» Astronauts honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and replace ISS batteries on 3rd all-woman spacewalk
01/20/20 20:30
Two astronauts completed battery replacements and honored the legacy of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. while working outside of the International Space Station on what marked the third all-woman spacewalk today (Jan. 20).

» An all-woman Mars analog crew just 'returned to Earth' in Hawaii
01/20/20 19:15
An all-female crew of analog astronauts have "returned to Earth," completing a two-week mission in a mock Mars habitat on the big island of Hawaii.

» Setting controlled fires to avoid wildfires
01/20/20 10:34
Despite having proven effective at reducing wildfire risks, prescribed burns have been stymied by perceived and real risks, regulations and resource shortages. A new analysis highlights ways of overcoming those barriers, offering solutio...

» Wisdom of the crowd? Building better forecasts from suboptimal predictors
01/20/20 10:34
Scientists have shown how to combine the forecasts of a collection of suboptimal 'delay embedding' predictors for time series data. This work may help improve the forecasting of floods, stock market gyrations, spatio-temporal brain dynam...

» Strongly 'handed' squirrels less good at learning
01/20/20 10:34
Squirrels that strongly favor their left or right side are less good at learning, new research suggests.

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