» “Connecting Reading & Writing ‘Is a High-Leverage M...
Connecting Reading & Writing ‘Is a High-Leverage Move’ is the headline of my latest Education Week Teacher col... read more.

» What Are Your Suggestions For Online Learning If Sc...
  I don’t want to be overly-alarmist, but two things happened today to get me wondering what would happen here in th... read more.

» Introducing fastpages
Jeremy Howard , Hamel Husain , Fastpages , Feb 25, 2020 This is pretty cool. It's a way to automatically create a website using... read more.

» GitHub Student Developer Pack Now Features 100-Plus...
Dian Schaffhauser , Campus Technology , Feb 25, 2020 This is pretty interesting. "The GitHub Student Developer Pack has just ex... read more.

» Carnival Cruises, Delta, and 70 Countries Use a Fac...
Dave Gershgorn , OneZero , Feb 25, 2020 People talk about banning facial recognition technology, but it may be too late. It's h... read more.

» Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. announces acquisition of ...
Elizabeth Loutfi , Chief Learning Officer , Feb 25, 2020 In the corporate LMS world, "Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. announced Feb. ... read more.

» Ask Your Congressional Representative to Act!
The Network for Public Education asks you to contact your Representative in Congress to co-sponsor this legislation:   htt... read more.

» Teresa Hanafin on Trump in India
Teresa Hanafin writes the daily Fast Forward in the Boston Globe. She writes today: Trump heads home from India this morning, l... read more.

» Join the Student Blogging Challenge in March
Every year Edublogs hosts a couple of student blogging challenges . The next one begins on March 15th. The challenge is open to... read more.

» Mercedes Schneider Shows Off Her Student’s Poem
This is a delightful post by Mercedes Schneider, whom we usually expect to write about scams, hoaxes, and frauds in the educati... read more.

» Education Law Center Challenges Charter Expansion i...
The Education Law Center is suing in New Jersey Supreme Court to challenge the negative effects of charter schools on public sc... read more.

» Jan Resseger Recommends This Article as Essential R...
Jan Resseger, as you surely know, is oneof my favorite writers. I admire her deep moral values, her clarity, and her direct wri... read more.

» Mark Green: How Bloomberg Beat Me in 2001
Mark Green was a young, vigorous, popular progressive who won the Democratic primary for mayor in 2001. New York City is overwh... read more.

» Mixkit - Hundreds of Free Music and Video Clips for...
Mixkit is a website that offers hundreds of free music files and videos that you can download to use in your multimedia project... read more.

» A Look Back: Knowledge Isn’t Power — “Power is Power”
I thought that new – and veteran – readers might find it interesting if I began sharing my best posts from over the years. You ... read more.

» Classroom Instruction Resources Of The Week
  Each week, I publish a post or two containing three or four particularly useful resources on classroom instruction, and ... read more.

» “Public Charge” Rule Took Effect Today – Here’s Wha...
  The Trump Administration’s terrible “public charge” rule attacking immigrants took effect today (see T... read more.

» My Favorite Posts That Appeared In February
  I regularly highlight my picks for the most useful posts for each month — not including “The Best…” lists. I also use so... read more.

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