» North Korea threatens Israel with 'merciless, thousand-fold punishment'
29/04/17 11:25 from JPost.com - Israel News
The statement also claimed that Israel, while working with the US, was the Middle East's only illegal owner of nuclear weapons.

» North Korea snarls at Israel after defense chief calls Pyongyang 'crazy'
29/04/17 11:07 from Haaretz.com headlines RSS
After Israel's defense minister Lieberman says U.S.-North Korea tensions have implications for Israel, hermit kingdom lashes out at 'only illegal possessor of nukes in the Middle East'

» EU says united Ireland would be automatic full member
29/04/17 11:01 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Brigitte Macron: From teacher to potential first lady of France
29/04/17 10:58 from The Times of Israel
The 64-year-old is Emmanuel Macron’s closest collaborator, and he has pledged to give her an official role at the presidential palace if he wins elections

» Arabs would give Israel security guarantees under peace deal, Jordanian FM says
29/04/17 10:45 from The Times of Israel
Ayman Safadi tells Russian counterpart Amman ‘considers Palestinian problem as a core of tensions in our region’

» Analysis: Netanyahu's aggressive approach to foreign diplomacy
29/04/17 10:06 from JPost.com - Israel News
The PM’s decision to cancel a meeting with the German foreign minister is the most recent example of pushing back against what he views as shabby diplomatic treatment of Israel.

» US Holocaust Museum condemns Chechnya’s reported persecution of gay men
29/04/17 10:05 from The Times of Israel
Museum director says Nazi genocide ‘teaches us what can happen when state-sponsored, group-targeted violence is allowed to go unchecked’

» The new Jewish elite of the Trump age: ultra-Orthodox and pro-Israel hawks
29/04/17 09:58 from Haaretz.com headlines RSS
As Orthodox activists find shared interests with Trump's White House, liberal-leaning Jews lose clout

» EU adopts tough Brexit talks stance
29/04/17 09:40 from The Times of Israel
Leaders unanimously adopt strategy as they seek to show unity ahead of two years of grueling negotiations

» Le Pen’s PM pick blasted Israel during Gaza war, equated Netanyahu with Hamas
29/04/17 09:26 from The Times of Israel
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan criticized France’s failure to rein in Israel during 2014 conflict, said Jerusalem’s actions ‘disproportionate’

» Palestinians Claim Dozens Wounded at Demonstrations for Hunger-Striking Prisoners
29/04/17 09:19 from Israel – Algemeiner.com
Palestinian spokesman Anas Diek said three people were hospitalized, including one who was shot in the head by a rubber...

» Islamic State kills senior Afghan Taliban official in Pakistan
29/04/17 09:06 from JPost.com - Headlines

» The 3 cancers Jews need to worry about most — and how to reduce the risks
29/04/17 08:45 from The Times of Israel
Since Ashkenazis have a genetic predisposition to several forms of the disease, doctors recommend preventative measures and screening for early detection

» EU leaders agree Brexit negotiating guidelines -Tusk
29/04/17 08:18 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Le Pen announces eurosceptic PM pick, if elected
29/04/17 08:15 from The Times of Israel
Far-right French presidential hopeful says she and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan share a ‘common project that we will promote together’

» Security scare briefly halts flights to, from Berlin airport
29/04/17 07:38 from The Times of Israel
Police clear terminal in Tegel to investigate a suspicious suitcase that later proved to be ‘harmless’

» Abbas in Egypt to coordinate stance ahead of Trump meet
29/04/17 07:30 from The Times of Israel
PA leader to hold talks with Sissi expected to focus on Mideast peace process and crisis developing in the Gaza Strip

» French presidential hopeful Le Pen names nationalist as prime minister
29/04/17 07:29 from JPost.com - Headlines

» How an Israeli opposition politician plans to dethrone King Bibi
29/04/17 06:53 from JPost.com - Israel News
Former commando Omer Bar Lev wants a shot at challenging Benjamin Netanyahu.

