» Interview with Skywalker Sound Re-Recording Mixer Lora Hirschberg
23/04/19 13:44 from Krotos
An interview with Academy-award winning re-recording mixer Lora Hirschberg about using Krotos plugins in her work on the Avengers, Captain Marvel and the Lion King. The post Interview with Skywalker Sound Re-Recording Mixer Lora Hirschbe...

» Smart insights
19/04/19 09:19 from Blogposts – sonible
A.I. in mixing and mastering is still a little elusive? We try to make it all more tangible by telling you what goes on when the smart:filter of smart:EQ 2 is at work and giving you examples. The post Smart insights appeared first on son...

» Learn to play Game of Thrones’ Theme on the Acoustic Guitar
19/04/19 09:11 from Guitar Pro 6's blog - Arobas Music
The 8th season of Game of Thrones has made its debut. Never been so excited about keeping up with the story? Completely hooked? … After all, it is fantastic that piece. Well that’s good, because Kenny Serane has come up ̷...

» New MAGIX Product Released | Congrats KV331 | Current Promo's
18/04/19 20:37 from CANADIAN DEALERS Archive Feed
96 New MAGIX Product Released | Congrats KV331 | Current Promo's p{ margin:10px 0; padding:0; } table{ border-collapse:collapse; } h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6{ display:block; margin:0; padding:0; } img,a img{ border:0; height:auto; outline:none; t...

» Sennheiser HD 800S Headphone Review
18/04/19 11:46 from Sonarworks

» n-Track Studio v9.0.5 Beta Build 3602 Released
17/04/19 16:30 from n-Track Studio changes log
Fixed missing soundfont on loading projects containing n-Track Sampler plug-in [Bug Fix] Fixed bug in which the MIDI track created on selecting a preset from the Instrument Browser doesn't sound (Mac) [Bug Fix] Fixed sporadic crash on lo...

» Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Studio Headphone Review
15/04/19 18:16 from Sonarworks

» In The Room Or In Your Head: Headphones Versus Speakers
15/04/19 12:35 from Sonarworks

» FabFilter 15-year anniversary
15/04/19 09:00 from FabFilter Latest News
Fifteen years ago, we launched our first product, which today is part of a line of plug-ins that we are very proud of, ranging from FabFilter Saturn and Timeless 2 to Pro-L 2 and Pro-Q 3. We would like to take this opportunity to thank e...

» FLEX Beta
14/04/19 23:54 from Image-Line news
FL Studio 20.1.2 FLEX Beta!

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