» Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay: Will it Au...
By IBL News Are significant advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence) going to eventually lead to the replacement of traditi... read more.

» From technology enhanced learning to technology enh...
Stephen Downes , Jun 24, 2019 Though its focus is on the current status of technology enhanced learning, the story it tells is ... read more.

» China‘s Social Credit System
Verfassungsblog , Jun 24, 2019 This is a set of short articles analyzing China's social credit system from a variety of perspec... read more.

» Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun Deliver Turing Lecture
Geoffrey Hinton , Yann LeCun , Jun 24, 2019 It's hard to get a higher level set of talks than this, but they are also very acce... read more.

» Personal Learning Environments: An Interview with E...
Allie Alayan , AACE Review , Jun 24, 2019 There isn't a lot to this interview of Linda Castaneda, who teaches at Universidad de... read more.

» User-Generated Content’s Impact on the Sustainabili...
Janani Ganapathi , Open Praxis , Jun 24, 2019 This article is a bit less focused than I would like to see, but it's an interest... read more.

» Proposed governance structure
Solid , Jun 24, 2019 Some interesting dialogue in Tim Berners-Lee's Social Linked Data (Solid) project. As the community has in... read more.

» Higher Education Institutions Prepare for Wi-Fi 6
BY CISCO MERAKI, Center for Digital Education Many higher education institutions today are already preparing for what the futur... read more.

» New state law allows e-learning days in lieu of eme...
By Deborah Gertz Husar, Herald-Whig A new Illinois law allows school districts statewide to use e-learning days in lieu of emer... read more.

» Video: “What Happens If You Get HIV / AIDS?”
  I’m adding this new video from Life Noggin to The Best Web Resources For Learning About HIV & AIDS: read more.

» The Best Collections Of Democratic Presidential Can...
  The Democratic primary season is upon us, and media organizations have begun publishing impressive summaries of differen... read more.

» “Mistakes That Math Teachers Make”
Mistakes That Math Teachers Make is the headline of my latest Education Week Teacher column. This three-part series on mistakes... read more.

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