» Disneyland Paris, top floor of Eiffel Tower re-open to visitors
15/07/20 14:04 from France24 - france
The French tourist industry received a further boost Wednesday with the partial reopening of Disneyland Paris and the opening up of the top floor of the Eiffel Tower.

» French PM Castex details Covid-19 crisis response in speech to parliament
15/07/20 13:09 from France24 - france
France's newly appointed Prime Minister Jean Castex detailed his plans to foster recovery from a bruising recession and revamp a controversial pension reform as he laid out his political roadmap in an address to the National Assembly on ...

» French health workers hailed, but enraged, on Bastille Day unlike any other
15/07/20 12:38 from France24 - france
France’s unconventional Bastille Day festivities served up two tales of a crisis: at one end, a celebration of the workers on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic, and at the other, an excoriation of the policies that left the coun...

» Bastille Day like no other: Beyond France's tribute to essential workers
14/07/20 18:31 from France24 - france
As France's medical workers are honoured at a scaled-down Bastille Day ceremony in Paris, the nation enters a new phase. As the number of Covid-19 cases starts to slowly creep up again, François Picard's panel endorses plans to impose fa...

» #MeToo fallout at French video game company Ubisoft could signal industry shift
14/07/20 15:41 from France24 - france
After years of simmering controversy over sexism in the video game industry, change may be on its way after outrage led to a management overhaul at Ubisoft.

» Defending minister accused of rape, Macron warns against ‘judgement by social media’
14/07/20 14:57 from France24 - france
French President Emmanuel Macron has defended his decision to put a man accused of rape in charge of the nation’s police forces, citing the presumption of innocence and warning that France should not adopt the “worst of Anglo-Saxon socie...

» Macron: Wearing masks ‘in enclosed public spaces’ to become mandatory in France
14/07/20 13:46 from France24 - france
France will in the next few weeks make it compulsory for people to wear masks in shops and other enclosed public spaces to stop a resurgence of the COVID-19 outbreak, President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday.

» Macron lays out Covid-19 crisis response in Bastille Day interview
14/07/20 11:07 from France24 - france
French President Emmanuel Macron said he wants masks to be required in all indoor public places starting on August 1 and acknowledged his controversial pension reform needs "reworking" as he laid out his goals for the future in a televis...

» France honours military and heroes of Covid-19 response at Bastille Day parade
14/07/20 07:50 from France24 - france
French President Emmanuel Macron hosted a Bastille Day parade on Tuesday that was rededicated to celebrating the heroes of the fight against Covid-19, including medical workers, cashiers and postal workers. See how events unfolded on our...

» Macron to lay out Covid-19 crisis response at downsized Bastille Day
14/07/20 03:28 from France24 - france
French President Emmanuel Macron will host a Bastille Day ceremony on Tuesday that has been largely scaled back due to the coronavirus. He will also address the pandemic and his goals for the future in a television interview amid growing...

» France raises pay for health care workers by more than €8 billion
13/07/20 16:49 from France24 - france
The French government and unions signed an agreement Monday giving over eight billion euros in pay rises for health workers, with the prime minister admitting the move was overdue in view of the coronavirus pandemic.

» Bastille Day: Muted celebrations in France under shadow of Covid-19
13/07/20 16:06 from France24 - france
France celebrates its national day, Bastille Day, on Tuesday, July 14 and rehearsals have been taking place in recent days for the traditional flypast over Paris, but this year’s celebrations are set to be a much more muted affair follow...

» Christopher Aurier, brother to Premier League Tottenham's Serge, fatally shot in France
13/07/20 15:32 from France24 - france
Tottenham have confirmed the death of defender Serge Aurier's younger brother, Christopher, who media reports in France say was fatally shot on Monday.

» French police announce arrest of ‘darknet’ paedophilia site operator
13/07/20 13:50 from France24 - france
French prosecutors said Monday that police had arrested a man suspected of operating paedophilia sites on secret "darknet" internet networks providing pornographic videos and pictures to thousands of people worldwide.

» France’s new PM vows help for Covid 19-hit French Guiana
13/07/20 05:41 from France24 - france
As virus numbers soar in French Guiana, France’s new prime minister traveled Sunday to the South American territory and promised not to ignore its suffering.

