Thanks for your excellent curriculum, patience and skills.  Ways That Work is an easy to follow program that made an immediate impact on my 1st grader's skills.  My son has gained... ...Read more>>
~Parent of First Grader

I just wanted to give you a little update on Jayna and thank you again for all your work with her.  Last year she ended the 1st grade never completing even one timed test for her addition... ...Read more>>
~ Parent of Second Grader

We'd like to sincerely thank you for helping our 7 year old daughter develop a solid math foundation. We began our journey with first grade math facts in elementary school. Our daughter hit a brick... ...Read more>>
~ Parent of First Grader, Silva Valley School. EDH

TURN the Tables activates the whole brain for learning and retaining multiplication facts. By using visual memory, spatial orientation, language association, auditory memory stimulation and... ...Read more>>
~ Dr. Joan Smith, Director Melvin-Smith Learning Center, Monterey, California

Chris La Deaux's math programs are beautifully done and completely on-target. We recently started with Add to Subtract and love the way the program helps students to get vivid mental pictures of... ...Read more>>
~ Jill Stowell, M.S. Stowell Learning Centers, Inc. Author, 'At Wits' End,, a parent's guide to ending the struggle, tears and turmoil of learning disabilities.

The combination of your math classes and private tutoring has given my seventh grade son the confidence and skills to be successful in math. At times I wondered if he would be able to keep up with... ...Read more>>
~ Parent of Seventh Grader at Camerado Middle School, Cameron Park

In learning it isn't where you start, it's where you finish that matters! We watched and encouraged our children to learn to walk and eventually run. At first they were unsteady and fell down. With... ...Read more>>
~ Parent of Second Grader at Silva Valley Elementary School

When my daughter started working with Chris, she hardly knew any of her addition and subtraction facts. She used her fingers to count to get the answers that she got right. After 7 months of... ...Read more>>
~ Parent of Second Grader at Green Valley Elementary School, Rescue

My daughter is in first grade now and is finishing up The Facts 10-18 class. She started over the summer in The Facts to 9 class. Initially enrolling her in the summer class I was a bit... ...Read more>>
~ Parent of First Grader at Lake Forest Elementary School

We have been very impressed with Sara's newly found pride, independence and determination around her academics. We share the credit with you and your program. Sara's confidence has blossomed like... ...Read more>>
~ Parent of Second Grader at Sutter's Mill Elementary School.

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