All going well

This is an update post as I haven't posted in a few days. Basically, Feed Digest is running great, development work continues, and well, keep looking out for new features which will be cropping up soon!

Users and donations. Feed Digest is not quite two weeks old yet, and we already have well over 1000 new users to add to the *Digest fold. Thanks for your e-mails, suggestions, and ideas everyone. I also want to especially thank those of you who have bought Basic or Plus accounts. You're helping FeedDigest grow. I don't have much money (yet!) so every cent has been appreciated and will be put to good use.

Blog mentions. For some reason, the RSS Weblog hasn't picked us up yet, even though I sent them a note a week or so ago. If you have a spare couple of minutes, send them a tip and let them know how hard I'm working out here :-) Thanks! I'm kinda amazed how some of these sites aren't so up to date, but I've riffed on that before :) The coverage on other blogs continues with a growing pace, however, with some really nice posts turning up. Again, thanks!

GB2312 support. GB2312 has been removed temporarily as there were problems using it as an output encoding. It should be okay for incoming, though, but I haven't fully tested this. I also plan to add support for several more output encodings shortly, though most are supported for incoming.