» Oromos say Ethiopia has become a ‘dangerous country for us’ at Paris rally
12/07/20 10:56 from France24 - france
Ethiopia has seen deadly unrest since Oromo singer Hachalu Hundessa was shot dead at the end of June, with Oromos denouncing their marginalisation within a country that many experts are saying is becoming an authoritarian regime once mor...

» Widow of French bus driver beaten to death over masks says family is 'destroyed'
11/07/20 17:36 from France24 - france
The wife of a French bus driver savagely beaten after he asked four passengers to wear face masks aboard his vehicle called Saturday for “exemplary punishment” after he died of his injuries.

» Fury in France as protesters slam Macron’s choice of interior minister accused of rape
11/07/20 10:19 from France24 - france
Chanting “Impunity is Over!” or dancing against sexual violence, women’s rights activists protested Friday in multiple cities in France and abroad against President Emmanuel Macron’s appointment of a new interior minister who is accused ...

» The people tirelessly restoring Notre-Dame to its former glory
10/07/20 16:58 from France24 - france
After months of debate, a French national heritage and architectural commission has approved plans to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral "as it was" before being engulfed in a fire last year. In this week's show, we take you inside the monumen...

» Decades on, 'hidden children' forced into orphanages of colonial France remain traumatised
10/07/20 15:41 from France24 - france
During the French colonisation of West Africa, several thousand children born of relations between French colonialists and African women were abandoned by their father and taken from their mother. Owing to a decision by the Governor Gene...

» PSG to face Italy's Atalanta in Champions League quarter-finals
10/07/20 10:38 from France24 - france
Paris Saint-Germain have been drawn against this season's surprise package Atalanta in the Champions League quarter-finals, while Lyon will take on either Real Madrid or Manchester City if they can first overcome Juventus in their delaye...

» How will France celebrate Bastille Day during Covid-19?
10/07/20 09:42 from France24 - france
Every year, France celebrates its national holiday – Bastille Day – on July 14. But this year's festivities are going to be very different due to the global pandemic. What's going to happen to the traditional military parade, fireworks d...

» France investigates report of bodies 'left to rot' at Paris research centre
10/07/20 06:49 from France24 - france
French investigating magistrates will probe claims that human corpses donated for science were left to rot and be eaten by rats at a university research facility, the Paris prosecutor's office said Thursday.

» French César awards announce changes in response to Polanski #MeToo row
10/07/20 03:10 from France24 - france
The French equivalent of the Oscars announced changes to ensure gender equality on Thursday, five months after its entire board resigned amid accusations of sexism and calls for far-reaching-reform.

» Facing ridicule, France changes title for its ‘minister for attractiveness’
09/07/20 19:38 from France24 - france
After provoking mockery on social media with its new “minister for foreign trade and attractiveness”, the French government on Tuesday dropped the overly literal translation for the dossier tasked with luring more trade and investment to...

» ‘Not your sexual object’: Corsicans harness the #IWas movement to challenge a culture of silence
09/07/20 18:57 from France24 - france
A burgeoning movement on the French island of Corsica has harnassed the #IWas hashtag to recount and denounce acts of sexual violence they suffered as minors, challenging a local culture that is more used to victims' silence. The hashtag...

» Notre-Dame Cathedral: Volunteer carpenters aim to settle reconstruction debate
09/07/20 15:46 from France24 - france
A group of volunteer carpenters are hoping to settle the debate over how Paris’s fire-ravaged Notre-Dame Cathedral should be rebuilt by constructing a replica of part of the structure's roof entirely by hand using traditional techniques ...

» 'Consensus' that Notre-Dame spire should be rebuilt in original form
09/07/20 08:31 from France24 - france
France's incoming culture minister says there is a "large consensus" that the spire of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris should be rebuilt as it was before last year's devastating fire.

» Almost 30 women accuse Paris street artist of rape, sexual assault
09/07/20 07:04 from France24 - france
Paris police are investigating accusations by 28 women that a street artist in the historic Montmartre neighbourhood raped or sexually assaulted them in what has been described as a systematic, years-long pattern of targeting and manipul...

» Warning of possible virus resurgence, France rules out another 'total lockdown'
09/07/20 05:27 from France24 - france
The French government on Wednesday warned that a surge in coronavirus cases in coming months remained a distinct possibility, though it ruled out another nationwide lockdown that would further cripple the country's economy.

