» PAL I - Suggested Reading
23/01/19 18:13
I just passed my PSM II yesterday and am interested in moving on to my PAL I certification.  I have taken the PAL I assessment and am passing in the with marks of 90% and above.  I checked out the suggested reading and saw that Managemen...

» Oscillating Burndown
23/01/19 10:11
I've been working as a Scrum Master for four months. We have two teams and run three-week sprints. The trend is that either the Sprint Backlog element will finish in two weeks and new items will be pulled out of the product backlog, or t...

» Second "development team standup"
23/01/19 02:36
Hi all, My team has started a daily 30-minute "development team standup" in addition to the Daily Standup, and I wanted to get the forum's thoughts on the approach I was thinking. For context, I'm the Business Analyst on the team. Our da...

» Story Point Guide Activity
22/01/19 18:46
     I am a scrum master on two teams. We use Fibonacci numbers for pointing at my company. Recently I noticed there was a lot of tension between two members of the team when trying to point a story, I was getting the sense that they wer...

» Spreading Tribal Knowledge in Scrum Teams with History Lines
22/01/19 09:06
Agile and documentation are not two words that are often associated in articles or blog posts. Scrum teams have however to find alternate ways to spread the knowledge among their member. In this... [[ This is a content summary only. Visi...

» Professional Scrum master Level 2
21/01/19 20:12
Hello all,   I recently passed PSM Level 1 and now I'm looking forward towards PSM Level 2. I'm not able to find any online study material? Could you guys recommend me some portal where I can study for PSM Level 2? I would like to avoid ...

» Sprint Length Vs Working Increment
20/01/19 09:16
Hi All,   We are planning to create a new web tool. What should be our sprint length? Will 1 week sprint fit for our change 1. There is no RISK that our Sprint Goal may void in weeks time because we already captured agreement on user jou...

» Does scrum master and team leader be the same person?
19/01/19 19:00
Hi, I looked at scrum guide however I could not find a role like team lead. Scrum teams are self organized and autonomous. Does this mean that scrum teams not have team leaders? 

» The Value of the Scrum Values
19/01/19 14:17
Scrum Masters and Scrum Trainers, have you ever asked yourself how to help your Scrum Teams and training participants to really reflect on the importance of the Scrum Values for the success of a Scrum Team? Just recently, I attended a tr...

» Confronting the problem with the entire dev team? Even individual's problems?
18/01/19 19:38
I remember having read in "The Art of Doing Twice The Work in Half The Time" by Jeff and JJ Sutherland that you are supposed to discuss sprint performance problems with the entire dev team, instead of discussing the problem with one deve...

» Problems with PO and Reviews
18/01/19 17:41
Hi, all.    When our PO, will validate one history (not in a review ceremony), during the sprint, He is rejecting it and adding some rules or changes that did not write in a history before. At the begging that action, our team did some c...

» Who should cross question developers in not so self organized team?
18/01/19 10:53
Often I have observed, managers expect scrum master to cross question developers on completion of work, time taken and even scrum masters are held responsible for unfinished work.  Ideally, during standup the development team should disc...

» Daily Scrum Meeting Questions:
18/01/19 07:14
Hi All,    I have gone through the below question in one of the external scrum mock test ( just for practice ):   Question The structure of the Daily Scrum is well-defined and constant. Every team member should answer the three main ques...

» AgileIndy, Indianapolis, April 26 2019
18/01/19 06:30
The AgileIndy Conference is a one-day event focuses on bringing Agile and Scrum thought leaders and practitioners from around the USA to Indianapolis for a great learning and networking experience in... [[ This is a content summary only....

» SCRUM in SAP implementation
17/01/19 21:00
Currently we are facing with preparation to deploy of new organizational unit in SAP.  Our managers require to lead this project regard with scrum approach. Have you ever met in case of SAP project with releasing changes to production en...

» Scrum in Spanish
17/01/19 09:36
Hello Scrumler, there's something in my mind I cannot find any answer to it on the internet. That's why I have to ask you guys, the experts. Does anyone of you know how spanish speaking people think about scrum, especially in Latin Ameri...

» Productivity Metric
17/01/19 07:29
My organization created new team recognition policy to identify the best team so they divided the KPI Metrics as 4 Dimension. One of the Dimension is Speed: measure the team's productivity. For example : Velocity, Cycle Time, Lead Time, ...

» Pros and Cons of multiple teams working from a single backlog
16/01/19 20:42
I was wondering what people's experience is with having multiple teams working from a single backlog? What has worked/not worked? What are the pitfalls?

» Does Scrum support a 3 to 5 business plan?
16/01/19 19:51
I'm new to Scrum.   In my business experience, we have always developed a 3 to 5 year business plan.   Is this something Scrum supports?  

» Planning vs. Refinement
16/01/19 15:38
Question - in the vast majority of places I've worked, estimating user stories has been done during planning sessions. I know there's a train of through that estimating should be done during refinement, so why do so many people estimate ...

» Development team members under commit and cheat
16/01/19 14:39
Recently I attended Scrum Master interview and the interviewer asked me he is facing issue in his project. One of the teams under commits the work and slowly completes all the work by the end of the sprint. As a Scrum Master what are you...

» How to handle Prod support and Cloud development as One team in Cloud Infrastructure ?
16/01/19 11:42
I am an SM in a cloud Infrastructure project. We have Production support and Cloud infrastructure development (Platform as service). So how do we lead our both projects simultaneously with one team ? (* we are not ready to split the team...

» User Stories to Represent Backend Services, Web Services, SOA, etc
15/01/19 20:50
Sometimes you have a need to represent User Stories that describe a back end service, API, web service, or similar. First of all, a couple of warnings. 1. Make sure that you’re not creating a “Technical Story”. Technica...

» Why On-time, On-budget Doesn’t Work
14/01/19 15:35
To achieve true business agility, leaders must not only grow and support self-reliant, cross-functional, self-organizing Scrum teams, they must also change the way their organizations fund and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit ...

» Socrates Canaries, Gran Canaria, Spain, April 25-28 2019
10/01/19 06:00
Socrates Canaries is the Spanish stage of the International Software Craftsmanship Gathering, a series of events for open-minded software developers who want to improve their craft and the software... [[ This is a content summary only. V...

» Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve your User Stories
07/01/19 14:28
Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve your User Stories is another book from Gojko Adzic, a consultant and author that already produced some very good books on Agile requirements like Impact Mapping and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit...

» Agile Team Building Mechanics
17/12/18 15:28
At some point in your work as Agile coaches, you have to organize some kind of team building event. The brief you get is usually a combination of “fun” stuff with some “work” stuff mixed in. This... [[ This is a content summary only. Vis...

» The Best Scrum Product Owner Book Ever Written!! (Must Read for PO’s and Agile Coaches)
15/12/18 16:44
Full disclosure: I actually sometimes compete against Don, one of the authors, for Scrum Coaching and Training work, so while we are friendly, we are also competitors in the marketplace. People who know me know that I “call ’...

» Agile Manchester, Manchester, UK, May 8-10 2019
13/12/18 06:00
Agile Manchester is a conference focused on Agile software development and Scrum project management that takes place in Manchester. Participants can get knowledge and experience in a practical and... [[ This is a content summary only. Vi...

» The Best Agile and Scrum Videos on YouTube – Part 1 Conferences
12/12/18 14:27
Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban conferences have been organized all over the world in the recent years. With the popularity of the Agile approaches, they have attracted important audiences and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...

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