» SIG the Scrum Values Game
05/03/21 07:18
Hi Everyone, I would like to invite anyone interested in collaborating  with me on a very special project. I have created a Scrum Values game and I am looking for Scrum Masters and Coaches to give me feedback and add more scenarios. In e...

» Best practices for a Scrum Master with a team doing a lot of little products/projects
04/03/21 10:01
Hi, In our company we have a team doing  a lot of little products & projects. Each with their own PBL & PO or stakeholders. They work in little sub-teams on those products/projects, never all together. Some of you probably faced this sit...

» Sprint Planning Estimation
04/03/21 09:25
Hi everybody ! Our company applied Scrum Framework into some of products in the company However, applying this framework, we have a lot of situation that we don't know the best way to resolve these. I hope that experts in forum can suppo...

» Is there any reason to take "lower level" certificates?
04/03/21 08:53
Hi If you for instance take PSM II and pass, is there any reason to take PSM I after that? Or does PSM II "contain" PSM I + more stuff?  

» One team but separate sub-teams working on different initiatives
03/03/21 23:03
Hi there,  I'm looking for guidance as to how I can help build a trusting team environment for a brand new team who is working on different initiatives and quite removed from what is going on with other projects within their own team. Cu...

» Hand over from scrum master
03/03/21 19:04
Hi! Im starting my first assignment as scrum master in 2 weeks. What key questions should I ask the current scrum master during our hand-over? All the best!  //Jenny   

» Help! How to introduce senior stakeholders to agile
03/03/21 18:46
Hi all   really need some help? Can anyone provide a (hopefully detailed) outline of how would you introduce agile to senior stakeholders who have never encountered it before?    

» Not pointing story points for Bugs but still setting a priority
02/03/21 13:25
Hello everyone, I am a new Scrum master you has recently joined a startup which uses scrum for their three software developments teams. On the very first day after seeing their scrum board I realized that they are pointing the stories al...

» Can you be a Product Owner if you don't have a Product?
02/03/21 13:07
Not quite intended to be a philosophical discussion like the title may suggest but actually a real world situation.  There is a dev team, there is a scrum master, and there is a product owner. But there is no product. This team is tasked...

» PSM1 exam - Query
01/03/21 20:57
Hi All, I would start to thank everyone in the forum. This is a great place and really helped me with loads of SCRUM related information , especially on PSM1. I was practising the mock tests on the website " https://mlapshin.com/ " ; and...

» Scrum as defined in SAFe
01/03/21 20:55
Hi! I have done some reading on the SAFe and the references to Scrum and the associated roles, events and artifacts are described extensively troughout the SAFe documentation. However, what is described is not really Scrum as defined in ...

» One Core Team working on Multiple Products with Multiple POs
01/03/21 17:53
I'm a relatively new SM and have been tasked with overseeing our core 'Platforms' team, which historically has been a team for our own products that members rotate in and out of when not on customer engagements. (A VERY unstable team obv...

» If Duration is historically Derived from Complexity Estimation...
28/02/21 23:39
Why don't Sprint Teams always make this a retro item to look at how long it took to do something with respect to the complexity that they had assigned it in planning...? This is not something I have ever heard any Scrum Master talk about...

» Agile Scrum Sum
26/02/21 16:13
Hi , I need help in solving this question. Can u tell me in details how to arrive at the response.  

» Scrum Guide 2020
30/08/20 14:50
Lean and focused. Thirteen pages long. To be released this fall.

» Migration and Clarity
14/08/20 15:08
Massachusetts, my home, has experienced progressively warmer winters. One consequence is that many birds that used to migrate through Massachusetts now stop in Massachusetts for the winter. The result is birds everywhere. Ben, a farmer i...

» Mildred the Goose
13/07/20 15:00
Overview:  Agile processes are easy to grasp after you’ve been on a project that employs them. Until then, many have trouble understanding what an agile process or an agile project is all about. Whereas traditional project management app...

» Muck the Duck
12/07/20 15:52
These are the jokes I told in my Scrum Master classes. Brick-Laying Duck New buildings were going up all over town. The best were made from brick. And, as you would expect, bars were always nearby to salve the pains of the working folk I...

» Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) Exam Study Tips
08/05/20 14:01
Read and thoroughly understand/internalize the Scrum Guide. Read it several times in different sittings. We recommend that you download the PDF and read it like you would a book. Over, and over again! Take the Scrum Open assessment numer...

» The End of Kurt Cagle: Or At Least the End of his Movie Studio Model.
10/09/19 03:01
Disclaimer Up Front:  I have been “Crazy” about Scrum since I first learned about it, and I myself have been known to act a little “Crazy” at times in my life, and this is why my blog and company operate under the...

» More Aspects of Agile Communities of Practice
25/07/19 02:14
This is a follow up article to my article about An Agile Community of Practice Starter Kit.  I wanted to share some details on other aspects of CoP’s. Scope and Nature of a CoP The scope of an Agile CoP can be of varying sizes and ...

» Better SAFe Than Sorry
25/03/19 15:38
The presentation demonstrates why SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is the most widely adopted agile scaling framework. SAFe’s practices have evolved from Agile practices and methods, Lean product... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit ...

» Agile Coach Camp Canada, Cornwall, Canada, June 7-9 2019
21/03/19 07:00
Agile Coach Camp Canada is a conference that creates opportunities for the Agile and Scrum coaches community to share successes, learning, questions and unresolved dilemmas. All this happens in an... [[ This is a content summary only. Vi...

» AgileCraft Acquired by Atlassian
20/03/19 14:48
Atlassian, the vendor of the JIRA tool, has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire AgileCraft, a provider of enterprise agile planning software. AgileCraft helps... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit m...

» Using Commercial Scrum Tools for Free
19/03/19 07:00
If the development of open source Scrum tools was in vogue some years ago, a lot of these projects have now been abandoned. Some are still active, but this is because their development is sponsored... [[ This is a content summary only. V...

» ZenHub Adds Agile Reporting
15/03/19 14:42
ZenHub project management tool for software development teams using GitHub has released a new Agile reporting suite aimed at enterprise software teams looking to optimize their development lifecycle.... [[ This is a content summary only....

» Agile Coach Camp Denmark, Dragor, Denmark, May 23-25 2019
15/03/19 07:30
Agile Coach Camp Denmark is a three-day event that serves as an unconference for Agile and Scrum coaches of Denmark and other countries. The Agile Coach Camp Denmark is a free, not-for-profit,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit ...

» ScrumImpulz, Bratislava, Slovakia, May 30 2019
15/03/19 07:00
ScrumImpulz is a one-day conference focused on the Scrum approach for Agile project management that takes place in Slovakia. Local and international experts share their practical experience about the... [[ This is a content summary only....

» Agile Open Canada, Vancouver, Canada, May 27-28 2019
15/03/19 06:00
Agile Open Canada is a two-day conference that creates opportunities for the Canadian Agile practitioners and enthusiasts of Canada to share successes, learning, questions and unresolved dilemmas.... [[ This is a content summary only. Vi...

» Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) Exam Study Tips
27/02/19 22:12
You may notice that steps 1-10 are a re-hash of suggestions for studying for the PSM I exam. If you took PSM I recently, then just quickly re-do these steps again (or skim instead of read, etc). If you didn’t take PSM I recently, t...

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