» Why are French shops asking customers to round up the price of their purchases?
15/01/20 11:11 from The Local
If you're shopping in France the cashier may well ask you about "l'arrondi solidare" - but what is this and how does it work?

» France's 2020 census - who will be counted and when?
15/01/20 10:26 from The Local
France is preparing for its 2020 census count so in the next few weeks you might get a knock on the door. Here's what you need to know about the process.

» ‘I feel ridiculous’ - Why French people dread speaking English
15/01/20 10:19 from The Local
If you feel self-conscious trying out your imperfect French don't worry - eighty percent of French people are also embarrassed of their accents when speaking other languages, according to a new study.

» The French chef launching a war against Dry January
15/01/20 07:31 from The Local
Thinking about having a Dry January? Star French chef Alain Ducasse wants you to think again.

» Some flights affected as mass transport strikes across France continue on Wednesday
14/01/20 19:02 from The Local
Mass transportation strikes entered their 42nd day on Wednesday with one union representing air traffic controllers also joining the industrial action.

» Brits living in Europe warned of post-Brexit 'consequences'
14/01/20 17:35 from The Local
'Concrete consequences' will follow for EU and UK citizens as Britain does away with freedom of movement, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has warned.

» 'A declaration of war': Why France and Geneva are feuding over new motorway plans
14/01/20 15:23 from The Local
Opponents of the new motorway say it’s unnecessary and will cause pollution, while supporters argue that any attempt to stop the motorway would amount to a “declaration of war”.

» Strikes set to hit French ski resorts during February holidays
14/01/20 14:39 from The Local
French ski resorts look set to be hit by strike action during the February school holidays.

» IN NUMBERS: What you need to know about France’s population
14/01/20 14:28 from The Local
How many people live in France, how long can they expect to live for and how many babies are they having? We crunch the numbers on France's population.

» Film blog: The French films breaking box office records in the 1980s
14/01/20 10:59 from The Local
It’s hard to overestimate the influence that film had on kids and teens of the 1980s. Even 40 years later, the top films of the decade are fondly remembered - but there are some stark differences between what French and American audience...

» Pushing, snogging and climbing: 8 things to avoid during French transport strikes
14/01/20 09:38 from The Local
After more than a month of transport strikes in France we have seen some pretty extreme behaviour from frustrated commuters. Here are some of the things you might want to avoid doing.

» French expression of the day: Poudre aux yeux
14/01/20 09:16 from The Local
Why would a French person say that someone threw magic dust in your eyes?

» Fresh crisis at French hospitals as staff threaten to quit admin duties
14/01/20 09:04 from The Local
Protests over working conditions at French hospitals have intensified after 1,200 medical staff threatened to quit their administrative duties in an attempt to force the government back to the negotiating table.

» Warning over coastal flooding and high winds in north and west France
14/01/20 08:40 from The Local
Parts of northern and western France have been placed on alert for coastal flooding and high winds as Storm Brendan moves on from Ireland and the UK.

» MAP: Where in France do people drink the most?
14/01/20 08:14 from The Local
People living in the south west of France are among the heaviest drinkers in the country, according to new statistics from the public health authority.

» IN PICTURES: French 'Spiderman' climber stages his own one-man pension protest
13/01/20 13:48 from The Local
A daredevil French climber on Monday made his own contribution to a long-running protest against planned pension reforms, scurrying up a towering skyscraper just outside Paris.

» French strikes: So the government has compromised but what happens next?
13/01/20 12:41 from The Local
After more than a month of strikes on the French transport network, the government has offered a major compromise in the dispute over pension reform. So what does this mean for strike action this week?

» French word of the Day: Beurk
13/01/20 11:03 from The Local
If you need a response to the offer of a kale smoothie instead of a croissant, this could be the perfect answer.

» France tightens (further) rules on sale of paracetamol and ibuprofen
13/01/20 11:00 from The Local
International residents in France often complain about about the fact that ONLY pharmacies sell over-the-counter painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen rather than supermarkets or corner shops, but now the rules are getting even stri...

» Paris to create 'pickpocket taskforce' after theft reports soar
13/01/20 10:46 from The Local
Paris is to create a 'pickpocket taskforce' after a major rise in thefts in the capital - particularly on public transport.

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