» Storming the Labor Party leadership
29/04/17 06:53 from JPost.com - Israel News
Former commando Omer Bar Lev wants a shot at challenging Benjamin Netanyahu.

» Turkey, US can turn Raqa into ‘graveyard’ for IS: Erdogan
29/04/17 06:41 from The Times of Israel
Erdogan’s comments on the Islamic State’s defacto capital comes ahead of a meeting with President Donald Trump on May 16

» Jamming Palestinian hunger strikers’ phones risks our crops, locals say
29/04/17 06:27 from The Times of Israel
Negev residents say effort to disrupt communication between protesting detainees is also crippling computerized irrigation systems

» 225 Palestinians barred from entering Israel for joint Memorial Day ceremony
29/04/17 06:25 from Haaretz.com headlines RSS
Army suspends all permits, including those for participants in joint Israeli-Palestinian memorial ceremony, after stabbing attack in Tel Aviv

» Turkish military says kills 14 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq
29/04/17 06:14 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Smokescreens in Islam: Confusing the Public about the Facts
29/04/17 06:00 from Gatestone Institute :: Articles
Qadri's admirable take on terrorism conceals another large elephant in the room. Islam has for centuries used violence against non-Muslims in what is considered a legitimate manner: through jihad. It is not simply that Muslim armies have fought their

» Krakow on a Sunday
29/04/17 05:39 from The Times of Israel
These vows of lifelong poverty, chastity and obedience — why do he and his Dominican Order fellows do it?

» Pope Francis leads mass for thousands of Egyptian Catholics
29/04/17 05:30 from The Times of Israel
Huge security as pontiff circles Cairo stadium in a golf cart; worshipers release yellow and white balloons

» Why the world needs open borders more than ever
29/04/17 05:23 from Haaretz.com headlines RSS
And why Israelis especially should fight for them

» Pope celebrates Mass in Cairo, urges unity against fanaticism
29/04/17 05:20 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Hacker threatens to release stolen copies of Netflix series
29/04/17 05:11 from The Times of Israel
The hacker, operating under the name The Dark Overlord, has already purportedly uploaded the first episode to an illegal file-sharing service

» Notorious Afghan warlord calls for peace in first public speech
29/04/17 05:06 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Saudi Arabia's 'Lavish' Gift to Indonesia: Radical Islam
29/04/17 05:00 from Gatestone Institute :: Articles
Prior to Saudi Arabia's attempts to spread Salafism across the Muslim world, Indonesia did not have terrorist organizations such as Hamas Indonesia, Laskar Jihad, Hizbut Tahrir, Islamic Defenders Front and Jemmah Islamiyah, to name just a few. Today, it

» Trump visited Israel — and so did I!
29/04/17 04:53 from The Times of Israel
What a coincidence: They both came in the 1980s and the only difference was everything

» Russia's Lavrov says ready to cooperate with US on Syria
29/04/17 04:53 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Israel prepares for Memorial Day
29/04/17 04:50 from Reka - IBA World :: רקע - רשת קליטת עלייה
Tomorrow evening marks the beginning of Memorial Day for the Fallen ...

» Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia
29/04/17 04:41 from The Times of Israel
Some speculate move comes after deeply unflattering updates by critical users to Erdogan’s Wikipedia profile

» Israeli 'sex mania' a global threat, says PA TV
29/04/17 04:36 from JPost.com - Arab Israeli Conflict
According to a Palestinian Authority broadcast, Israel is using sex as a weapon and the CIA is controlling global moods through hallucinogens.

» Katz proposes a MOU to the U.S. about Iran and Syria
29/04/17 04:33 from Reka - IBA World :: רקע - רשת קליטת עלייה
Transportation and Intelligence Minister Katz presented US officials ...

» Trump to NRA: ‘You have a true friend in the White House’
29/04/17 04:10 from The Times of Israel
On the eve of his 100th day in office, US president tells the hugely powerful gun lobby the ‘assault’ on their right to bear arms is over

» Philippine military says high-ranking Abu Sayyaf member killed
29/04/17 04:03 from JPost.com - Headlines

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