» FIRST PTA MEETING 2017 – 11/8/2017
14/08/17 09:32 from
TCV Suja held its 1st PTA meeting at 11.30 a.m. on 11th August. This meeting between the Teachers and Parents was arranged by school’s Parent Teacher Association. The meeting was held as per scheduled in school’s Diary. Surprising number...

» July End News
08/08/17 16:12 from

» Mid July Suja News
20/07/17 06:01 from

» RDL program for 2017 launched in TCV Suja -7/7/2017
08/07/17 17:01 from
TCV Suja today started RDL Progam for this year. RDL short for Readers of Dalai Lama is a club or committee started last year under the guidance of Social science teacher Mr. Ngawang Tseten la. (See link https://tcvsuja.wordpress.com/201...

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