» Prescribed opioids associated with overdose risk for family members without prescriptions
07/16/19 12:22
Access to family members' drugs may be a strong risk factor for overdose in individuals without their own prescriptions, according to a new study.

» Awesome 'Star Wars' Lego Sets On Sale for Prime Day
07/16/19 12:14
The Amazon Prime Day force is strong with these Lego "Star Wars" sets.

» What Is NASA's Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST)?
07/16/19 12:10
NASA’s future flagship telescope, WFIRST, will help us find potentially habitable exoplanets and study a mysterious phenomenon called dark matter.

» SpaceX Says Faulty Valve Led to Crew Dragon Test Accident
07/16/19 12:02
The April 20 explosion of SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft was caused by a leaky component and faulty valve, the company says.

» The Best Space Books On Sale for Prime Day
07/16/19 12:00
From the astrophysical topics to the inspiring tales of women in space, we've compiled the best space books that are on Amazon and on sale right now — just in time for Prime Day.

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