General Data Protection Regulation - EU Directive 13 Mar 2018
Despite the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, a recent EU directive will be coming into effect with 25th May 2018 concerning data protection. Datalite UK Ltd trading as Frames Online has always taken data protection seriously, with no records of any breach since inception back in the year 2000. The new layers of bureaucracy will not be welcome for many UK organisations, and will do nothing to stop the biggest source of data misused, being that originating from outside the UK. Nevertheless we are taking steps to fully comply with GDPR. With immediate effect mailing lists on check-out will be solely on a positive 'Opt-In' basis. Furthermore the occasional mailshots of special offers for existing customers (around once a month) will cease, also with immediate effect. Details of GDPR compliance will be detailed on our Terms and Conditions shortly.
Frames Online Bulk Supply - New Website 22 Feb 2018
There is currently a 5 per cent off offer for previous customers available for orders of frames or display products made be end of February 2018. Details have already been sent via eMail to subscribers. Previous customers may also telephone for the discount code to activate this offer.
Frames Online Bulk Supply - New Website 19 Feb 2018
A new Frames Online website is currently under production. This will be of responsive design, and automatically optimises for mobile phone, table, and PC viewing alike. Anticipated to be up and running by March 2018. This will enable purchase of smaller quantities of quality frames, in addition to the current Wholesale Bulk Supply offered.
Frames Online Bulk Supply - Pallet Delivery Prices 23 May 2017
Datalite UK Ltd trading as FRAMES ONLINE BULK SUPPLY has recently reviewed some Pallet Delivery Prices. This has resulted in some modest increases, due to rises by courier companies. However, the FREE option for Standard Delivery (England and Wales) has been retained, or GBP 20 Discount available for NET orders over GBP 500.
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