May 20 Growing With parenting podcast: 3 things our emerging adult kids need to hear most | Fuller Youth Institute
May 20 Early Years Children - Right Behaviour or a Good Heart?
May 15 Scouts march back into Britain's inner cities as membership soars | Society | The Guardian
May 12 Assessing the Impact of a Paid Children, Youth, or Family Worker on Anglican Congregations in England: Journal of Research on Christian Education: ...
May 9 The Powerful Influence of Moms in Christians' Households - Barna Group
May 9 NECN 2019 Conferences – National Estate Churches Network
May 8 4 Ways To Help Parents Be The Spiritual Influence In Their Child's Life
May 7 Cracking Children’s Ministry - Moorlands College
May 3 Infographic: What Do You Know about Children-at-Risk? - Lausanne Movement
May 1 Sticks for Stumps Cricket Resource | Scripture Union
May 1 Intergenerational Communities and a Theology of Accommodation
May 1 Intentional Intergenerationality – More Than Bringing Generations Together
May 1 Intergenerational process in Church from a Theological Perspective
May 1 Intergenerational faith communities – where discipleship happens, not as a series of programs or lessons, but as a lifestyle with others
May 1 Generate Conference - Intergenerational Thinking
May 1 GROWING UP- Intergenerational rituals to mark rites of passage in the lives of children and young people
Apr 30 The D6 Podcast - The Purpose of Games
Apr 30 Why our kids won’t understand us until we understand them | Fuller Youth Institute
Apr 25 Lead Kids Down a Discipleship Pathway
Apr 23 GCF Leadership Experience - Stretch Your Children's Ministry Thinking
Apr 23 Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Pentecost
Apr 23 Pentecost | Ideas Hub from The Bible Reading Fellowship
Apr 23 Prayer Adventure Map - A Family Resource
Apr 17 How to talk to young people about doubt | Fuller Youth Institute
Apr 17 How do I help busy and stressed teenagers and young adults? Two new rules of thumb | Fuller Youth Institute
Apr 17 Talking church with your teenager and young adult | Fuller Youth Institute
Apr 16 Easter activities |
Apr 15 Youth Specialist (Discipleship) (35 hours per week - Permanent) Salvation Army
Apr 4 The Baptist Union of Great Britain : Gen Z: what can the Victorians teach us?
Apr 3 Is literary fiction necessary for the moral life? - The Minefield - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Apr 3 Trauma and Youth
Apr 2 Prayer Spaces in Schools | Create Your Prayer Space
Mar 28 Practical Discipleship At Home | r e F o c u s
Mar 28 The Parenting Children Course — The Marriage Courses
Mar 28 The Parenting for Faith course | Parenting For Faith
Mar 28 FAITH5 - Family Spiritual Practices
Mar 26 Created2Play – The Gathering | Scripture Union Sports Ministry
Mar 26 Chanak – A Tool for Discipleship – The Resource
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