» Five Short Lessons About the Shortest Day of the Year
The winter solstice is about a week away. I always like to go outside to snowshoe or ski on the solstice just to say to the wor... read more.

» Warrant Canary Frequently Asked Questions
Kurt Opsahl , EFF , Dec 13, 2018 The 'warrant canary' is a pretty good idea. When an online service provider receives a demand ... read more.

» My advice for aspiring explainer journalists
David Roberts , Vox , Dec 13, 2018 There is a cross-over, I think, between what David Roberts calls 'explainer journalism' and ... read more.

» Samuel Abrams: Why Did Sweden Adopt School Choice?
I posted this morning that Sweden is now engaged in serious reflection about the failure of school choice. Its ranking on inter... read more.

» Math is Visual - Videos Demonstrations and Illustra...
Math is Visual is a website that features videos and images that are designed to help students understand mathematics concepts.... read more.

» New York Post: Bring Back “Junk Science”!
Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post has an editorial chastising the New York Board of Regents for failing to reactivate the value-ad... read more.

» Los Angeles: UTLA Endorses Jackie Goldberg for Scho...
Los Angeles is ground zero for the privatization and DPE Movement (DPE=Destroy Public Education). The billionaires have pumped ... read more.

» The Spice Girls Get Married!
As readers of this blog know, Phyllis Bush writes regularly about her ongoing battle with cancer, which she derisively calls “c... read more.

» What School Choice Did To Sweden: A Cautionary Example
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development convened a meeting last spring in Portugal to discuss the condition a... read more.

» K12 Inc. Plans to Enter For-Profit Career Academy M...
K12 Inc., widely criticized for low-quality online K-12 education, has decided to pivot its offerings to a new market: teaching... read more.

» Montana Supreme Court Says Tuition Tax Credits (Vou...
Great news! The Montana Supreme Court declared a law unconstitutional that was intended to offer tuition tax credits (aka vouch... read more.

» Reminder - Empty Your Google Drive Trash Bin
People who use Google Drive through a G Suite for Education account don't have to worry about running out of storage space as G... read more.

» “How Should Classroom Walls Be Used?”
How Should Classroom Walls Be Used? is the new question-of-the-week at my Education Week Teacher column. Feel free to leave res... read more.

» The Best Articles I Wrote In 2018
  Here is a list (and links) of the articles I’ve written over the past year that have not appeared in either this b... read more.

» ‘Out of Many, One’ Is New Netflix Short Documentary...
A new documentary became available on Netflix today: The new documentary Out of Many, One is a loving profile of the Citizenshi... read more.

» Find The Expected Life Expectancy For Every Census ...
Quartz has created an interactive that lets you find the expected life expectancy for people living in most census tracts in th... read more.

» School Teaches Students How To Be Bad Workers: 5 An...
Bernie Bleske , Medium , Dec 12, 2018 Well, I'm not sure whether I believe all this, but I'm not sure I disbelieve it either. H... read more.

» Social Media and Political Engagement in Canada
Philip Mai , Jenna Jacobson , Elizabeth Dubois , Anatoliy Gruzd , Ryerson University , Dec 12, 2018 This is a short but ultimat... read more.

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