12/02 European Data Protection Board - Seventh Plenary Session: EDPB 2019/2020 Work...
12/02 Blog: Advancing the adtech debate from a data protection perspective
12/02 FS50797315
11/02 Seventh Plenary Session of the European Data Protection Board
08/02 FS50757416
07/02 Magnacrest Limited
07/02 Housing developer fined for ignoring data request
07/02 Blog: Show you mean business by paying the Data Protection Fee
07/02 FS50758402
07/02 FS50776191
07/02 FS50793074
07/02 FS50795307
07/02 FS50797818
07/02 FS50807919
07/02 FS50818741
06/02 FS50664599
06/02 FS50768317
05/02 FS50710245
05/02 FS50749918
05/02 FS50760857
05/02 FS50761087
05/02 FS50801547
05/02 FS50807375
05/02 FS50807605
04/02 FS50721815
04/02 FS50776579
01/02 Leave.EU Group Limited (Incident 2)
01/02 Leave.EU Group Limited (Incident 1)
01/02 Eldon Insurance Services Limited (trading as GoSkippy Insurance)
01/02 ICO to audit data protection practices at Leave.EU and Eldon Insurance after ...
01/02 Eldon Insurance Services Limited (trading as GoSkippy Insurance)
31/01 Alistar Green Legal Services Limited
31/01 Alistar Green Legal Services Limited
30/01 Blog: Your views will help us build our regulatory sandbox
29/01 Data, Transparency and Trust: How information rights can promote a culture of...
28/01 ICO celebrates the success of innovative data protection projects on Data Pro...
25/01 Blog: How will personal data continue to flow after Brexit?
25/01 Former European Data Protection Supervisor joins ICO as non-executive director
23/01 European Data Protection Board - Sixth Plenary session: Privacy Shield, Brexi...
22/01 NWR Limited
21/01 Sixth Plenary Session of the European Data Protection Board
20/01 The CNIL’s restricted committee imposes a financial penalty of 50 Million eur...
14/01 Openness by Design: ICO’s access to information strategy is published for con...
11/01 ICO calls for nominations for the second Practitioner Award for Excellence in...
09/01 SCL Elections prosecuted for failing to comply with enforcement notice
09/01 Law changes on pension cold calling
19/12 Access to serious sexual crime victims’ personal information – how much is to...
17/12 ICO begins action against care homes for failure to pay new data protection fee
13/12 London company fined after 14.8m spam texts sent
13/12 Tax Returned Limited
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