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» 8th Edition Bullgryns, A Quick Look
15.03.18 14:01 from Imperial Guard Blog
This, I hope will be a quick little article about using Bullgryns effectively in 8th Edition after Phil on my Facebook page asked about them. Onto some tactics and ket points for 8th Edition Bullgryns!Phil said: I’m finding my...

Imperial Guard Blog
» Deathstrike Tactics
13.03.18 10:53 from Imperial Guard Blog
In this Tactica article, I’ll be covering one of the coolest and most visually intimidating artillery units in the Guard, the Deathstrike. Rarely seen, this unit comes in to annihilate the foes of the Emperor when everything but an...

» INQ28: The Lion of Velsen
12.03.18 17:17 from eternalhunt
Another week of fire and brimstone Ordo Hereticus Madness — I sincerely hope you aren’t fed up yet! But I am really on a roll right now, blazing through model after model, which is more than a bit uncommon for me. I also know...

Imperial Guard Blog
» Astra Militarum Infantry List – 18 Command Points
06.03.18 10:16 from Imperial Guard Blog
I’ve another guest post today! This comes from Guard Daddy after he posted a link in a comment on my Warhammer 40K Blog to a rather interesting Astra Militarum Infantry List, also known as a Walking List. Guard Daddy’s...

» INQ28: I see fire
05.03.18 16:45 from eternalhunt
So, with the festivities out of the way, I find myself quite motivated to keep painting stuff, which, given my usual laziness, is a bit of a surprise. It looks like the hobby challenges issued by Azazel and others are having quite a...

Tabletop Gorilla
» [#Review] Opel Blitz with 2cm FlaK – Warlord Games [Moe | Berlin Basement]
05.03.18 12:00 from Tabletop Gorilla
Review: Opel Blitz mit 2cm FlaKDer Moe aus dem Berlin Basement hat sich für uns den Opel Blitz mit 2cm FlaK und Munitionsanhänger von Warlord Games näher angeschaut. Spieltechnisch ist der FlaK Opel für Bolt Action sehr interessant, da er mit einer gepanzerten...

Tabletop Gorilla
» Hamburger Tactica 2018 – Bilderflut Part II
04.03.18 12:00 from Tabletop Gorilla
Bilder der Hamburger Tactica 2018Weiter geht es mit dem zweiten Teil der Tactica Bilderflut. Den ersten Teil der Bilder von René findet ihr hier. Falls ihr es verpasst haben solltet, wir haben natürlich auch ein Video von der Hamburger Tactica 2018. Aber wir waren nicht...

Imperial Guard Blog
» GameFor Review and Interview – Find Local Tabletop Players and Events
01.03.18 16:41 from Imperial Guard Blog
I’ve something a little different for you today. A little interview about the GameFor app and GameFor Review. Not heard of it? Well, stay tuned to learn all about it. GameFor connects you to local tabletop players and events. It is...

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