» Prolonged spaceflight could weaken astronauts' immune systems
01/23/19 16:44
Researchers report impaired NK-cell function during long-duration space travel.

» New science details discovery of bacterial pathogen in brains of Alzheimer's patients
01/23/19 15:50
New science uncovers how an unlikely culprit, Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg) -- the bacterium commonly associated with chronic gum disease -- appears to drive Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology.

» When coral species vanish, their absence can imperil surviving corals
01/23/19 14:35
As coral species die off, they may be leaving a death spiral in their wake: Their absence could be sapping life from the corals that survive. In a new study, when isolated from other species, corals got weak, died off or grew in fragile ...

» Taking magnetism for a spin: Exploring the mysteries of skyrmions
01/23/19 14:35
Scientists have discovered the relaxation dynamics of a zero-field state in skyrmions, a spinning magnetic phenomenon that has potential applications in data storage and spintronic devices.

» Cancer has a biological clock and this drug may keep it from ticking
01/23/19 13:45
Scientists find and test a promising drug that stops cancer by interfering with the cancer cells' metabolism and other circadian-related functions.

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