18/01 EDPB publishes OSS case digest on Security of Processing and Data Breach Noti...
17/01 EDPB identifies areas of improvement to promote the role and recognition of DPOs
19/12 EDPB: cookie pledge initiative should help protect fundamental rights and fre...
15/12 EDPB: Application of the GDPR successful, but sufficient resources are necess...
07/12 EDPB publishes urgent binding decision regarding Meta
29/11 CSC re-elects Deputy Coordinator
15/11 EDPB provides clarity on tracking techniques covered by the ePrivacy Directive
01/11 EDPB Urgent Binding Decision on processing of personal data for behavioural a...
18/10 Digital euro: ensuring the highest data protection and privacy standards
17/10 EDPB picks topic for 2024 Coordinated Action
19/01 Addressing concerns on the use of AI by local authorities
11/01 ICO statement on Royal Mail incident
22/12 IC-176677-F2L8
22/12 IC-202044-D0V0
22/12 IC-177524-P2R1
22/12 IC-188024-Z2T3
22/12 IC-199642-V0V1
22/12 IC-203475-K8W6
22/12 IC-171463-F2W7
22/12 IC-160446-W4Z2
22/12 IC-190947-K6W7
22/12 IC-153809-Z1Q4
21/12 Blog: Commissioner responds to misdirected criticism of journalism code
21/12 IC-200195-X9P0
21/12 IC-170074-S7L9
21/12 IC-159503-R7G6
21/12 IC-167772-M6N8
21/12 IC-128988-M7K6
21/12 IC-196704-Q5D2
21/12 IC-204591-S2Q8
20/12 IC-158093-G9Y1
20/12 IC-198660-T0T5
20/12 IC-184393-W2N6
14/12 Monetise Media Limited
14/12 Ryan Hill Partners
14/12 Ryan Hill Partners
14/12 Monetise Media Limited
07/12 Five businesses fined a total of £435,000 for making nearly half a million un...
07/12 Allapplianceservices UK Ltd
07/12 Boiler Cover Breakdown Limited
07/12 Boiler Cover Breakdown Limited
07/12 Boiler Breakdown Limited
07/12 Boiler Breakdown Limited
07/12 Repair Plans UK Limited
07/12 Repair Plans UK Limited
07/12 Utility Guard Limited
07/12 Utility Guard Limited
06/12 Providing certainty on how we enforce the laws we regulate
25/11 ICO and Ofcom strengthen partnership on online safety and data protection
22/11 How the ICO enforces: a new strategic approach to regulatory action
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