» Fiend of Slaanesh #2
08/06/23 19:02 from Demi Morgana's hobby log
Looks like fiend of Slaanesh I painted recently just got twin-brother (or sister - you can never ...

» Show Report: Austrian Salute 2023
06/06/23 09:00 from Battle Brush Studios
  Saturday, June 3rd, finally had us all gather for Austrian Salute again, after a 3 years h...

» Allies of Inconvenience: Episode 36- Adepticon Recap and 10th Edition Previews Talk
04/06/23 23:57 from Sepulchre of Heroes

» Showcase: Asylum Demon
04/06/23 09:00 from Battle Brush Studios
  Look at him! It's the Asylum Demon and he feels a-okay.  Famously the first boss in D...

» Fiend of Slaanesh
31/05/23 09:57 from Demi Morgana's hobby log
The very first, freshly painted member of the  upcoming Chaos army of Slaanesh has just arri...

» UNMC Marines Repainted
29/05/23 00:29 from Rabbits In My Basement
I decided that I didn't like the olive green paint scheme on my UNMC Marines. The Tamiya paint I ...

» Showcase: O-Joroi Kidobutai TAG
28/05/23 09:00 from Battle Brush Studios
Today we got another Infinity TAG. This time it's a Yu-Jing O-Joroi Kidobutai. Now this is more l...

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