Compelling, Original, Breakthrough SF  (Feb 10, 2019 14:32)
Tade Thompson joins the glittering lineage of authors Philip K. Dick, James Tiptree Jr....

Essential Oils That Wake Up Your Brain in the Morning (Oct 4, 2018 18:40)
(Originally posted on QUORA) While each of us has unique reactions to scents in general...

Tips on Fragrances for Men (Jul 27, 2018 18:41)
Remember, a high-quality natural soap will leave its scent residue on your skin, and ma...

Small and Temporary Solutions (Feb 28, 2018 19:58)
  Instead of waiting for grand solutions, huge donations, and audits into on-going...

Why I Love Audiobooks (Oct 13, 2017 13:29)
I didn’t feel like mentioning my deteriorating eyesight and detached vitreouses&#...

Speechless (Sep 15, 2017 19:27)
The small moments that make it all worthwhile..

My Latest GIF: Mesmerizing Waves  (Jun 13, 2017 21:53)
Put your brain in the alpha wave state!

​Six Ways of Seeing Waste (Jun 9, 2017 20:48)
When it comes to garbage, "There is no away!"

King Tide, May 25 2017 (May 26, 2017 09:10)
Watch the video on Laha Lele: Highest tide...

Celebrate Your Mother, Woman of the Year (May 4, 2017 15:32)
Source: Celebrate Your Mother, Woman of the Year

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