» Arkansas Candidates Condemn ‘Outrageous’ Radio Ad Suggesting Democrats Will Lynch Black Americans
18/10/18 21:44 from TIME.com: Top Stories
The republican incumbent and his challenger condemned the ad

» At Least 240 Animals — Including Alligators, Skunks and Tortoises — Rescued from ‘Deplorable’ Home
18/10/18 20:30 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Authorities used fire department oxygen tanks to enter the home

» Beto O’Rourke Doubles Down on Claim He’d Vote to Impeach Donald Trump if Elected
18/10/18 20:04 from TIME.com: Top Stories
O'Rourke made the comment Thursday night during a CNN town hall

» Beto O’Rourke Doubles Down on Claim He’d Support President Trump’s Impeachment
18/10/18 20:04 from TIME.com: Top Stories
O'Rourke made the comment Thursday night during a CNN town hall

» Authorities Are Still Baffled Over What Happened to Missing and ‘Endangered’ Teen Jayme Closs
18/10/18 19:32 from TIME.com: Top Stories
The deaths of Jayme's parents have been ruled a homicide

» Ex-FBI Agent Gets 4 Years in Prison for Leaking Classified Documents to a Reporter
18/10/18 18:04 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Albury appeared to cry in court before reading a statement

» People Are Trying to Use All Kinds of Clickbait to Get You to Vote
18/10/18 17:28 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Kim and Kanye aren't actually getting a divorce

» Starkist Agrees to Plead Guilty in Tuna Price-Fixing Scheme, Faces $100 Million Fine
18/10/18 17:08 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Bumble Bee Foods pleaded guilty to the same charge last year

» Everything You Know About the Fate of Lottery Winners Is Probably Wrong, According to Science
18/10/18 17:06 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Overall the money won led to positive long-term satisfaction and researchers found that there was a connection between a financial life satisfaction and long term overall life satisfaction.

» John Kelly and John Bolton Got Into a Profanity-Laced Argument at the White House Over Immigration
18/10/18 16:58 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Trump sided with Bolton, a source said

» President Donald Trump Wants to Stop the Caravan. Here’s What Experts Think Would Help
18/10/18 16:38 from TIME.com: Top Stories
For the second year in a row, President Donald Trump is upset about a caravan of Central American migrants headed to the United States. As the group of some 4,000 people from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras heads toward the U.S. bord...

» President Trump Says It ‘Certainly Looks’ Like Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Is Dead
18/10/18 16:20 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Turkish authorities believe he was killed and dismembered

» Maisie Williams Says Her Game of Thrones Journey Ended on the ‘Perfect Scene’
18/10/18 16:15 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Arya Stark went out on a high note

» Justice Department Opens Investigation of Catholic Church Sex Abuse in Pennsylvania
18/10/18 14:59 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Confidential files and testimony from church leaders have been subpoenaed

» Spain Arrested 4 and Seized 115 Properties in Venezuelan Money-Laundering Investigation
18/10/18 14:58 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Argentinian businessman Luis Fernando Vuteff, was among the four arrests

» What Makes the U.S.-Saudi Relationship So Special? Weapons, Oil and ‘An Army of Lobbyists’
18/10/18 12:55 from TIME.com: Top Stories
It’s a cold financial calculation: Saudi money for U.S.-made weaponry results in American jobs. This is President Donald Trump’s rationale in dismissing calls in Congress to halt future arms sales to Saudi Arabia following th...

» Saudi Lobbying in the U.S. Has Tripled Since Trump Took Office
18/10/18 12:44 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Lobbying from Saudi Arabia has tripled since President Trump took office

» Hurricane Michael Killed At Least 20 People in Florida, Officials Report
18/10/18 12:40 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Michael slammed into Florida's Panhandle with 155 mph (250 kph) winds on Oct. 10

» These Are the Best High-Fiber Foods, According to Experts
18/10/18 12:36 from TIME.com: Top Stories
They might surprise you

» Mnuchin Says He Won’t Attend Saudi Investment Conference After Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance
18/10/18 12:35 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Mnuchin made the announcement on his Twitter account 

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