» Daily US grain report: grain futures higher as US crop tour shows lower corn, soybean yield potential
US grain futures prices were higher in overnight trading, on short covering from recent solid selling pressure.

» Preventive measures are only option for combatting key parasites in turkeys
Robert Beckstead speaks with Poultry Health Today about best practice for turkey producers and how to protect their flocks.

» First vegan investment fund coming to New York Stock Exchange
An investment fund designed for animal rights advocates and environmentalists, the first of its kind according to financial experts, is set to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) next …

» Daily US grain report: good growing weather keeps US grain markets bears in control
US grain futures prices were lower in overnight trading. Corn was down around 6 cents, soybeans down around 6 cents and wheat down about 3 cents.

» Why water access is the secret to duck health
With migratory waterfowl as its ancestor, it’s not surprising that water is still a very important resource for farmed ducks.

» Improving biosecurity at the farm level
Challenges faced in China that have a global impact – information is power.

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