» New design principles for spin-based quantum materials
09/18/20 11:22
A new design criteria for enhancing the spin lifetime of a class of quantum materials could support Internet of Things devices and other resource-intensive technologies.

» Solar storm forecasts for Earth improved with help from the public
09/18/20 10:33
Scientists used observations recorded by members of the public to increase accuracy of computer model predictions of when harmful CMEs will hit Earth.

» Biologists create new genetic systems to neutralize gene drives
09/18/20 10:33
Addressing concerns about gene drive releases in the wild, scientists have developed two new genetic systems that halt or eliminate gene drives after release. Created in fruit flies, the e-CHACRs and ERACRs are powerful gene drive contro...

» Engineers produce a fisheye lens that's completely flat
09/18/20 10:33
Engineers have designed a wide-angle lens that is completely flat. It is the first flat fisheye lens to produce crisp, 180-degree panoramic images.

» Mapping the 1.6 billion people who live near forests
09/18/20 10:21
Global maps of places where people and forests coexist show that an estimated 1.6 billion people live within 5 kilometers of a forest. The assessment, based on data from 2000 and 2012, showed that of these 1.6 billion 'forest-proximate p...

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