» Isle of Man marks Apollo 13 50th with new 'One Giant Leap' stamps
02/25/20 17:30
A former NASA manager who was in mission control when Apollo 13 "had a problem" worked with a small postal service to celebrate the missions's 50th anniversary with new set of stamps.

» 12 trippy objects hidden in the zodiac
02/25/20 16:55
Your daily horoscope: If it's your birthday today (or any other day), congratulations! You are very lucky. You were born into a universe of endless mystery and wonder — a vast and busy place where galaxies eat each other for ...

» Picking up a pingpong paddle may benefit people with Parkinson's
02/25/20 16:17
Pingpong may hold promise as a possible form of physical therapy for Parkinson's disease. People with Parkinson's who participated in a pingpong exercise program once a week for six months showed improvement in their Parkinson's symptoms...

» Seeds in Tibet face impacts from climate change
02/25/20 16:17
A new study examines how warming and increased precipitation (rain and snow) harms the seeds in the ground of the Tibetan Plateau and elsewhere.

» Electrolyte supplements don't prevent illness in athletes
02/25/20 16:17
Electrolyte supplements popular with endurance runners can't be relied on to keep essential sodium levels in balance, according to researchers.

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