» Zeus the Birthday Boy
22/09/17 20:00 from Humor With Kanela
Zeus the Birthday Boy              By Zeus Seeley as told to Sandra Warholic Seeley Everybody is invited to my first birthday party on September 30, 2017! I now weigh 250 pounds, and am being fitted for a saddle! Just kidding, but I do weigh over 100 pounds. Must be from ... Read The Rest of The Story

» Luger's First Easter
21/04/17 06:00 from Humor With Kanela
My first Easter was full of surprises. Instinct tells me that bunnies are for chasing! But, apparently, one was loose in our house, and left me a basket filled with toys and treats. Strange, but true! I celebrated my 4 month birthday on Easter Sunday. Now that I weigh 32.5 pounds and have grown much taller, I can explore with my hind l... Read The Rest of The Story

» Luger Reporting Live
31/03/17 19:00 from Humor With Kanela
Luger von Wolfgang Seeley here, reporting live from Pittsburgh South. I've only been "live" for 96 days and counting. Thirty-two of those days have been spent in my first efficiency apartment. Let me simplify this for you, since numbers are very confusing, especially with all those dog year conversions. I was born on Christmas Day, 201... Read The Rest of The Story

» The Early Show With Kanela Seeley
12/10/15 00:00 from Humor With Kanela
Flowers by Memories in Bloom I'm pleased to announce that beginning today, I'm the new host of the sporadic Monday morning Early Show With Kanela Seeley. Sporadic because I'll only host when I feel like it. Of course my sidekick, announcer and second banana is Wolfgang Amadeus Seeley. However, he insists he's the Top Dog since being gi... Read The Rest of The Story

» Hospital Humor
31/08/15 00:00 from Humor With Kanela
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Hospitals are not normally funny places, but I've been spending so much time in them lately (as a visitor/advocate) that I've actually contracted the highly contagious disease of morbid humor. This suggests an unhealthy mental state, but I prefer to think of it as a destination event for surviving ... Read The Rest of The Story

» Blue Moonish
03/08/15 00:00 from Humor With Kanela
I've come to the conclusion that in the vast scheme of the universe, I was given a Blue Moonish persona - rare and mysterious. For starters, I was born on Friday, September 13th (the year is a mystery), which is not quite as rare as a Blue Moon, but interestingly (to me) is the numerical reverse of our current Blue Moon on Friday, July... Read The Rest of The Story

» Oops
27/07/15 00:00 from Humor With Kanela
"Oops" is a funny word, but the events that follow are funny or not/fiction or not. You decide. This is a picture of me, Kanela, standing on the Pali Cliffs of Oahu. They are over 1,000 feet high with howling winds.The very same cliffs that King Kamehameha I (not to be confused with King Kamehameha II) in 1795 used for enemy removal. W... Read The Rest of The Story

» What's a Wolfgang?
13/07/15 00:00 from Humor With Kanela
As two little girls were walking past our house, I overheard Girl One saying to her friend, "Wolfgang lives here." Girl Two asked, "What's a Wolfgang?" That my friends is a very good question. Besides being my faithful assistant for 8 years, Wolfgang wears a lot of collars (and sunglasses). One of those collars now sports the logo: AAR... Read The Rest of The Story

» Money Makeover
06/07/15 00:00 from Humor With Kanela
For some reason, 5 years from now seems a lot sooner than the arrival of 2020. In either case ladies, we need to get our act together, as well as our makeup kits. I'm hoping to convince Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, to wave that pesky One Must Be Deceased Rule to qualify for picture status on the soon to be revised $10 bill. ("Pesky" i... Read The Rest of The Story

» What's the Point?
29/06/15 00:00 from Humor With Kanela
Los Angeles has its famous Hollywood sign, but Pittsburgh South has the world renowned WILLOWPOINTE sign. What, you may ask lies behind this natural wonder? The answer is: The Center for Fitness and Health where Kanela spends much of her time doing cardio, circuit training and swimming. Losing weight is neither easy nor funny. Not losi... Read The Rest of The Story

» Potty Training Police Style
08/06/15 00:00 from Humor With Kanela
Rated PG-13 for mild humor! According to the 5-12-15 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , "Capitol police officers are getting training after officers accidentally left their guns in the Capitol's public bathrooms three times this year." Really! Kanela is thinking about volunteering her services to train these officers in what to d... Read The Rest of The Story

» Lighter Side of God
05/06/15 23:53 from Humor With Kanela
Disclaimer: I do have a relationship with God, but He does have a sense of humor. He actually told me I'm funny! And that word was very good. God recently went shopping with me. "Does this make my butt look fat?" I asked. He answered in his Irish brogue,"Believe Me and Mr. Rogers when I tell you, you are perfect just the way you are, b... Read The Rest of The Story

» Tom Foolery
04/11/14 15:16 from Humor With Kanela
So here's my "take on the Toms." It's 2 hours into election day, and I have not voted yet for the governor of Pennsylvania. But based on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, "Tweets From The Next Governor" dated November 2, 2014, Tom Wolf will be getting my vote. Why, you may ask? Because Tom Corbett is simply no fun, I may answer! TC'... Read The Rest of The Story

» For the Birds
08/03/14 20:19 from Humor With Kanela
First Pittsburgh hosted the Regatta Rubber Ducky Races on our rivers. Then in 2013 a 40 foot Rubber Ducky hatched from the mind of Dutch artist, Florentijin Hofman, and floated into our hearts. Now an estimated flock of 8,000 seagulls is vacationing on our waterways. Why? Because Pittsburgh is obviously the Go to Place when Hell freeze... Read The Rest of The Story

» Hoth Valley
20/02/14 09:38 from Humor With Kanela
I was traveling north on the 906 when "what to my wondering eyes should appear" but a magnificent waterfall, frozen in time. I readily admit that I find time travel and parallel universes perplexing, but even more confusing was discovering that somehow on my way to the Mon Valley Fitness Center, I ended up on the ice planet, Hoth. I be... Read The Rest of The Story

» Getting to Know Punxsutawney Phil
02/02/14 10:39 from Humor With Kanela
Punxsutawney Phil is a prognosticator, sometimes agonistic and quite possibly agnostic.That's a lot of "ics" for one little rodent. but groundhogs are taught from a very early age to develop their ics. Phil is an expert at predicting, fighting and possibly doubting. He actually does not have many deliberate thought processes. He operat... Read The Rest of The Story

» Polar Vortex, Max
27/01/14 09:46 from Humor With Kanela
To show you just how far-reaching our recent Polar Vortex was, I've included a detailed meteorological diagram to illustrate this rare phenomenon. As you can see, Max (the name I've given to this particular PV for Maximum coldness) took his icy paw and flung a bunch of stuff in a counter-clockwise fashion (if you are reading this in th... Read The Rest of The Story

» Anthony the Tank
15/01/14 02:30 from Humor With Kanela
I've always said my next car is going to be a tank and I've finally located my dream vehicle. What really closed the deal was the exterior color scheme called Active Camouflage Electromagnetic Armoured paint in blue, black and white. I'll blend right in with the sky as I cruise along Expressway 43 in my Model 2014 CCD (Camouflage, Conc... Read The Rest of The Story

» Benjamin Casper and I (Me?)
04/01/14 22:58 from Humor With Kanela
Benjamin Casper is the protaganist in the book Mistress by James Patterson and David Ellis. This article is not so much a review of the book (which I loved, by the way), as it is me identifying with Benjamin. Nyet, I don't own a Triumph motorcycle, or constantly get machine-gunned (Is machine-gunned a verb?) by Russians, karate-chopped... Read The Rest of The Story

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