Merry Christmas and Cheerful New Year!

Hi there!

Do you know that Christmas is almost here? We believe you do, because it is time to leave all those “business” thoughts behind and get yourself ready for the mysterious things to happen.

No matter either you get homesick and spend the holidays with your family every year or prefer traveling, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Cheerful New Year!

Thank you for joining Feed Informer and staying with us. We are currently using your feedback (if you had no idea we need it, click here to share your mind) to develop a new version of the project (the details will be available as soon as it is launched). Besides we promise to become a better bloggers for you to know about our steps instead of guessing. :)

Well, here it is - the final countdown! Make sure you’ve got a wish to make! ;)

FI Support team