» Betsy DeVos Funds IDEA and Kipp to Saturate San Ant...
  Texas Public Radio describes Betsy Devos’s audacious plan to overwhelm San Antonio with charters created by two corporat... read more.

» New! The Practical Ed Tech Podcast
Last spring a reader named Tiffany asked me if I would ever consider publishing my Practical Ed Tech Live episodes as podcasts ... read more.

» An Easy-to-Search Index of Teachers on Twitter
Twitter can be a good place to connect with other educators to exchange ideas and resources. The trouble is that it is not alwa... read more.

» Video: “A 15 Year Old Hong Kong Student Talks About...
  I’m adding this new video from Voice of America to The Best Resources Sharing The History Of Teens Organizing For ... read more.

» A Look Back: We Need To Talk More About Schools As ...
I thought the summer might be a good time to re-share posts from My All-Time Favorite Posts!   list… This post originally appea... read more.

» Linking Liability
Lindsay McKenzie , Inside Higher Ed , Aug 16, 2019 The original (and much better) title of this piece was "Legal questions... read more.

» How to Extract Audio from a Video
Richard Byrne , Free Technology for Teachers , Aug 16, 2019 This video from Richard Byrne explains how to extract the audio fro... read more.

» 5 Skills That Students Are Losing Because of Tech
Matthew Lynch, Tech Edvocate Technology in the classroom has become not just expected but assumed. Educators and administrators... read more.

» Heard on Campus: The possibilities presented by ope...
Anne C. Osterman, Penn State News “OER (open educational resources) is about more than student savings — it is about student su... read more.

» Average Student Loan Debt Statistics by School by S...
LendU While the figures change each year, the narrative certainly does not; student loan debt continues to be a growing issue i... read more.

» Two New & Incredibly Useful Lesson Collections For ...
  Earlier this week, I posted about the amazing interactive published by The New York Times recognizing the introduction o... read more.

» Have Students Transcribe Correspondence Between 19t...
  Quite a few institutions are “crowdsourcing” historical documents so that the public can help transcribe the... read more.

» Racism: The Horror That Trump Is Playing With
  Last night I watched Anthony Scaramucci on CNN, who said to Erin Burnett that Trump is “not a racist,” but is “transacti... read more.

» New Orleans: Test Scores Stall Below State Average,...
The New Orleans myth continues to crumble, despite efforts by privatizers to call it a miracle. The latest state scores (LEAP) ... read more.

» New Orleans: How a Student Graduated Although She C...
  The parents of a student in New Orleans were dismayed when they realized that their daughter would graduate from high sc... read more.

» ICYMI - Practical Ed Tech Live Recording
This morning I hosted a new episode of Practical Ed Tech Live on my YouTube channel. I hadn't held one of these sessions since ... read more.

» Kentucky: The State’s Attacks on Its Teachers Are O...
  Clifford Wallace and Leigh Wallace, a father-daughter team of professional educators, lambaste state officials for their... read more.

» Post-it App for Android - Turn Physical Stickies In...
For many years Post-it has offered a free iPhone and iPad app that you can use to turn a collection of physical sticky notes in... read more.

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