» Good News! Oklahoma Court Rejects Referendum on Tax...
After the legislature agreed to raise teachers’ pay, an anti-tax group tried to put a measure on the state ballot opposed... read more.

» School Choice is Not Good for American Education
I wrote this article, which was posted just online by the Washington Post. Charters are not “progressive.” They pav... read more.

» Google Unveils System To “Verify” Who You Are
Taking a page from Twitter’s “verified account” tool (but, one can hope, they will better apply), Google just... read more.

» GOP Wants to Balance Budget by Cutting Medicare, Me...
How will the Republican Party pay for the huge tax cuts they enacted last winter for corporations and the wealthiest? “House Re... read more.

» Andre Agassi, Tennis Legend, Now Profits from Priva...
Andre Agassi became a tennis legend as a young man. He started tennis early, having dropped out of school at the end of eighth ... read more.

» Facial Recognition Technology Has No Place in Schools
Doug Levin , EdTech Strategies , Jun 22, 2018 I think that the main problem here is that facial recognition software won't actu... read more.

» “Ways to use Tech to Differentiate Instruction”
Ways to use Tech to Differentiate Instruction is the headline of my latest Education Week Teacher column. In it, Anne Jenks, Ge... read more.

» Woolf University: the Airbnb of higher education or...
Tony Bates , Online learning and distance education resources , Jun 22, 2018 "You are going to hear a lot about Woolf Universit... read more.

» Leonie Haimson: Shedding Light on the Debate about ...
Leonie Haimson lays out the case for reforming the admission practices of New York City’s elite admission-by-exam high schools.... read more.

» Statistic Of The Day: People In The U.S. Support Im...
In the midst of anti-immigrant hysteria, this new poll from Gallup, which includes lots of interesting data, would be good to s... read more.

» The XaaS Economy is Here: How Well Are You Serving ...
Stephan Sieber , ReadWrite , Jun 22, 2018 This is more of a business model change than a technology change, but it is certainly... read more.

» Really Interesting “70 People Around The World” Vid...
Conde Nast has a very interesting video series called “70 People Around The World.” You can see them all here. I... read more.

» Jan Resseger on Michelle Rhee’s Collapsing Legacy
It is one of the curiosities of our time that reformers point to D.C. as one of their triumphs, based on the gain of a few poin... read more.

» Two Lessons on Cloud Types and Their Names
Meteorology is a science topic that affects all of us whether you like it or not. Look up at the clouds and you're making a sci... read more.

» 9 ways to use Artificial Intelligence in education
Emily Watts , Big Data Made Simple , Jun 22, 2018 This isn't an especially deep article but it serves to prompt some thinking a... read more.

» Rand Study: Gates Foundation Wasted $575 Million on...
Remember the excitement about using test scores to measure teacher effectiveness? Remember Raj Chetty, who expected to win a No... read more.

» Where You Can Follow My Work
If you're reading this, the numbers say that you found my blog through one of the following methods: Facebook referral - Here's... read more.

» Vynchronize - Watch Videos and Discuss Them in the ...
Vynchronize is a new video discussion platform that I learned about through Larry Ferlazzo's recent This Week in Web 2.0 post .... read more.

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