» The Teachers’ Strikes Are Just the Beginning
  The spring of 2018 may well be remembered as the beginning of a mass movement by working people against the domination o... read more.

» An Interview with Kenneth Zeichner about Relay Grad...
  Professor Kenneth Zeichner of the University of Washington has studied and written extensively about teacher education. ... read more.

» Around The Web In ESL/EFL/ELL
Five years ago I began this regular feature where I share a few posts and resources from around the Web related to ESL/EFL or t... read more.

» This Week’s “Round-Up” Of Useful Posts & Articles O...
  Here are some recent useful posts and articles on educational policy issues (You might also be interested in The Best Ar... read more.

» “How Should Principals Spend Their Time?”
How Should Principals Spend Their Time? is the new question-of-the-week at my Education Week Teacher column. Feel free to leave... read more.

» “The Waiting Game” Simulates The Challenges Facing ...
Choose Your Own Adventure games often have to be careful balancing respecting the experiences of those who are being simulated ... read more.

» How AI and machine learning are redefining cybersec...
by NEIL C. HUGHES, the Next Web The stakes are now much higher than a large corporation experiencing a data breach. We have alr... read more.

» New Report Offers Evidence-Based Research and Guida...
by Arizona State University In the published research, co-creator of the course Lev Horodyskyj and the team of researchers, ins... read more.

» “Be George Washington” In This New Choose-Your-Own-...
Be George Washington: It’s Your Turn To Lead is a new online choose-your-own-adventure game from Mount Vernon. Players ca... read more.

» Students take learning online with NC Connections A...
About 200 Rowan County students are experiencing a new and flexible kind of school. It’s not a traditional brick-and-mortar sch... read more.

» Linda Lyon: An Update from the Front Lines of Arizona
  Tomorrow, the teachers of Arizona Walk Out. Here is a report from the front lines by Linda Lyon, president of the Arizon... read more.

» Community Standards
Apr 25, 2018 This document is being depicted as Facebook's "content moderation standard" but it isn't that. It's a document aim... read more.

» Opportunity or Exploitation?
Colleen Flaherty , Inside Higher Ed , Apr 25, 2018 This the sort of innovation that would be classified as "disruptive" were is... read more.

» A Reality Check on Author Access to Open Access Pub...
Hilda Bastian , PLOS Blogs , Absolutely Maybe , Apr 25, 2018 I recently wrote an article about critical thinking for educators ... read more.

» Amid Protests and Arrests, Houston School Board Agr...
Under pressure from the Texas Education Agency (head by charter-loving non-educator Commissioner Mike Morath), the Houston Inde... read more.

» A Quick Guide to OneNote
Over the last few months I have come to appreciate all of the things that OneNote does that my trusty old Google Keep can't do ... read more.

» Stop Vouchers Now! Contact Your Member of Congress ...
The Network for Public Education needs your help NOW to stop Betsy DeVos’ latest effort to introduce federal vouchers. De... read more.

» Tom Ultican: Will LAUSD Choose the Billionaire or t...
  Tom Ultican writes that the board of LAUSD is nearing the time of making a decision about who will be the next superinte... read more.

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