesperson fitness. Emotional fitness is important for anyone, but is crucially important for a salesperson. Something like 90 to 95 percent of the interactions a salesperson has are negative. Phone call...

» Salespeople Who Email Sell More … Yup, Seriously
15/01/18 06:00 from SalesPOP!
I wrote recently about the importance of having an effective follow-up system in place to dramatically (and more easily) increase your sales closing rate. Autoresponder emails are a key component to effective follow-up and no follow-up s...

» What is the Perfect Close?
15/01/18 06:00 from SalesPOP!
60 to 90 percent of sales events end with no close. According to James Muir, author of the bestselling book The Perfect Close, salespeople have learned many manipulative-style closes over the years. The net effect is that prospects, not ...

» 12 Tips for Composing Your TED Talk
13/01/18 06:00 from SalesPOP!
A TED talk is the most direct route to establishing yourself as a thought leader and expert. Following my own TEDx talk my book sales soared, and I was hearing from speaker bureaus I’d never worked with. Mostly, though, I ended up with a...

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