» Your Children’s Yellowstone Will Be Radically Different
15/11/18 05:00 from Invasive Species
Climate change is altering America’s first national park so quickly that plants and animals may not be able to adapt.

» A Fairy Tale Set in Florida, in 10 Parts
09/11/18 11:16 from Invasive Species
Motherless twins. A magical manatee. A group of acclaimed writers — all from or living in Florida — create an exquisite corpse through America’s weirdest state.

» ‘Lifeboats’ Amid the World’s Wildfires
12/10/18 09:30 from Invasive Species
Islands of greenery, called refugia, survive even the worst fires, sheltering species and renewing charred landscapes.

» Beauty or Beast? Iceland Quarrels Over an Invasive Plant
11/09/18 15:46 from Invasive Species
Nootka lupine, introduced in the 1970s to control soil erosion, has spread wildly, threatening native species. But many adore its purplish blue flowers.

» How the Common Weed Has Grown on Florists (and Chefs)
28/08/18 10:59 from Invasive Species
From the flower arrangement to the plate, this is the era of the formerly unwanted plant.

» Beware the Tick
23/08/18 14:21 from Invasive Species
A reader offers advice for keeping companion animals safe.

» Australia’s Endangered Quolls Get Genetic Boost From Scientists
26/07/18 03:28 from Invasive Species
“What we’re doing is nothing unnatural,” said the author of a study to produce quolls that don’t like the taste of deadly toads. “It’s just matchmaking.”

» Giant Hogweed: A Plant That Can Burn and Blind You. But Don’t Panic.
02/07/18 11:36 from Invasive Species
The invasive plant is widespread in New York and was recently spotted for the first time in Virginia, but conservationists believe they can fight it.

» Ladybugs, Aphids and the Toxic Combat That Might Be Happening in Your Garden
01/06/18 10:58 from Invasive Species
Some invasive ladybugs feast on other species of ladybugs, but not as much when a kind of toxic aphid is around.

» Lanternflies Eat Everything in Sight. The U.S. Is Looking Delicious.
21/05/18 05:00 from Invasive Species
The invasive insects turned up in Pennsylvania in 2014. Now the state has placed 3,000 square miles under quarantine, and scientists worry the pest will spread.

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