» The Dark Imperium Premier League
18/10/17 18:00 from The Burning Eye
Greetings all! I thought that today I'd talk to you about something I'm running over at m...

» First Farseer of the Angvai
18/10/17 14:57 from Objective Secured

» Fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate...
18/10/17 14:15 from Objective Secured

» Facing The Grey Tide Podcast - Episode 57: Warzone Atlanta Mission Pack and Tournament Prep
17/10/17 18:21 from Facing The Grey Tide
What is up Everyone? Bryan, Evan, and Chandler sit down to break down the Mission Pack for Warzon...

» Hobby update 16/10/17 - where has October gone?
16/10/17 18:00 from The Burning Eye
Greetings all, just a quick update for you all today, as I appear to have misplaced a couple of w...

» The lesson learned. Characters are key. Keeping them alive is more so!
13/10/17 18:00 from The Burning Eye
Greetings all, I've played a few games recently, and as such have a wealth of material to cho...

» Terrain for Infinity - Hombi GT READY!
13/10/17 02:17 from TrueMiniWargamer.Com
Hi everyone, At last I have finished painting up the Hombi GT.  I took some inspiration from...

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