Is there a way to adjust the code to show more of the article text than just a sentence or two?

The answer is.. it depends. Generally yes, but we can only show what we have received. Many feed providers only put content excerpts into their feeds as a way to encourage people to click through to their sites. If that is the case, we can only show the excerpt. If the whole article has been provided, however, you can edit your template to show this instead.

In your control panel you can edit your digest, and at the bottom where you choose the template there's an option to edit your template 'manually'. When you do this you see the 'guts' of your template. There'll be a bit that looks something like %DESCRIPTIONPLAIN,100% for example. This means it'll show the item's description trimmed to 100 characters. Change that 100 to a higher number, or just use %DESCRIPTIONPLAIN% to show -everything- we have for each item :)

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  1. Droopy(Memeber):

    Dear Peter

    Thanks for manually getting my memebership fixed up. Just want to give you some feedback about your service in a word “FANTASTIC” ! I am a total novice and had great difficulty trying to work out how to add feeds to my website.. searched every known site around but no use.. they all write up stuff supposedly for beginner’s but you still need like a lower second masters in computer sciences to get your head around it.. geek’ism really aint me but I needed help real bad. Came across FeedDirect and wow!.. I wasted days and days.. no sleep.. more grey hair and less grey matter trying to figure out how its done… You were just the thing and now I am laughing all the way to my bed for the first bit of decent sleep i shall have had in days. I as a real beginner found your programme real easy and straight forward.. if i can do it then truly anyone can. The results are so professional and smart.. this really is the best $25 i have spent this year!.. Well done and thanks !. btw.. i am so impressed with the programme i want to run adds for it on the pages i used the feeds.. guess your not thinking about an affiliate programme just yet ? if you do count me in !

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