» ‘Never Say Die’: Genetic Sleuths Rediscover Extinct Species
24/02/20 14:16 from Invasive Species
The rediscovery of an insect in Wales hints at environmental DNA sampling’s potential to change endangered species protection.

» Can the World’s Strangest Mammal Survive?
04/02/20 05:00 from Invasive Species
Habitat loss, predation by feral cats, and now wildfires wrought by climate change — how long can the world’s strangest mammal survive?

» Tears for the Magnificent and Shrinking Everglades, a ‘River of Grass’
27/01/20 05:00 from Invasive Species
Florida’s freshwater wonder is threatened like never before with a rising sea level as restoration efforts lag.

» Beware Falling Iguanas, Florida Warns
21/01/20 23:20 from Invasive Species
Cold weather stuns the lizards, which drop from trees, seemingly frozen or dead. Not to worry: The warm sun wakes them up again.

» Some of Australia’s Smallest Species Could Be Lost to Wildfires
09/01/20 05:00 from Invasive Species
Velvet worms, trapdoor spiders: Scientists worry about the fate of the nation’s many remarkable, overlooked endemic creatures.

» Storm of Tumbleweeds Buries Cars, Terrifies Drivers and Astounds Police
02/01/20 13:49 from Invasive Species
On a flat stretch of highway in Washington State, tumbleweeds piled as high as 30 feet across an area three football fields long.

» Science Under Attack: How Trump Is Sidelining Researchers and Their Work
28/12/19 14:58 from Invasive Species
In three years, the administration has diminished the role of science in policymaking while disrupting research projects nationwide. Experts say the effects could be felt for years.

» Feral Pigs Roam the South. Now Even Northern States Aren’t Safe.
16/12/19 12:22 from Invasive Species
The swine have established themselves in Canada and are encroaching border states like Montana and North Dakota.

» Humans Shipped an Awful Cargo Across the Seas: Cancer
06/11/19 05:00 from Invasive Species
A cancer afflicting mussels originated off the Pacific coast of Canada, but then crossed into other species in Europe and South America.

» Invasive Grasses May Worsen Wildfires, Study Suggests
04/11/19 14:01 from Invasive Species
Grasses that have encroached from other regions can make wildfires more frequent, according to a new study. 

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