Jul 25 New technology makes it nearly impossible to kill house plants
SmartyPlants monitors your houseplants' light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture and nutrients and sends the information straight to a cellphone app.
Jul 24 Fox News AI Newsletter: Waymo’s robotaxi launches citywide in San F...
Stay up to date on the latest AI technology advancements and learn about the challenges and opportunities AI presents now and for the future.
Jul 24 What exactly is a data breach and why should I care?
Kurt "CyberGuy" Knutsson goes in depth with what actually happens after a data breach, when an unauthorized person gains access to private information.
Jul 24 US Air Force’s XQ-67A drone thinks, flies, acts on its own
The U.S. Air Force's newest aircraft is turning heads and raising eyebrows around the world. The XQ-67A is an unmanned aircraft with cutting-edge technology.
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