» Bosnia and Kosovo: Radical Islam, organ trafficking and Western mainstream media bias
» Noel Malcolm: “Kosovo – A Short History”, 1999. A history written with an attempt to support Albanian territorial claims in the Balkans (Fourth part)
» UN, France & US in Libya and Ivory Coast: Using violence and Islamic forces just like Kosovo
» Orthodox Christian ghettoization and anti-Serb clampdown in Kosovo
» Western policy doing the bidding of Islam in Kosovo: Destroying Orthodox Christianity
» Bosnia, Cyprus and Kosovo: America and Islamism in the Balkans
» Albanian organized crime in UK and mainstream media
» Those who have erected the monument to Bill Clinton now flee from the valley of tears, through the land of the people they hunted and hated, burning their churches!
» Lawyers serve indictment on NATO leaders for war crimes
» War crimes charges for the Hague tribunal against NATO leaders
» The murderers of Serbian children in Goraždevac remain “unknown”
» Kosovostan Albanian monstrous crimes
» War crimes by British General Sir Michael Jackson: From Bloody Sunday in Derry, Northern Ireland to Croatia, Kosovo and Iraq
» Export of Kosovostan jihad in the Middle East: The Christian genocide in Syria
» Muslim Albanian women from Kosovo are training ISIS terrorists
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