Several cool new features

New URL friendly name for all digests. All digests must now have a URL friendly name. This is so that we can roll out our next set of services, part of which will involve cute URLs like: .. Actually, that style of URL already works! Try! If you edit your digest, please note FeedDigest will complain unless you give your digest a unique name for this feature.

Improved search. The search query system has been improved a little. Now you can use phrases in your queries, so a query of "international space station" will match posts that contain that phrase rather than each of the individual words. You can also use a wildcard on the end of individual words (not in phrases), so nano* will match 'nanotechnology', 'nanobots', and so forth.

Cross domain support for Flash developers. All techie stuff, but we now support this with a crossdomain.xml file on

Meta URLs (in beta). If you want to create some digests in a hurry based on popular feeds, you can now skip the complex URLs and specify things like.. googleblog:whatever , delicioustag:whatever , delicioususer:whoever , blogdigger:whatever , and so forth. We talk more about it here. It's only in beta though, so any problems.. post them to that forum post :)

OPML export. It's only a minor addition, but you can now get an OPML file of all the feeds in a certain digest from your control panel. Please alert us to any quirks with this.

To come..? A beta of "e-mail to digest" is rolling out to all users in the next few days.