» The People Who Started the Shutdown Don’t Know How to End It
20/01/18 21:48 from TIME.com: Top Stories
It wasn’t just Democrats in Congress who complained about President Donald Trump Saturday. It was also Republicans, who grumbled just as loudly that they were not sure who in the White House was negotiating to end a partial governm...

» ‘It’s a Women’s Wave Coming.’ The Women’s March Is Turning Into a True Political Force
20/01/18 20:53 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Democratic women are turning their heartbreak over Trump's victory into political action heading into the midterms

» Congressman Denies Allegation in Misconduct Claim He Settled
20/01/18 18:50 from TIME.com: Top Stories
(HARRISBURG, Pa.) — House Speaker Paul Ryan ordered an Ethics Committee investigation Saturday after the New York Times reported U.S. Rep. Patrick Meehan used taxpayer money to settle a complaint that stemmed from his hostility tow...

» Woman Accused of Killing and Dismembering Her Boyfriend May Have Done the Same Thing 10 Years Ago
20/01/18 17:30 from TIME.com: Top Stories
A Florida woman accused of killing and dismembering her boyfriend was just made a person of interest in a cold case from 10 years ago. Nelci Tetley allegedly abused her boyfriend 55-year-old Jeffrey Albertsman for years before his bloody...

» See Photos From 2018 Women’s Marches Around the World
20/01/18 17:06 from TIME.com: Top Stories
It's the demonstration's second anniversary

» Trump’s First Year in Office Has Been a Can’t-Miss Drama
20/01/18 17:00 from TIME.com: Top Stories
(WASHINGTON) — A bleak description of “American carnage.” A forceful rollback of his predecessor’s achievements. A blatant falsehood from the White House podium. And that was just the first 24 hours. In his first ...

» Las Vegas Shooter Was Germophobe and Possibly Bipolar, Records Show
20/01/18 16:53 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Police have learned more about Stephen Paddock

» Mike Pence: U.S. Stands ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ With Egypt in Fight Against Terror
20/01/18 16:48 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Pence and Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi pledged a united front against Mideast terrorism

» Dorothy Malone of ‘Peyton Place’ Dies at 93
20/01/18 16:02 from TIME.com: Top Stories
The Oscar-winning actress was just days away from her 94th birthday

» Donald Trump Responds to Women’s Marches as Protesters Rally Against Him
20/01/18 15:10 from TIME.com: Top Stories
"A perfect day for all Women to March"

» Tourists in Jamaica Warned Not to Leave Resorts Due to Violent Crime
20/01/18 14:01 from TIME.com: Top Stories
There's been a string of violent crimes in Montego Bay

» Gunmen Attack Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul
20/01/18 13:49 from TIME.com: Top Stories
No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack

» Women’s Marches Draw Crowds in Cities Across the U.S.
20/01/18 13:38 from TIME.com: Top Stories
(NEW YORK) — In Palm Beach, Florida, home to President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, several hundred people gathered carrying anti-Trump signs as they prepared to march as part of Saturday’s planned protests. Across...

» Turkish Jets Bomb Kurdish-Controlled Syrian City of Afrin
20/01/18 12:22 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Erdogan promised to expand operations against a group allied with the U.S.

» Home Where 12 Shackled Siblings Once Lived Was So Damaged That They Moved Into a Trailer, Current Owner Says
20/01/18 12:03 from TIME.com: Top Stories
The man said he never met the family

» Flu Season in the U.S. Is Getting Worse
20/01/18 11:07 from TIME.com: Top Stories
"This is a season that has a lot more steam than we thought"

» Ed Sheeran Is Engaged to Girlfriend Cherry Seaborn
20/01/18 10:56 from TIME.com: Top Stories
'Got myself a fiancé just before new year'

» Scientists Make Progress on Blood Test to Detect the Most Deadly Cancers
20/01/18 10:53 from TIME.com: Top Stories
The blood test aims to detect eight types of cancer at an early stage

» CDC Flu Tracking Will Continue Despite the Government Shutdown
20/01/18 10:35 from TIME.com: Top Stories
But 63% of its employees will be furloughed

» Paul Bocuse, Master of French Cuisine, Dies at 91
20/01/18 10:23 from TIME.com: Top Stories
Bocuse defined French cuisine for nearly half a century

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