Apr 17 Case Study: Understanding the appropriate pricing for your rental p...
By Paul Branton, Director of Investor Services for Home Rental Services We recently had a client ask us if we were confident that we could place a new tenant at a rate that they had received three years ago. The amount they were asking for was 11% higher than what the current ... Read More
Apr 2 Hot Tamales, Unicorns and Pizza Parties
Company culture is something that’s created over time. It’s an interesting blend of people, passions and recognition. We wanted to give you a glimpse into some of the things we do to celebrate our team members, recognizing their contribution to the Home Rental Serv... Read More
Mar 27 Breakfast of Champions: Top 6 Things That Define Good Leaders
On a quarterly basis, we host a Breakfast of Champions for our vendors. It’s an opportunity for them to network and get to know each other while having breakfast. We also bring in a speaker with the goal of providing education and thought provoking content that our vendo... Read More
Mar 20 Vendor Spotlight: Renew Crew
One of the things we try to do when sharing our stories every week is to focus on our team, our clients and our vendors. This week, we wanted to spotlight one of our vendors (and friends!) called Renew Crew. Renew Crew is a company that provides exterior wood, siding, and conc... Read More
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