October is National Bullying Prevention Month

It just crossed my desk that October is National Bullying Prevention Month! I did not know that but it doesn’t surprise me especially since there is so much in the news, lately.

Did you know that the Coalition has a program entitled: “Bullying—You Are Not Alone”? We are avaliable to present this vital, and important program to your agency or group. Let us know that you’re interested and we will set up a date.

We all know that we should never let a bully get “under our skin” and fight back, physically. Seek out help and let that person resolve it peacefully.

Recently, however, we heard in the news that a 12 year old boy who was being bullied went into his families gun safe and got a gun. He then went to the 13 year old boy that was bullying him and shot him. The boy will survive but both their lives will be forever changed.

So, tell someone if you are being bullied and ask them for help. When it gets resolved, you might just gain a new friend. I did and I had a new friend; one that I would catch up with whenever I returned to my home town.

Peace be With You.


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Sign Language Class Given at Coalition Meeting Sept. 11, 2017

At our monthly meeting held on Sept. 11 at RIPIN, our guest speaker was Dona Lombardi, Interpreter, who gave a presentation on basic American Sign Language. She taught us the alphabet in sign and had us all spell our names using sign. She went on to say that there are some short cuts to meanings. For instance, the sign for “S” is a closed fist. But when bent downwards and back again is also “YES”. The sign for “T” is a fist with the thumb sticking out between the first 2 fingers. When shaken, it means “I need to use the “TOILET”. She then had us all sign “My name is: and your name”.

She gave a brief history of sign b y saying that it first came to America in 1817 and was widely used on Martha’s Vineyard in in 1854. She spoke briefly about Helen Keller and her promoting sign as a way that the deaf and hard of hearing can communicate. She told us that there are about 5 types of sign with ASL being the most popular and also that sign is different in other countries.

All in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and hope she can return and teach us more.

Oct 2nd, we are at the Warwick Public Library presenting on Computer Basics and Facebook.

Jack Ringland

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(singing) “S-u-m-m-e-r-t-i-m-e and the Livin’ is Easy……”. This is a time when the weather is sunny and warm and we all try to get out of our homes and go do something. Maybe take a walk (or roll) in a park or around your neighborhood and meet old friends or make new ones.

Something to consider is to check out the many FREE!! concerts in Rhode Island. Did I say “FREE!!”?? Guess what??most are. Here are some examples:

Crescent Park, near the Carousel in Riverside has concerts on Thursday evenings. And if you get hungry, stop by Blount’s Clam Shack for a bite. They also serve burgers and dogs for you non seafood lovers. The towns web site is: www.eastprovidenceri.net/recreation.

Another example of a town offering is Barrington. Their concerts are Sunday evenings and in a couple of parks around town with water views! Can’t beat that! Go to www.barrington.ri.gov and look for the link to the recreation Dept. for that info.

Another great place to look for statewide concert info is a blog called RI Blogger. Type in the following link and it will take you right there. It is: https://riblogger.com and click on the “Free Summer Concerts” button. There you will find a schedule of concerts by date and town.

At all of these concerts you will find enjoyable local and regional artists that love to entertain; so check them out. Enjoy your summer! Get out there while (singing again) “the fish are a’jumpin’ and the cotton is high……”

Jack Ringland


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