» Evidence for a Human Geomagnetic Sense
03/21/19 07:36
Scientists develop a robust experiment that shows human brain waves respond to changes in Earth-strength magnetic fields.

» Giant X-ray 'chimneys' are exhaust vents for vast energies produced at Milky Way's center
03/20/19 15:49
At the center of our galaxy, where an enormous black hole blasts out energy as it chows down on interstellar detritus while neighboring stars burst to life and explode. astronomers have discovered two exhaust channels -- dubbed the 'gala...

» Hidden proteins found in bacteria
03/20/19 15:49
Scientists have developed a way to identify the beginning of every gene -- known as a translation start site or a start codon -- in bacterial cell DNA with a single experiment and, through this method, they have shown that an individual ...

» Potential new combination treatment for pancreatic cancer
03/20/19 15:49
Researchers have identified a possible new therapeutic strategy using two types of drug inhibitors at once to treat one of the world's deadliest cancers.

» Generic advice doesn't help patients drop pounds
03/20/19 14:39
When it comes to losing weight, doctors' messages to their patients can make a powerful difference, according to new research.

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