» New type of earthquake discovered
12/06/21 10:31
A research team has documented a new type of earthquake in an injection environment in British Columbia, Canada. The seismic events are slower than conventional earthquakes. Their existence supports a scientific theory that until now had...

» Too dry, too hot, or too wet: Increasing weather persistence in European summer
12/06/21 10:30
Global warming makes long lasting weather situations in the Northern hemisphere's summer months more likely -- which in turn leads to more extreme weather events, a novel analysis of atmospheric images and data finds. These events includ...

» Researchers crack the synthetic code of rare molecules sought after in drug development
12/06/21 10:30
A research team has succeeded in producing two molecules that are otherwise only formed by microorganisms from extremely contaminated wastewater in an abandoned mine in South Korea. The method, which took four years to develop, could pav...

» Long-range four-stranded DNA structures found to play a role in rare aging disease
12/06/21 10:30
A special form of four-stranded DNA, recently seen in human cells, has been found to interact with a gene that causes Cockayne Syndrome when faulty.

» Liquid crystals for fast switching devices
12/06/21 10:30
An international team has investigated a newly synthesized liquid-crystalline material that promises applications in optoelectronics. Simple rod-shaped molecules with a single center of chirality self-assemble into helical structures at ...

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