Learning about Monarchs
Ms. Kramer was able to get out and find some Monarch eggs at school with two of her students in tow. They loved it and were lucky enough to watch the Monarch lay her eggs! See how many you can find!

“Sun-Sational” Artwork
Detail was the element of study for these art students as they attempted to reproduce a picture of a sun with a focus on  capturing even the tiniest of details in the picture. ~Mrs. Moore’s K-6 Elementary Art Class

Cedar Rapids Library Reading Program
Volunteers from the Cedar Rapids Library visited Prairie Edge on May 9th. They performed a short skit for our K-6 elementary students about the importance of reading in school and throughout the summer  months.  

The Oregon Trail
These middle schooler’s are playing the Oregon Trail game as they wrap up the Manifest Destiny unit in Mrs. Baumgartner’s history class. This unit covers the following grade level standards: -Understand the role of scarcity and economic trade-offs and how economic conditions impact...

Old Creamery Theater Performs at the Prairie Auditorium
The Old Creamery Theater brought to Prairie their exciting performance of Character Round-Up! The play’s theme is based on the 6 Pillars of Character. Each skit was written by elementary students around eastern Iowa and performed by the theater actors.

Teacher Appreciation Week
The CCEA wants to thank all teachers for their dedication to the profession! Pictured here are a few of the Edge teachers wearing shirts given by the association.  

Prairie Edge Early Dismissal Today May 1st
Due to a water main break, Prairie Edge is dismissing students at 2:00 pm today, May 1st.

Spring Has Sprung
John Harris, staff at Edge, takes some time to enjoy the weather on the elementary playground!

ISASP Testing April 1st-12th
District students have completed their first week of testing and will wrap up spring tests at the end of this week. Feedback from students with the new formatting of the assessments has been encouraging. The Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) is replacing the Iowa Assessments...

2nd Grade Science
The students in Mrs. Moore’s classroom were engaged in studying size differences among solids. The Solids & Liquids unit explored the differences between solids and liquids, their properties, and how to identify them. The students learned properties such as bubbly, foamy, viscous,...

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