» That Epic Meteor Outburst Tonight May Be a Bust, NASA Scientist Says
11/21/19 15:45
A NASA scientist thinks that tonight's meteor outburst could be a total bust.

» Some hyper-realistic masks more believable than human faces, study suggests
11/21/19 15:33
Researchers asked participants to look at pairs of photographs and decide which showed a normal face and which showed a person wearing a mask. Surprisingly, participants made the wrong call in one in five cases.

» Fighting opioids with an unlikely supplemental painkiller: Anti-itch medicine
11/21/19 15:33
Researchers are investigating whether an anti-itch medication that targets a specific part of our nerve cells can make morphine -- which targets a different part--more effective. The findings suggest it can.

» Boosting 5G technology
11/21/19 14:12
A new project may boost 5G and mm-Wave technologies, improving military communications and sensing equipment.

» Bone breakthrough may lead to more durable airplane wings
11/21/19 14:12
Researchers have made a new discovery about how seemingly minor aspects of the internal structure of bone can be strengthened to withstand repeated wear and tear, a finding that could help treat patients suffering from osteoporosis. It c...

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