» 3D Prints Skiff and an Airport baggage moving vehicle
24/04/19 18:05 from Mini Swelter
My painting subjects remain uniformly chaotic so today will feature the Prime Mover for an A...

» Mechanicum Thanatar Siege Automata
23/04/19 14:21 from BERSERKERBLADE
The latest addition to (what I hope will be) my assorted collection of Horus Heresy Automata is t...

» Allies of Inconvenience: Episode 18- Adepticon 2019 Coverage
22/04/19 11:00 from Sepulchre of Heroes

» WIP: Infinity Haqqislam Reinforcements
22/04/19 09:00 from Battle Brush Studios
One of the main reasons why I posted the army/armies shot a few days ago is that I'm currently wo...

» Painting Pottersville
20/04/19 21:56 from Rabbits In My Basement
I've been busy gluing MDF like a mad thing, resulting in an impressive street of buildings. The S...

» A WiP kinda day... Tabletop World Fisherman's House, Order of Vampire Hunters and a 3D printed Skiff.
19/04/19 19:09 from Mini Swelter
 I've been busy this week doing, mostly, batch painting.  Lots of wood textures that ar...

» Showcase: Infinity Army/Armies Shot
19/04/19 09:00 from Battle Brush Studios
Here's a snazzy little army shot of some Infinity figures I did last fall. In fact it's an "armie...

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