» How stress can curb the desire to eat in an animal model
16/08/19 23:14 from ScienceDaily: Nutrition News
Eating disorder researchers have discovered a neurocircuit in mice that, when activated, increased their stress levels while decreasing their desire to eat.

» A Fatty Meal Might Affect How You Absorb CBD
16/08/19 21:01 from WebMD Health Channel - Diet & Weight Management
Compared with fasting, the amount of CBD in the body was four times higher after the high-fat meal and the maximum amount in the blood was 14 times higher, the findings showed.

» Apple cider vinegar pills: Health claims and evidence
16/08/19 18:00 from Nutrition/Agriculture News From Medical News Today
Apple cider vinegar is gaining popularity as a potential treatment for a range of health issues. We investigate the science behind the claims.

» MS: Paleo diet may reduce fatigue by improving cholesterol
16/08/19 14:00 from Nutrition/Agriculture News From Medical News Today
New research finds that improving cholesterol levels by adopting a diet high in vegetables reduces exhaustion in people with multiple sclerosis.

» ‘NutriScore is a consumer trap’: Industry group calls for front-of-pack calorie logo
16/08/19 12:22 from FoodNavigator RSS
The German Sugar Industry Association has dismissed front-of-pack rating systems based on algorithms, arguing that NutriScore and traffic light labels mislead consumers.

» Made by Farmdrop: Online grocer expands into ready meals
16/08/19 12:14 from FoodNavigator RSS
UK-based Farmdrop is expanding its online grocery service to sell ready-to-go meals in plastic-free packaging.

» The case against reformulation
16/08/19 12:09 from FoodNavigator RSS
An influential UK think tank finds the policy of food reformulation hard to stomach.

» Food industry must cut salt from meat alternatives, urges campaigner
16/08/19 10:42 from FoodNavigator RSS
Savoury picnic foods, including vegetarian and vegan products, conceal âdangerous levels of saltâ, according to Action on Salt.

» Simple dietary changes may reduce cancer risk, increase lifespan
16/08/19 10:00 from Nutrition/Agriculture News From Medical News Today
The health benefits of fruit and vegetables are partly due to flavonoids. A new study concludes that consuming more flavonoids each day may extend life.

» Could clean label help bolster the vegan cheese market? Mintel
16/08/19 08:05 from FoodNavigator RSS
As consumer demand for nutritious and responsibly produced food grows, Mintel suggests the vegan cheese sector could benefit from taking a clean label approach to formulation.

» 8 natural supplements to help fight inflammation
15/08/19 20:00 from Nutrition/Agriculture News From Medical News Today
Inflammation is the body’s defense mechanism, but it can be painful and damaging when chronic. As well as medication, people can try natural supplements to relieve inflammation. Learn more here.

» Studying diseases like gout and kidney stones finds new drug targets
15/08/19 18:09 from ScienceDaily: Nutrition News
A new fruit fly model that mimics diseases associated with high uric acid levels, such as gout and kidney stones, has revealed new targets for developing treatments for these diseases.

» Vegetable-rich diet lowers fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients by raising good cholesterol
15/08/19 17:48 from ScienceDaily: Nutrition News
Higher levels of blood high-density lipoprotein (HDL) -- or good cholesterol -- may improve fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients, according to a new study.

» Moderate to heavy drinking during pregnancy alters genes in newborns, mothers
15/08/19 12:13 from ScienceDaily: Nutrition News
Mothers who drink moderate to high levels of alcohol during pregnancy may be changing their babies' DNA, according to a new study.

» How diet can alter the gut, leading to insulin resistance
15/08/19 07:00 from Nutrition/Agriculture News From Medical News Today
A new study looks to mice and humans to find out more about the mechanisms through which diet can lead to insulin resistance, a key feature of diabetes.

» Association between celiac disease risk and gluten intake confirmed
14/08/19 13:38 from ScienceDaily: Nutrition News
An extensive study has confirmed that the risk of developing celiac disease is connected to the amount of gluten children consume. The new study is observational and therefore does not prove causation; however, it is the most comprehensi...

» Could carbon labelling help cure today’s toxic plant-based vs meat debate?
14/08/19 13:04 from FoodNavigator RSS
Could carbon labelling hold the key in helping consumers make the right environmentally-friendly food choices in todayâs polarising plant-based vs. animal-based climate?

» Europe ‘dynamic’ for CBD food innovation but legal hurdles remain
14/08/19 12:51 from FoodNavigator RSS
Global demand for foods containing hemp or CBD is expanding and levels of innovation in the European region have been âdynamicâ. However, the future of the market hangs in the balance as regulators consider whether Cannabis sativa L. (in...

» Mondelēz advert banned for gender stereotyping
14/08/19 12:51 from FoodNavigator RSS
The UK Advertising Standards Authority has banned a television advertisement for Philadelphia cream cheese, telling parent company Mondelēz International the ad perpetuates gender stereotypes.

» Optimal vitamin D levels may vary for different ethnic and racial groups
14/08/19 12:12 from ScienceDaily: Nutrition News
When recommending vitamin D supplements, doctors should look at each individual patient as having different requirements and not rely on 'one-size-fits-all' guidelines, according to a new study.

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