» Video: New TED-Talk Featuring Dolores Huerta
  How to overcome apathy and find your power (you can find the transcript at the link) is the title of Dolores Huerta̵... read more.

» A broken paradigm? What education needs to learn fr...
Lucinda McKnight , Andy Morgan , Journal of Education Policy , Feb 22, 2019 I'm not sure how long this SlideShare version of th... read more.

» Facebook Is Killing Onavo, Its Spyware VPN App
Andrew Heinzman , How-To Geek , Feb 22, 2019 For those who missed it: "Facebook offered a free VPN app called Onavo on the Appl... read more.

» Roots of Empathy
Allie Alayan , AACE Review , Feb 22, 2019 I'm not sure whether a baby counts as educational technology, but I'm going to accept... read more.

» Shift Happens 2
Jamai Blivin , Merrilea Mayo, , Innovate+Education , Feb 22, 2019 There's a lot happening in this report ( 48 page PDF ) and I ... read more.

» School Your Target Audience with Customer Training ...
Christopher Pappas , MarTech Advisor , Feb 22, 2019 The case study just briefly mentioned at the beginning - Samsung Nation - i... read more.

» Wiggle & Stomp - A Fun App for Learning About Animals
Shutterbugs Wiggle and Stomp is an educational game produced by the Smithsonian. The purpose of the game is to help children re... read more.

» ClassHook's Pause Prompts Let You Add Questions to ...
ClassHook is a great service for finding video clips to use in your classroom. ClassHook clips come from well-known movies and ... read more.

» Today is a Very Important Anniversary of Young Peop...
  My thanks to reader Greg Brozeit, who pointed out on Twitter that today is the anniversary of the execution of the found... read more.

» Extending the Conversation on Online Course Length
Mark Lieberman, Inside Higher Ed Two weeks ago, “Inside Digital Learning” published an article exploring the decision-making pr... read more.

» Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp FAQs Answered
Earlier this month I opened registration for the 2019 Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp . The super-early registration discount end... read more.

» Trump’s Plan to Keep America First in AI
Tom Simonite, Wired “AI has really become a transformative technology that’s changing industries, markets, and society,” says L... read more.

» Report: Why Tech for Adult Learning So Often Misses...
By Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology When deploying new education technology for adult learners, is there such a thing as an... read more.

» Video: “Human to fish, and back again: a brisk walk...
  I’m adding this video to The Best Sites For Learning About Human Evolution: read more.

» New Jersey: Dark Money Is Paying to Double Down on ...
Wake up, parents and teachers in New Jersey! The billionaires and Dark Money are launching a sneak attack on your children and ... read more.

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