» Boost weight loss by taking 2-week dieting breaks, says study
19/09/17 16:00 from Nutrition/Agriculture News From Medical News Today
Men who took 2-week breaks from a calorie-restricted diet lost more weight than those who dieted continuously, new research reveals.

» Why is my poop orange? Causes and treatment
19/09/17 14:00 from Nutrition/Agriculture News From Medical News Today
If person's stool is an unusual color, it may indicate that there is an underlying health problem. In this article, we look at the causes of orange poop.

» Consumers underestimate risk of ‘natural’ contaminants
19/09/17 13:47 from FoodNavigator RSS
German consumers are more concerned about the risk presented by ‘synthetic’ contaminants than those that naturally occur in foods, a new study by the German safety authority finds.

» Soy isoflavones could help anti-obesity efforts – study
19/09/17 13:41 from FoodNavigator RSS
Consumption of soy-based foods could be used to help tackle the global obesity crisis thanks to its high protein and isoflavone content, new research suggests. 

» There's an untapped opportunity in organic kids' food, says Mintel
19/09/17 11:31 from FoodNavigator RSS
European parents are consistently willing to pay more for organic, says Mintel. Yet while organic claims are common on baby food, they are less used on food and drink aimed at kids. Are manufacturers missing a trick?

» Glanbia adds protein punch to hot drinks with heat stable & soluble hydrolyzed whey protein
19/09/17 10:58 from FoodNavigator RSS
With protein seeing continued interest from mainstream consumers, Glanbia Nutritionals has launched ProTherma: a hydrolyzed whey protein that can withstand high temperatures and therefore offer a protein punch in everyday hot beverages. 

» Swedish Salmonella outbreak from Polish eggs
19/09/17 10:05 from FoodNavigator RSS
At least 12 people have been sickened by Salmonella in Sweden from eggs from Poland.

» How to increase red blood cells: Foods to eat and lifestyle changes
19/09/17 10:00 from Nutrition/Agriculture News From Medical News Today
A low red blood cell count can cause fatigue and weakness. One of the easiest ways to ensure a healthy red blood cell count is through a nutritious diet.

» DIC and Fermentalg ink deal on 'new generation' natural algae colours
19/09/17 09:28 from FoodNavigator RSS
French microalgae specialist Fermentalg is partnering with Japanese chemical giant DIC to develop natural food colours, particularly blue phycocyanin derived from Spirulina.

» Algatech receives Non-GMO Project Verification for astaxanthin
19/09/17 05:00 from IFT Daily News
Algatech (Algatechnologies) has announced that its 100% organic Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae powder and astaxanthin oleoresin have been granted non-GMO verification by the Non-GMO Project.

» Measuring the antioxidant capacity of Chinese aged vinegar
19/09/17 05:00 from IFT Daily News
One of the most famous Chinese vinegars—Shanxi aged vinegar (SAV)—is produced with solid-state fermentation technology, which can improve the antioxidant activity of the vinegar. In a study published in the Journal of Food Science, resea...

» Meta-analysis suggests cranberries reduce UTI occurrences
19/09/17 05:00 from IFT Daily News
A meta-analysis and assessment of human clinical trials, published in The Journal of Urology, suggest that consuming cranberries helps reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

» Post Holdings to acquire Bob Evans Farms for $1.5 billion
19/09/17 05:00 from IFT Daily News
Post Holdings and Bob Evans Farms have entered into a definitive agreement in which Post will acquire Bob Evans for $77 per share, or approximately $1.5 billion.

» Premium Brands Holdings buys Leadbetter Foods
19/09/17 05:00 from IFT Daily News
Premium Brands Holdings, a producer, marketer, and distributor of branded specialty food products, has acquired 100% of the shares of Ontario, Canada-based Leadbetter Foods.

» Taking a break from dieting may improve weight loss
19/09/17 02:22 from ScienceDaily: Nutrition News
Avoiding continuous dieting may be the key to losing weight and keeping the kilos off, the latest research shows. Researchers showed in a randomized controlled trial, that taking a two-week break during dieting may improve weight loss.

» Peer-Led Culinary Skills Intervention for Adolescents: Pilot Study of the Impact on Knowledge, Attitude, and Self-efficacy
19/09/17 00:00 from Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior - Articles in Press
To assess the impact and feasibility of a culinary skills intervention for adolescents led by peer educators compared with adult educators.

» Food intake patterns and cardiovascular risk factors in Japanese adults: analyses from the 2012 National Health and nutrition survey, Japan
19/09/17 00:00 from Nutrition Journal - Latest Articles
There is an increasing global interest in the role of Japanese diet as a possible explanation for the nation’s healthy diet, which contributes to the world’s highest life-expectancy enjoyed in Japan. However, ...

» Circulating magnesium levels and incidence of coronary heart diseases, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes mellitus: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies
19/09/17 00:00 from Nutrition Journal - Latest Articles
Data on the associations between circulating magnesium (Mg) levels and incidence of coronary heart diseases (CHD), hypertension, and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) are inconsistent and inconclusive. The aim o...

» A fat-regulating enzyme could hold the key to obesity, diabetes, cancer, other diseases
18/09/17 13:07 from ScienceDaily: Nutrition News
It had already been known that the enzyme known as phosphatidic acid phosphatase plays a crucial role in regulating the amount of fat in the human body. Controlling it is therefore of interest in the fight against obesity. But scientists...

» GMB: CETA trade deal sets bad precedent post-Brexit
18/09/17 12:55 from FoodNavigator RSS
A British trade union has attacked the CETA trade deal between Canada and Europe which comes into force later this week (21 September) adding it sets a bad precedent post-Brexit.

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