» Tony Bates on Future of online learning and higher ...
Selena Chan , learning elearning , Jun 03, 2020 This is a summary of a Tony Bates podcast (his article on it is here ) on the f... read more.

» PhiloQuests
Institute of Philosophy, Citizenship and Youth , Université de Montréal , Jun 03, 2020 As summarized in the Daily Nous ' mini h... read more.

» A Reflection: Many Best Practices Transcend School ...
Erin Gohl , Kristen Thorson , Getting Smart , Jun 03, 2020 This article really focuses only on three 'best practices' seemingly... read more.

» Part Five: Important Tweets About The Murder of Geo...
  Check out: Part One: Important Tweets About The Murder Of George Floyd Part Two: Important Tweets About The Murder of Ge... read more.

» Useful Book Excerpt On Differentiated Math Instruction
  Tiered Activities Make Math More Inclusive is the headline of a book excerpt appearing over at Middleweb. The book it... read more.

» Surviving the Third Wave of COVID and Beyond
Michael Feldstein , e-Literate , Jun 02, 2020 This should be really obvious, yet there's no small number of people who continbu... read more.

» A new course & the untimely demise of the MAODE
Martin Weller , The Ed Techie , Jun 02, 2020 Martin Weller reports that the Open University's MAODE (masters in open and distan... read more.

» Out of Control: Taking Liberties with Autonomy Duri...
Alfie Kohn , National Education Policy Center , Jun 02, 2020 Good essay by Alfie Kohn (a writer I always have a lot of time for... read more.

» Student Game Design as a Literacy Practice: A 10-Ye...
Hsiu-Ting Hung , Jie Chi Yang , Yi-Chin Tsai , Educational Technology & Society , Jun 02, 2020 This paper ( 14 page PDF ) i... read more.

» Say Their Names
Chicago Public Schools , Jun 02, 2020 Produced by Chicago Public Schools, this is "a toolkit to help foster productive conversa... read more.

» Critical Thinking and Critical Literacy: Mutually E...
Kristi Giselsson , International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning , Jun 02, 2020 In my own thinking critica... read more.

» Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling
Andrew Bowie , Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy , Jun 02, 2020 Schelling's popularity as a philosopher is probably due for a... read more.

» Why dialogic education is education for meaning
Rupert Wegerif , Jun 02, 2020 At the beginning of the twentieth century there was a decisive new movement in philosophy charact... read more.

» New CNN Video: “Schools in Hong Kong reopen after 4...

» How My Theory Of Knowledge Students Evaluated Our C...
  As I always do at the end of a semester and a school year, students do anonymous evaluations of our classes and me. I... read more.

» Turning Remote Education Into Online Education This...
Elizabeth Johnson, Inside Higher Ed Most colleges and universities quickly pivoted to remote instruction after COVID-19 forced ... read more.

» New Calls to Eliminate Fully Online Calbright Colle...
Larry Gordon, EdSource The current state budget crisis may just do to Calbright College what past criticism from unions and leg... read more.

» OER for Workforce Development
Meg Lloyd, Campus Technology SkillsCommons provides a massive but navigable repository for the workforce development pipeline —... read more.

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