» Muhammad Ali Would Have Been 78 Years Old Today – H...
  Muhammad Ali would have been 78 years old today. You might be interested Muhammad Ali, R.I.P. – Useful Resources To Teac... read more.

» Video: “Beyond Greta Thunberg: The uprising of yout...
  I’m adding this new Washington Post video to THE BEST RESOURCES ON TEENS DEMANDING AN EFFECTIVE RESPONSE TO CLIMAT... read more.

» Guide to Digital Video Advertising
Interactive Advertising Bureau , Jan 17, 2020 The news that Google will be disabling tracking cookies in Chrome is the smallest... read more.

» Eleventy Love
Chris Coyier , CSS-Tricks , Jan 17, 2020 This is related to the stuff on web components, but it's a different thing and needs i... read more.

» Truly Reusable Design Systems in Practice: Web Comp...
Ilya Lyamkin , HackerNoon , Jan 17, 2020 Web development over the last few years has been dominated by frameworks like jQuery, ... read more.

» Light Commands
Takeshi Sugawara , et.al. , Jan 17, 2020 Most voice activated home assistants use micro-electro-mechanical systems ( MEMS ) mic... read more.

» Using Chrome as a Local Web Server
Justin Mathews , Medium , Jan 17, 2020 I'm setting up a new machine in the office, which includes installing browsers (Firefox,... read more.

» Today is the Anniversary of the Worst Constitutiona...
Garrison Keillor posted this on his very engaging website “A Writer’s Almanac.” The daily newsletter is delightful, it’s free, ... read more.

» The Origins of the English Language
This morning I had a student ask me "what does 'the' mean?" It's was one of those classic teenager moments of trying to distrac... read more.

» What Happened When a 52-Year-Old Navy Seal Was Acce...
James Hatch, Navy Seal, applied to Yale University and was accepted as a freshman at the age of 52. He was wary about how he wo... read more.

» John Merrow: Insect-Based Teacher Training, Parts 1...
John Merrow learned about the latest trending idea in teacher training. Give a teacher a script, put a “bug” in his... read more.

» ProPublica Exposes The Big Business of Lobbying
ProPublica is one of the most valuable sources of investigative journalism. I send them a regular contribution. They are truly ... read more.

» How to Publish a Google Calendar Without Showing Al...
Yesterday, I received a question on an old YouTube video of mine in which I demonstrated how to embed a Google Calendar into Bl... read more.

» Chrome Media Hub - Manage Background Video and Audio
Like a lot of people, I have a habit of leaving a bunch of Chrome tabs open even if I'm not actively using them. It's not the b... read more.

» Two Master Bloggers–Peter Greene and Steven Singer–...
Two of the best education bloggers in the nation weighed in on the nature and purpose of the new “National Parents Union,... read more.

» SEL Weekly Update
  I’ve recently begun this weekly post where I’ll be sharing resources I’m adding to The Best Social Emotional Learning (S... read more.

» A Look Back: “Dancing Guy: Why teachers should igno...
I thought that new – and veteran – readers might find it interesting if I began sharing my best posts from over the years. You ... read more.

» New NASA Video: “2019 Was the 2nd-Hottest Year on R...
  I’m adding this new video from NASA to The Best Sites To Learn About Climate Change: read more.

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