» On the Creative Commons Certificate Course
Stephen Downes , Half an Hour , Apr 25, 2019 A week ago, by way of a post in the Creative Commons Open Education Platform discu... read more.

» Where is the ‘theory’ within the field of education...
Khe Foon Hew , Ying Tang , Chengyuan Jia , Chung Kwan Lo , Min Lan , British Journal of Educational Technology , Apr 25, 2019 I... read more.

» Tennessee: Legal Challenge Expected if Senate Passe...
  Chalkbeat reports the likelihood of a legal challenge to any voucher bill in Tennessee if State Senate passes one as Hou... read more.

» Newlearn.io - Search and Share Resources by Standard
Newlearn.io is a free social network for finding and sharing free teaching materials according to Common Core standard or keywo... read more.

» “Should Teachers Invite Students to Evaluate Their ...
The new question-of-the-week at my Education Week Teacher column is: Should teachers encourage student evaluations of their cla... read more.

» Most Popular Posts Of The Week
  I’m making a change in the content of the regular feature.  In addition to sharing the top five posts that have re... read more.

» Qing Philosophy
On-cho Ng , Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy , Apr 24, 2019 It's hard not to think of Qing philosophy as a fresh wave of thi... read more.

» It’s Complicated: Mozilla’s 2019 Internet Health Re...
Mark Surman , Apr 24, 2019 This blog post summarizes Mozilla's 2019 Internet Health Report ( 82 page PDF - note that the report... read more.

» Relentless Doppelganger
Dadabots Official , YouTube , Apr 24, 2019 This is a live YouTube stream of endless death metal performed by an artificial inte... read more.

» Tennessee: House Passes School Vouchers When Decidi...
  The Tennessee House of Representatives passed a hotly debated voucher bill by one vote after the deciding vote, Jason Za... read more.

» Chicago: Teachers at Unionized Charter Schools Plan...
When the Waltons and Gates and Bloomberg read this, they will be very disappointed. Chagrined. The point of charters is to bust... read more.

» STEM Is Not All That Matters
By Ryan Khurana, Catalyst Independent In the White House’s recent executive order, dubbed the “American AI Initiative,” there w... read more.

» Implementing AI The Right Way
Tom Taulli, Forbes For many companies, when it comes to implementing AI, the typical approach is to use certain features from e... read more.

» A Prominent Publisher Used Machine Learning to Writ...
Dan Robitzksi, Futurism Scientific publisher Springer Nature just released its first book written entirely by a machine learnin... read more.

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