» The Biggest Mistake in Not Aligning Strategy and Sales
16/11/17 06:00 from SalesPOP!
In this off the cuff instant interview, we ask Frank Cespedes about the biggest mistake companies make in not aligning strategy and sales. The post The Biggest Mistake in Not Aligning Strategy and Sales appeared first on SalesPOP! .

» Discovering the Missing Piece to Inside Sales
16/11/17 06:00 from SalesPOP!
Pressure stemming from competition, budgets, and schedules has driven sellers to look for more efficient ways to reach customers. In recent years, advancements in sales and marketing automation have provided a solution: inside sales. Now...

» How to Obtain the Best ROTI
15/11/17 14:00 from SalesPOP!
Many hold to the belief that money is one of life’s most important things. But money comes, and money goes, and comes once again. What is more important than money? That would be time. Unlike money, time just goes…and never comes b...

» Is Asking the Tough Sales Questions Mean, Or Merciful?
15/11/17 14:00 from SalesPOP!
There’s really no way to sugarcoat it. It is the most challenging aspect of a salesperson’s job–or for that matter that of a parent or anyone who wants to persuade–to ask the more difficult questions. Such questions are somet...

» Why Are There So Few College Sales Programs?
15/11/17 06:00 from SalesPOP!
We see this everywhere. When people come out of college, their first job is usually some kind of sales. Yet few of them take sales courses, and comparatively few colleges even offer sales courses. Such careers aren’t discussed on a...

» SalesPOP! Top Contributor Spotlight: Roy Osing
15/11/17 06:00 from SalesPOP!
On what he loves about SalesPOP and sales itself, why salespeople should be different, why benchmarking sucks, the importance of Sales and Marketing alignment, and advice for new salespeople. Roy is a top contributor to SalesPOP! and ser...

» White Paper: Can You Find Real Meaning in Life Through Sales?
15/11/17 05:58 from SalesPOP!
While it might be easy for some professions–a doctor, a judge, a firefighter, even a lawyer–to find meaning in their lives, for a salesperson it can be tough. Along with countless negative media portrayals over the years, and...

» What is Key Account Management?
15/11/17 04:02 from SalesPOP!
What is Key Account Management? Key account management (KAM) defines full relationship between your business and the customers you are selling to. It describes the individual approach of sales people to their customers in order to create...

» Marketing & Sales – Friends or Foes?
14/11/17 14:00 from SalesPOP!
Marketing and Sales should work together to increase awareness, connect with target audiences and ultimately put revenue on the books. Too often, Marketing and Sales are at odds with each other. That’s actually the better scenario becaus...

» How Does Artificial Intelligence Work with Sales & Marketing Alignment?
14/11/17 06:00 from SalesPOP!
It is Sales & Marketing Alignment month on SalesPOP! So continuing our series on artificial intelligence, let’s now take a look at AI and how it fits in with Sales & Marketing Alignment. As we know by evaluating the current...

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