05/08 Former health adviser found guilty of illegally accessing patient records
03/08 Christopher O’Brien
02/08 July Plenaries - adopted documents
29/07 EDPB adopts letters to Access Now and BEUC on TikTok and an Art. 65 dispute r...
29/07 Proposal to combat child sexual abuse online presents serious risks for funda...
26/07 IC-141069-J5Z9
26/07 IC-178846-J6L4
26/07 IC-122471-P6R0
26/07 IC-126726-N8T3
26/07 Five things we learned from DPPC 2022
25/07 IC-172502-Z4Q1
25/07 IC-113947-D7R3
25/07 IC-126672-D3H0
25/07 IC-135384-N1D6
25/07 IC-103349-R8R1
24/07 IC-180153-Z8P6
24/07 IC-141437-Z0K4
24/07 IC-79343-K3M5
24/07 IC-126738-L5Z9
24/07 IC-125415-C3J1
24/07 IC-169259-N7W2
24/07 IC-178858-V7H8
24/07 IC-181503-Z7D8
24/07 IC-179816-M3K5
24/07 IC-177204-T1Q4
24/07 IC-179028-W2T1
19/07 John Edwards' opening speech at DPPC 2022
14/07 EDPB moves ahead with closer cooperation on strategic cases
14/07 European Health Data Space must ensure strong protection for electronic healt...
14/07 John Edwards’ speech introducing ICO25
13/07 UK Information Commissioner sets out focus on empowering people through infor...
13/07 Director’s Update – Looking at the future of Freedom of Information (FOI) thr...
11/07 Behind the screens: ICO calls for review into use of private email and messag...
08/07 ICO and NCSC stand together against ransomware payments being made
05/07 ICO and Personal Information Protection Commission, South Korea, sign Memoran...
30/06 June Plenary - adopted documents
30/06 The Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust
30/06 ICO sets out revised approach to public sector enforcement
30/06 Open letter from UK Information Commissioner John Edwards to public authorities
29/06 ICO's work in the media - taking action against nuisance calls
28/06 International data protection and privacy authorities provide guidance agains...
16/06 Statement in response to the government’s announcement on the upcoming Data R...
16/06 EDPB adopts guidelines on certification as a tool for transfers and an Art. 6...
15/06 The ICO's work in the media - our work to recover fines
14/06 ICO funding update: Fine income retention agreement
31/05 May Plenaries - adopted documents
30/05 Information Commissioner calls for an end to the excessive collection of pers...
26/05 Clearview AI Inc.
26/05 Clearview AI Inc.
25/05 UK Information Commissioner John Edwards’ speech at the UK Ambassador Residen...
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