» Walmart and Microsoft team up to fight Amazon
17/07/18 13:00 from CNN.com - World

» India is Netflix's next key battle ground
17/07/18 12:25 from CNN.com - World

17/07/18 11:06 from CNN.com - World
These 11 household items pose a threat to the environment, and many of them are starting to get banned in some parts of the world.

17/07/18 10:25 from CNN.com - World
Radek Sikorski, fmr. foreign minster of Poland, says he is "frankly troubled" by President Trump's summit with President Putin in Helsinki.

» EU and Japan sign trade deal covering a third of the world's economy
17/07/18 09:02 from CNN.com - World

» Nuclear Nations Fast Facts
17/07/18 08:13 from CNN.com - World
View Fast Facts at CNN to learn about nuclear nations.

» Looking for a home in Berlin or Budapest? Prepare to pay more
17/07/18 07:27 from CNN.com - World

» Amazon's Prime Day outages trip up shoppers
17/07/18 06:46 from CNN.com - World

17/07/18 05:30 from CNN.com - World
UN peacekeepers have been in Lebanon for decades, trying to maintain calm between Lebanon and Israel, two countries which have been officially at war for more than 70 years. CNN's Ben Wedeman has gained rare access to the activities of t...

» Wall Street hits the panic button on Netflix
17/07/18 03:50 from CNN.com - World

» The best stock this year isn't Netflix. It's...
17/07/18 03:50 from CNN.com - World

» Jeff Bezos is now worth more than Bill Gates and Larry Page combined
17/07/18 00:42 from CNN.com - World

» Timely: Amazon confirms Prime Day outages
17/07/18 00:42 from CNN.com - World

» Will Elon Musk's antics hurt his businesses?
17/07/18 00:42 from CNN.com - World

16/07/18 23:11 from CNN.com - World
A whirlwind of lava was captured on video near Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. The spectacle is caused when "hot gases rise and punch through the cooler air above, to create a vertical column of hot air," according to the US Geological Survey.

» Protests spread, turn deadly in Iraq
16/07/18 19:03 from CNN.com - World
At least eight people are dead and dozens injured in weeklong protests over jobs and basic services, Iraq's Ministry of Health spokesman Saif al-Bader said Monday.

» Warren Buffett just gave $3.4 billion to charity
16/07/18 18:42 from CNN.com - World

» Warren Buffett gives away $3.4 billion
16/07/18 18:42 from CNN.com - World

16/07/18 16:02 from CNN.com - World
Alexey Pushkov, a leading Russian voice on foreign affairs, says "We in Russia are quite happy with the summit"

16/07/18 15:30 from CNN.com - World
Former U.S. ambassador to Russia William Burns points out that diplomacy is not about winging it, especially when you're meeting Vladimir Putin.

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