18/10 EDPB launches first coordinated action
13/10 Providing practical data protection guidance to the media sector
07/10 ICO response to DCMS consultation “Data: a new direction”
04/10 IC-91544-B7V9
04/10 IC-125924-Z9J0
04/10 IC-123003-K1W4
04/10 IC-125991-S3S2
04/10 IC-55414-G1J7
03/10 IC-78251-Q6G1
03/10 IC-89921-T6T3
03/10 IC-129637-T6W7
03/10 IC-50676-L2L7
03/10 IC-119017-M2X7
30/09 IC-88829-Q4Q0
30/09 IC-52156-T1T9
29/09 IC-119925-N5V5
29/09 IC-117907-X0N4
29/09 IC-117905-R3G3
29/09 IC-78561-F2S6
29/09 IC-78056-Y8N6
29/09 Statement on mandatory vaccination and COVID status check schemes ahead of th...
28/09 IC-94358-B2Y1
28/09 IC-79650-G4V7
28/09 IC-94195-S5S7
27/09 Statement in response to use of ICO corporate charge card
27/09 EDPB adopts opinion on draft South Korea Adequacy Decision
27/09 EDPB establishes cookie banner taskforce
22/09 Your Home Improvements Ltd
22/09 Your Home Improvements Ltd
20/09 International progress for domestic benefit: why the ICO convened a G7 meetin...
15/09 We Buy Any Car, Sports Direct and Saga fined £495,000 after sending millions ...
15/09 We Buy Any Car Limited
15/09 Saga Services Limited
15/09 Saga Personal Finance Limited
15/09 Saga Personal Finance Limited
15/09 Saga Services Limited
15/09 SportsDirect.com Retail Ltd
14/09 Sharing personal data in an emergency – a guide for universities and colleges
09/09 G7 data protection and privacy authorities’ meeting: communiqué
09/09 Statement in response to DCMS consultation into proposed data protection reform
09/09 A Bretton Woods for data
07/09 First Choice Selection Services Limited
06/09 ICO to call on G7 countries to tackle cookie pop-ups challenge
05/09 DialADeal Scotland Ltd
05/09 ICO fines Glasgow company for making half a million nuisance calls
05/09 DialADeal Scotland Ltd
02/09 EDPB requests that Irish SA amends WhatsApp decision with clarifications on t...
26/08 Statement on DCMS announcement of next Information Commissioner
25/08 As the Children’s code comes in – what’s next?
19/08 ICO fines company for illegal pensions calls
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