» 9 Warning Signs of Exercise Addiction
06/28/17 - from: World of Psychology
Have you ever heard the saying, “Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing?” When used moderately to maintain physical and mental health, or when used in conjunction with an appropriate amount of nourishment, exercise has a whole host ...

» When Being a Pessimist Can Be a Good Thing
06/27/17 - from: World of Psychology
A positive attitude is often touted as a secret ingredient to entrepreneurial success. And it’s true: your outlook can impact everything from your sales numbers to your mental health. But blind optimism can leave you ill-prepared for str...

» How Parents Can Stay Sane When Baby Can’t Sleep
06/27/17 - from: Psych Central News
New research finds that a child’s sleep problems may make parents depressed and unsure of their parenting skills. University of British Columbia researchers say that the good news is you […]

» Can Children Be Diagnosed with BPD?
06/27/17 - from: Ask the Therapist
My friend has all symptoms of BPD, including those of psychosis. She hallucinates and has psychotic episodes of extreme paranoia, delusion, certain movements (such as shaking) which she cannot control or rocking which she says helps her....

» Specialization-Part II: Advantages and Disadvantages
06/27/17 - from: Psych Central Professional
A degree program in psychology or social work or mental health counseling is often broad-based and diverse, with courses in a little bit about everything. Yes, some programs are specific to such areas as substance abuse or behavioral psy...

» Specializations-Part I: 5 Ways Clinicians Choose a Specialty
06/26/17 - from: Psych Central Professional
Most private practice clinicians are trained to be generalists who can see a wide range of diagnoses and populations. But if you are in a community that is rich with professionals, there are many good reasons to develop skills and experi...

» Starting School Early May Impair Child’s Mental Health
06/26/17 - from: Psych Central News
For parents of children born in late summer or early fall, a common dilemma is when to start the child in school. Is it best for the child to be […]

» More Than Memory: Coping With The Other Ills Of Alzheimer's
06/24/17 - from: NPR Topics: News
Many people with Alzheimer's suffer medical and mental health issues that have nothing to do with memory loss, including slow healing, incontinence, paranoia and depression.

» My Mom Is Ruining My Mentality
06/24/17 - from: Ask the Therapist
From a teen in England: Hello, so I’ve recently been having a lot of issues regarding my mental health which has been on going now on and off for 10 years. Each time I start to get better things go all downhill again but each time ...

» The Repeated Abuse of Sexual Assault Victims
06/23/17 - from: Psych Central Professional
The mistrial of the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby has reignited old stereotypes about rape and abuse. Some new acquaintances of mine, who were unaware of my vocation, commented their satisfaction of the outcome siting several re...

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