11/14Ancient Frilled Shark Caught on Video
11/07Bunnings Policy is to Trick Customers
11/01Chinese Students in Host Countries are Dangerous
10/26Giant Chickens Roamed Australia
10/18Thylacine Extinction not caused by the Weather
10/11Mercury From Northern Hemisphere Pollutes Australia
10/05Australia's NBN Investment is an Absolute Failure
10/03Future Does Not Look Good for Mankind
09/20Stroke is Treatable With Iron Reducing Medication
09/13Good Macroeconomic News - Wages Falling in the West
09/06Time Stands Still Because it Does not Exist
08/31The Massive United States Debt Must be Paid
08/23Test is Forced on the Elderly - Care Homes
08/17BBC Blocks iPlayer Access Using a VPN
08/09Madjedbebe Shows Age of Aboriginal Occupation
08/03Technology is killing Skills Like Handwriting and Arithmetic
07/27Older People Annoyed by Perfect Millennials
07/20Elovanoid Identification - Better Eyesight Repair
07/16Natural Gas is an Option for a Green Future
07/15Discrimination Against the Elderly in Public Hospitals
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