Life Hacks to Make Painting Easier
Painting can be messy, smelly, and difficult. However, we have a couple of handy life hacks to make it a bit easier, and maybe even look forward to it! .. read more..

5 make or break rules for buying a home
The rules have changed! Do you know how to buy a house in today's crazy market? Go here to learn more if you want to buy a house quickly! .. read more..

Home with No Close Neighbors!
This small acreage located at 1900 Sand Hollow Rd, Caldwell, ID 83607 is perfect to have your large animals on. Only 2.5 miles from the freeway and only 35 minutes from the Boise Airport via freeway. No close neighbors on the same side of the road. See the photos below, and then click here for mo... .. read more..

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