» Apocalypse Now
14/08/20 13:00 from On The Media

» Belarus: 'Widespread torture' inflicted on jailed protesters
14/08/20 11:47 from Global News
Freed detainees have given details of beatings during days in custody that Amnesty International said suggested "torture" on a significant scale. Also: The president of Mozambique, visits a province where the army is fighting Islamist in...

» Afghan government releases Taliban prisoners
14/08/20 11:21 from Newshour
Four hundred Taliban prisoners have been released to meet conditions for peace talks. How dangerous are these men? And does peace now have a chance. We hear from the experts. Also in the programme: the maker of the cult online game Fortn...

» ‘Knowing it could kill you isn’t a deterrent’: the deadly trade in diet pills – podcast
14/08/20 08:06 from Global: Audio | theguardian.com
DNP is an industrial chemical used in making explosives. If swallowed, it can cause a horrible death – and yet it is still being aggressively marketed to vulnerable people online. By Susan McKay Continue reading...

» Reporter's Notebook: Puerto Ricans Living In The Center Of The COVID-19 Outbreak
14/08/20 07:30 from NPR: Latino USA Podcast
The Puerto Rican population living in the United States is largely concentrated in New York, New Jersey, and Florida — all of which are regions hit hard by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. An investigation by the Puerto Rico-based Cente...

» Charities Struggle to Serve, Even Survive, Amid Pandemic
14/08/20 07:04 from Wall Street Journal What's News
A.M. Edition for August 14. Nonprofits face challenges in fundraising and operating during the pandemic. Justice Department says Yale discriminated by race in admissions. And coronavirus vaccines may come without a copay. Marc Stewart ho...

» Could a Belarus protest movement bring down Alexander Lukashenko? – podcast
13/08/20 23:00 from Global: Audio | theguardian.com
Since Sunday, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in Belarus to contest the claimed election victory of the president, Alexander Lukashenko, and met a violent police response. Hanna Lubakova, a Belarusian journalist, descri...

» Israel and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to fully normalise relations
13/08/20 20:48 from Global News
The deal involves Israel suspending its plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank. Also: Washington suspends all private charter flights to Cuba, and DNA analysis of the Siberian woolly rhino gives new clues to the reason for its ext...

» Israel, U.A.E. to Establish Formal Diplomatic Ties
13/08/20 18:32 from Wall Street Journal What's News
P.M. Edition for August 13. In an agreement brokered by the U.S., Israel and the United Arab Emirates say they will establish a formal diplomatic relationship. Our Israel and Palestinian Territories correspondent Felicia Schwartz discuss...

» 13/08/2020 20:06 GMT
13/08/20 18:18 from Newshour
Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

» UAE to become first Gulf state to recognise Israel
13/08/20 18:18 from Newshour
The United Arab Emirates is to become the first Gulf state to recognise Israel in return for the Jewish state's agreeing to freeze its plans to annex much of the occupied West Bank. Bahrain has indicated it may follow suit. The UAE becom...

» After Beirut, grief and pain in the Australian Lebanese diaspora
13/08/20 14:30 from Global: Audio | theguardian.com
Lebanese Australians are accustomed to bad news from Beirut, but last week’s explosion in the port, which killed at least 220 people and wrecked buildings across the city, brought a new kind of despair. Antoun Issa reflects on the weight...

» PSG's late show plus Macclesfield and Charlton fears – Football Weekly Extra
13/08/20 12:10 from Global: Audio | theguardian.com
Max Rushden , Barry Glendenning , Jordan Jarrett Bryan and Lars Sivertsen discuss PSG’s late win over Atalanta, the Europa League quarter-finals and the perilous state of Charlton and Macclesfield with Ben Fisher We start the podcast by ...

» Women form ‘solidarity chains’ in Belarus protests
13/08/20 12:02 from Global News
Many dressed in white as they called for an end to police brutality. Several strikes have also been reported at state-owned factories in protest against President Lukashenko. Also: the Chinese president launches a clean plate campaign to...

» Detained in Belarus
13/08/20 12:00 from Newshour
Natalia Denisova, a lawyer in Belarus, speaks about her detention after Sunday's election. Meanwhile, protests opposing the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko have continued in the capital, Minsk. Protestors allege there was w...

» With America Locked Down, U.S. Companies Cash in on China's Reopening
13/08/20 07:11 from Wall Street Journal What's News
A.M. Edition for August 13. Chinese consumers are helping many American brands boost their sales. Wall Street rallies ahead of the job market report. And Broadway shows make a shift from stage to stream. Marc Stewart hosts. Learn more ab...

» From the archives: the chemistry of crime fiction – podcast
13/08/20 01:00 from Global: Audio | theguardian.com
The Science Weekly team are taking a summer break – well, some of them – and so we’re bringing you an episode from the archive. And not just any episode, one of Nicola Davis’s favourites. Back in 2017, Nicola sat down with with Dr Kathry...

» How Britain’s deepest recession is becoming a jobs crisis
12/08/20 23:00 from Global: Audio | theguardian.com
Economics writer Aditya Chakrabortty describes how the coronavirus crisis has sent Britain plunging into a record recession and what it means for the millions of people fearing for their jobs Britain is officially in its deepest recessio...

» Harris joins Biden at first event as running mate
12/08/20 20:47 from Global News
Joe Biden has formally introduced Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential pick at a rally in Delaware. Senator Harris said four years of Donald Trump's presidency had left America 'in tatters'. Also in this edition: Beirut’s broken hospit...

» Kamala Harris joins Joe Biden in Delaware
12/08/20 20:08 from Newshour
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made their first joint appearance as running mates in Delaware. Mr Biden formally introduced Ms Harris as his choice for vice-president. Also: Islamists militants in Mozambiqu...

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