featured image Help multiply our efforts this #GivingSeason DEI | Dec 26, 2023 | Christina Engelbart Doug Engelbart’s seminal vision was to multiply the power of groups and initiatives to make the world a better place. He did this by pioneering enabling tools and strategies that would amplify their collective smarts and creativity, and thus maximize their benefit to mankind. And he changed the world. And yet we have only scratched the surface of humanity's true potential...And now your generous donation will help us multiply our efforts.

featured image Farewell to Peter Yim DEI | Jan 18, 2023 | Christina Engelbart Over 100 individuals can count themselves alumni of Doug Engelbart’s career, dating clear back to the late 1950s. Fast forward to 1999, the remarkable Peter Yim...

featured image Newly remastered footage from The Demo original film reels DEI | Dec 9, 2022 | Christina Engelbart This year we're celebrating Doug's legendary Demo with newly re-mastered footage from the original film reels, huge shout out to Stanford Library Special Collections ongoing efforts curating the Engelbart Collection there.

featured image IT Day Japan 2021: Can IT save the worsening crisis of mankind? DEI | Dec 4, 2021  | Christina Engelbart The Doug Engelbart Institute is proud to sponsor the virtual symposium IT Day Japan 2021: “Can IT save the worsening crisis of the mankind?” – Saturday, December 4, 2021 17:00-19:00 (Pacific Time). I will be there in spirit this year, a digital presence, expect more to come! The others will be live, I’m very much looking forward to their insights and discussion on this far reaching topic! 

featured image Celebrating the Mother of All Demos - 53 years on DEI | Dec 9, 2021 | Christina Engelbart Help us celebrate Doug's legendary Demo with fun facts, archive footage and photos, and experience the demo interactively, with you in the driver's seat.

featured image Doug Engelbart in Hometown Art Exhibit DEI | Dec 4, 2021 | Christina Engelbart Doug Engelbart will be among those featured at a unique art exhibit in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, this December and January. The exhibit showcases Doug’s niece, Oregonian artist Dee Vadnais in the context of land, family, community. The 'Doug piece' will feature archive photos and descriptions of his pioneering work boosting the collective effectiveness of networked communities in pursuit of humanity's highest potential.

featured image IT Day Japan - solving urgent global issues DEI | Dec 9, 2020 | Christina Engelbart This year's topic for IT Day Japan 2020 is "What can IT do for the democratic crisis in COVID-19 pandemic?" - an issue of immediate, urgent, complex, global importance. The video is now up for those who missed the live event on Zoom.

featured image A Tribute to Bill English DEI   | Aug 4, 2020 | Christina Engelbart “On behalf of Doug Engelbart and the Doug Engelbart Institute, we bid farewell to Bill English, one of the greats in Doug’s seminal research, who died on July 26 at the age of 91. To the wonderful outpouring we'll embellish here on his seminal contributions to Doug Engelbart's research, with archive footage, photos, and more.”

featured image DEI Newsletter - 2019 Highlights DEI | Jan 12, 2020 | Christina Engelbart Wishing you a Happy New Year! We're enclosing our 2019 Highlights, looking ahead to an exciting lineup of projects and inviting you to connect and share your thoughts about what you'd like to see more of from the Doug Engelbart Institute in the coming year.

featured image SRI establishes Distinguished Engelbart Fellow Award DEI | Jan 23, 2020 | Christina Engelbart In honor of the late Douglas C. Engelbart, the Distinguished Engelbart Fellow Award recognizes "visionaries who are disrupting the traditional way we interact with and view technology" from around the globe. We are thrilled to congratulate the first recipient Genevieve Bell, Distinguished Professor of Australia National University.

article featured image Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Demo DEI | Dec 8, 2018 | Christina Engelbart Events were held on three continents celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doug Engelbart's landmark demo - exploring the past and future of a brilliant legacy and all it inspires!

featured image Doug Engelbart’s Paradigm for Bootstrapping DEI | Dec 8, 2018 | Karen Risa Robbins Guest contributor Karen Risa Robbins with Christina Engelbart explore the essential elements of Doug Engelbart's paradigm for bootstrapping networked teams, initiatives, and organizations.

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