» Irvo Otieno’s Death Spurs Questions About Virginia’s Mental Health System
03/24/23 - from: NYT > U.S.
Irvo Otieno’s death after sheriff’s deputies pinned him to the floor shows that changes in recent years have not solved deep problems, critics say.

» Autism diagnosis has become more common, but pandemic disrupted early detection, CDC says
03/23/23 - from: CNN.com - Health
The rate of children diagnosed with autism in the United States has been growing steadily since 2000, but two new reports from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlight disparities in the types of children identified to...

» Autism Prevalence Rises Again, Study Finds
03/23/23 - from: NYT > Health
The pandemic may have disrupted the detection of autism spectrum disorder in young children, researchers also reported.

» Mental health struggles are driving more college students to consider dropping out, survey finds
03/23/23 - from: CNN.com - Health
More than 40% of students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program had considered dropping out in the past six months, up from 34% in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the survey found. Most cited emotional stress and...

» Trump Lawyer in Mar-a-Lago Case Must Hand Over Records, Appeals Court Says
03/23/23 - from: NYT > U.S.
The ruling compelling the lawyer, M. Evan Corcoran, to turn over documents came after a lightning round of appeals court filings overnight.

» Video shows man's final moments before his death at a mental health facility in Virginia
03/22/23 - from: CNN.com - U.S.
Surveillance video released by a prosecutor Tuesday shows Irvo Otieno being pinned to the floor by multiple security officers at a Virginia state mental health facility in the moments leading up to his death earlier this month.

» Justice Department convinces federal judge Trump used his attorney in furtherance of a crime in classified docs probe
03/22/23 - from: CNN.com - U.S.
The Justice Department has convinced a federal judge that former President Donald Trump used one of his defense attorneys in furtherance of a crime or fraud related to the existence of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, sources familiar...

» Send us your questions about TikTok
03/22/23 - from: CNN.com - Technology
As a growing number of lawmakers raise national security concerns about TikTok's ties to China, and some experts worry about the app's impact on young people's mental health, CNN is hosting a special to dig into these issues.

» Trump at Mar-a-Lago: Magical Thinking and a Perp-Walk Fixation
03/21/23 - from: NYT > U.S.
Those who have spent time with Donald Trump in recent days say he has often appeared significantly disconnected from the severity of his potential legal woes.

» A hospital surveillance video shows Irvo Otieno pinned to the floor before his death
03/21/23 - from: NPR Topics: News
The 28-year-old Black man died at a Virginia mental health facility earlier this month. A grand jury indicted 10 deputies and hospital workers on charges of second-degree murder.

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