» When is the best time to do Sprint Review?
12/08/22 14:51
Hi Community, Currently we do Sprint Review, 2 days before the Sprint ends. This is to make sure we have all the stakeholders availability. is this a good practise? Should this be conducted at the last day of the Sprint? or depends on wh...

» My Scrum team is still not mature after more than 20 sprints done
12/08/22 10:05
I have been a scrum master for just over a year now. To give a history, the scrum team start with only just 4 members, 1PO, 1SM, 2 software engineers whom served as the QA as well at the time the team was new. Fast forward to almost a ye...

» User Stories and Mapping Question
11/08/22 20:21
Hello Community,  

» Product goal and sprint goal
11/08/22 13:59
I've been researching product goal and sprint goal in a significant amount of detail and want to share a couple of thoughts. Sprint planning involves devising a plan (the selected PBIs and possibly tasks) to meet the Sprint Goal. The Spr...

» Hiring for Scrum Masters in Casablanca and Poland?
10/08/22 14:39
Hi All,  I am working with a team that is looking to hire Scrum Masters to work 80% remote / 20% on site in Casablanca, Morocco and in Poland. I have never hired in these locations and LinkedIn has a fairly small number of folks in those...

» Who should specify user stories in details?
10/08/22 08:47
Hello everyone,  I have question about creating user stories. I know that responsible is PO, but she/he can generate ideas and delegate the rest of the work to others (In the rest of the work, I mean specifying user stories in as much de...

» Accessibility in Scrum events
09/08/22 21:13
Hello! I'm here to make some questions and bring a discussion in an specific theme: Accessibility in Scrum Events. In my Scrum Team, one of the QAs are blind, he is responsible for execute the Accessibility tests in our software. All our...

» How to fix a customer requirement with customer in agile ?
09/08/22 19:43
Dears, Hope everything goes well with you. we have a bad experience when customer changed his requirements intensively after development.  1- How we can prevent customer hugely changes  2- How we can Fix a requirement plan with customer ...

» Scrum Master - No Knowledge, No Experience and No Graduation
09/08/22 15:40
Hello everyone. I´m gonna tell you my path so far. Nothing new here, just to find some guidance on my next steps to be more close of my goal.   I´m from Portugal and I have a graduation in Industrial Production Engineering and been worki...

» SPS or LeSS or SAFe?
09/08/22 13:45
As someone holding PSM2 what is the next best thing to explore? SPS or LeSS or SAFe? I am looking for training and certification in one of these. I work in London.   Thanks

» Design Process & Scrum/Kanban
09/08/22 13:16
Dear community,  let's assume my teams are doing lot's of consulting work to feed potential requirements for delivery. So we do many research, exploration, validation. Around 70% of our topics are pure consulting/exploration topics, as m...

» How to best split user stories.
08/08/22 14:02
I have a scrum team consisting of a UX Designer, QA, Front End, and Back end.  What we are struggling with most is synching the work between all teams to ensure we meet our Sprint goal and finish deliverables. Recently it became even har...

» Planning less tasks to take more issues if spare capacity is left later on
08/08/22 13:29
Hey there, I see in my team a pattern that they are taking to the Sprint only safe amount of tasks.  As they say, it's better to take too little to drag something into the sprint later on than take too much and stay with things undone. S...

» Incomplete PBI
08/08/22 08:45
In the ongoing sprint, the team managed to complete 4 tasks out of 6 tasks for a PBI and due to external dependencies, the rest 2 tasks were incomplete. The team is suggesting to close the PBI and create a new PBI in the upcoming sprint ...

» Is 15 Minutes enough for Daily Standup in Scrum?
08/08/22 02:45
With my experiences on 15 Minutes for Daily Standup in Scrum, I find it's difficult to cover the current progress of every team member that works on Scrum tasks. Some team members want to cover their progress in detail which are not gett...

» Stakeholder involvement in B2B settings
07/08/22 22:26
Dear scrum.org community,

» Agile Methodology for business intelligence
07/08/22 00:43
Hello everyone, In the business intelligence project, we are currently examining our life cycle. I just started the team as a kanban master and I'm currently in the monitoring phase. A methodology called extended kanban is applied, but a...

» Setting up a scrum of scrum for contributing dev teams
05/08/22 20:32
I am trying to figure out a way to set up a scrum of scrum for teams that are within the same program but work in a contribution model meaning they get the intent but to complete the intent/features they need to work with teams outside o...

» Estimation vs Sizing & Effort vs Duration
05/08/22 13:55
These could be two different questions/topics, but I think they could be correlated, so let's see how this goes.   1. Please correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I understand, as Scrum Guide 2020 we should probably not use the word "e...

» Looking for the Right PM Resources
05/08/22 13:49
I'm a design engineer for a very small company (7 employees). We are owned by a larger company (150 employees) that handles accounting and HR so we are 7 employees focused on producing our products. The college I graduated from, while in...

» Scrum team in need of actual scrum
05/08/22 07:32
Hi everyone,   I am rather desperate and not sure what to do. I have been working with a team for 1 year now and I still have no clue how to improve the situation. I will try to be brief as possible.  

» Scrum Guide 2020
30/08/20 14:50
Lean and focused. Thirteen pages long. To be released this fall.

» Migration and Clarity
14/08/20 15:08
Massachusetts, my home, has experienced progressively warmer winters. One consequence is that many birds that used to migrate through Massachusetts now stop in Massachusetts for the winter. The result is birds everywhere. Ben, a farmer i...

» Mildred the Goose
13/07/20 15:00
Overview:  Agile processes are easy to grasp after you’ve been on a project that employs them. Until then, many have trouble understanding what an agile process or an agile project is all about. Whereas traditional project management app...

» Muck the Duck
12/07/20 15:52
These are the jokes I told in my Scrum Master classes. Brick-Laying Duck New buildings were going up all over town. The best were made from brick. And, as you would expect, bars were always nearby to salve the pains of the working folk I...

» Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) Exam Study Tips
08/05/20 14:01
Read and thoroughly understand/internalize the Scrum Guide. Read it several times in different sittings. We recommend that you download the PDF and read it like you would a book. Over, and over again! Take the Scrum Open assessment numer...

» The End of Kurt Cagle: Or At Least the End of his Movie Studio Model.
10/09/19 03:01
Disclaimer Up Front:  I have been “Crazy” about Scrum since I first learned about it, and I myself have been known to act a little “Crazy” at times in my life, and this is why my blog and company operate under the...

» More Aspects of Agile Communities of Practice
25/07/19 02:14
This is a follow up article to my article about An Agile Community of Practice Starter Kit.  I wanted to share some details on other aspects of CoP’s. Scope and Nature of a CoP The scope of an Agile CoP can be of varying sizes and ...

» Better SAFe Than Sorry
25/03/19 15:38
The presentation demonstrates why SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is the most widely adopted agile scaling framework. SAFe’s practices have evolved from Agile practices and methods, Lean product... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit ...

» Agile Coach Camp Canada, Cornwall, Canada, June 7-9 2019
21/03/19 07:00
Agile Coach Camp Canada is a conference that creates opportunities for the Agile and Scrum coaches community to share successes, learning, questions and unresolved dilemmas. All this happens in an... [[ This is a content summary only. Vi...

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