Upgrades and updates

Better limits on free accounts. Free accounts now support mixing of up to five feeds at a time (previously three), and outputting of up to 20 items (previously 15).

Faster crawling of feeds. Today we've been working hammer and tongs to resolve one of our largest problems, and we've done it. We reached a point where the number of feeds we were having to update throughout the day became too much for our crawling server, and we needed to split the job out. Now we have four machines doing the work, and have totally rewritten the routines to be faster than before. Undoubtedly there'll still be some crinkles to work out, but it's processing feeds faster than ever.

ISO-8859-2 support. Several users have asked for ISO-8859-2 support, which means Feed Digest will output digests in a format used by many Eastern European languages. Unless you specifically asked for this, this feature might not interest you :)

Dutch language added. The Dutch language has been added to Feed Digest and day and month names can now appear in Dutch. Many thanks to PaulZ from the FeedDigest forums for requesting and helping implement this feature.

Better Atom 1.0 compliance. We might not be 100% yet, but our Atom output is now (mostly) validating as Atom 1.0.