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» Leman Russ Tactics & Full Breakdown
17.07.18 10:02 from Imperial Guard Blog
I’ve written this title and now I’m in deep. This is a big ask of myself to write about Leman Russ Tactics! OK, it’s only a Leman Russ – how hard can Leman Russ Tactics be? Well, we have the variants. Then each...

» The State of the Hunt, Week 29/2018: Hot weather and heavy armour
16.07.18 18:28 from eternalhunt
A bit of a transitional post for today, as I don’t have any completed models to share with you at the moment — that’s what I get for touting my own productivity in my previous post, I suppose

Imperial Guard Blog
» 1,500 points Astra Militarum vs Dark Angels & Eldar
09.07.18 21:02 from Imperial Guard Blog
This is my least Astra Militarum list to date. I’ve now got Captain-General Trajann Valoris from Dave and he’s looking great! This is a list for next week – 1,500 points Astra Militarum vs Dark Angels… Which means...

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» Tournament Debrief – Reign of Darkness
03.07.18 09:59 from Imperial Guard Blog
The dust has settled after my first event, so its time for a Tournament Debrief. It was small and casual and it was perfect for me. 8 players having three games over the course of a single day. Hats off to Boards and Swords for getting...

» 2018 Round-Up: The first six months
02.07.18 14:00 from eternalhunt
Hey everyone, a bit of a retrospective for today, as it was my birthday last week, and we also already have the first half of 2018 behind us — what better occasion to take a look the first half of my hobby year, right? When talking...

Imperial Guard Blog
» Astra Militarum Tournament List
30.06.18 08:36 from Imperial Guard Blog
And so the time has come! Tournament time! I’m excited and anxious in equal amounts. Here is my Astra Militarum Tournament List. With a sprinkling of Knights. This is my final list. I’ve had only one game with a version of...

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» 1 Year of MathHammer for 8th Edition Warhammer 40K
28.06.18 23:49 from Imperial Guard Blog
It’s been about a year since I bought the domain name for MathHammer. And I thought I’d share some of that journey with you.  100,000 page views! In that year there have been 100,000 page views of the MathHammer web page....

Imperial Guard Blog
» Finishing 40K Games
26.06.18 19:51 from Imperial Guard Blog
My group can have issues Finishing 40K Games on time. When I say in time I mean either before the store/club closes or at a reasonable time of the night. So I’d thought I’d see you what else other people do to combat this...

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