» On This Day In Space! July 15, 1975: Astronauts and Cosmonauts Launch on 1st Joint U.S.-Soviet Space Mission
07/15/18 08:21
On July 15, 1975, the first joint space mission between the United States and the Soviet Union blasted off into orbit. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series!

» Cygnus Spacecraft Leaves the Space Station After Giving It an Orbital Boost
07/15/18 08:00
A Cygnus cargo spacecraft left the International Space Station today (July 15), nearly two months after it arrived with supplies and science gear for the station's six-person crew.

» Look Up! Venus Snuggles Up to the Moon Tonight
07/15/18 06:55
Venus is due for a date with the moon tonight, July 15, with the two bodies appearing to dance within half an inch of each other in the western sky, depending on your location.

» Using Mobile Apps to Explore Pluto at Opposition
07/15/18 06:50
This week, the small and distant dwarf planet Pluto will reach opposition, the time of the year when the object is closest to Earth and brightest in the sky. Here's how to track it with mobile apps.

» Two Chinese Launches in 24 Hours Deliver Pakistan Satellites, Beidou Backup to Orbit
07/15/18 06:48
China launched twice July 9, with an early Long March 2C launch of two satellites for Pakistan into low Earth orbit being followed up with a Long March 3A mission to back up China's Beidou navigation satellite system.

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