Oct 15 The 95 Campaign | Scripture Union
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Oct 15 Just Hay in the Manger? - Bible Society Shop
This short guide takes you behind the scenes of the nativity play to what we know about the time, place and people who played their part in the true story of Jesus' birth. Ideal as a giveaway at school nativities or advent church services.
Oct 10 Pumpkin Heroes 2018 - Halloween resources to help your church offer light foe the drakness | World Vision UK
Oct 9 Impacting Foster Families in Your Church – Orange Leaders
Oct 8 The Mystery of the New Noisy Neighbour - Bible Society Christmas Resource
Oct 8 Christmas Party Pack 2018 | Scripture Union
Oct 2 Wonder Younger: Godly Play for the Very Young
Sep 26 Disciples Family & Children's Ministries
Sep 17 4 ways to partner with parents (even when you aren’t one) | Fuller Youth Institute
Sep 17 Timeline of the Bible [Whiteboard Bible Study] | Overview Bible
Sep 17 Too Busy to Play? What Families Are Missing Out On
Sep 17 Help Kids Develop a Deep Faith While Living in a Shallow Culture
Sep 17 Intergenerational Church Toolkit | Christian Reformed Church
Sep 12 Making active disciples in commonly used church programs such as Sunday School, Bible clubs and camps
Sep 6 4m UK Children in Poverty
Sep 6 Pray for schools - News - Bible Society
Aug 30 Guardians Of Ancora Family Bible Plan - This Bible Plan is based on the biblical game app Guardians of Ancora, which provides an exciting way to me...
Aug 20 New handbook, indicators and request for proposals issued for ending violence against children - World Without Orphans
Aug 20 Silent crisis of inadequate councils caring for thousands of children | Society | The Guardian
Aug 14 Active Discipling - the family toolkit
Aug 13 Bible Story Minecraft Competition 2018 - News - Bible Society
Jul 31 Passing Down the Faith...A Biblical Example
Jul 26 Britain’s politicians are ignoring child poverty. The result: it’s soaring | Dan Corry | Opinion | The Guardian
Jul 25 More than Sunday, More than Worship - Intergenerational Resources
Jul 23 Families Coordinator Vacancy - Youth for Christ
Jul 19 KIds Need Doctrine If Their Faith is Going to Survive
Jul 18 BBC News: Sensible, family-loving teens behind pregnancy rate drop
Jul 18 BBC News: Religious education 'vital for diversity'
Jul 3 Together We Belong Event - Additional Needs Children in Your Church Activities
Jul 2 Graceful Nurture : Rebecca L McClain : Using Godly Play with Adults
Jul 2 “And a little child shall lead them…” – reflecting on children’s participation at On Fire Mission | … because God is love
Jul 2 Actually, they DO get something out of it ... - Pastor in the Pastures of Life
Jul 2 Towards a theology of the child: a series | Jason Goroncy
Jul 2 How teaching kids to cook builds confidence and community - The Globe and Mail
Jul 2 7 Essential Preteen Principles | Youth Ministry Unleashed
Jul 2 How to Tell a Story - Smarter living Guides - The New York Times
Jul 2 Teaching Tip: Using Perspective to Creatively Share Bible Stories for Kids
Jul 2 Luke 24:36-48 – Hope in the Muddle – The Reflectionary Scribble Prayers
Jul 2 Holly Allen - Intergenerational Ministry, The Theology and the Practice
Jun 22 Light Parties 2018 | Scripture Union
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