» DNA of a Strategic Marketing Operations Leader: 3 Seismic Shifts, Part 2
09/01/18 13:23 from The Pedowitz Group
In Part 2 of a series, Debbie Qaqish takes a look at the evolving role today's successful marketing operations leader plays within an organization.

» Key B2B Content Marketing Trends for 2018
04/01/18 02:32 from The Pedowitz Group
Key Takeaways from the 2018 B2B Content Marketing Study

» Brilliant Marketing: Why Thomas Edison Was Light-Years Ahead of His Time
28/12/17 07:49 from The Pedowitz Group
Ask the average American to name an inventor, and inevitably most will cite Thomas Edison. But did you know he had extraordinary skills as a marketer and brand manager?

» Are You Drowning in Content Chaos?
21/12/17 13:23 from The Pedowitz Group
Marketers have developed content for eons, but there are several new factors that require content operations and related processes to bind it all together.

» Making the Case for Marketing Automation: A Practitioner’s Guide
19/12/17 16:32 from The Pedowitz Group
A panel of three marketing experts dive into marketing use cases before-and-after marketing automation technology.

» Rise of the strategic marketing operations leader: Part 1
14/12/17 14:45 from The Pedowitz Group
Debbie Qaqish believes marketing operations leaders are becoming the new power players in marketing and gives examples of how they're driving change in their organizations.

» How Marketing Operations Affects Marketing Accountability
12/12/17 18:03 from The Pedowitz Group
As a leader or a member of the MO team, you are the ultimate enabler of marketing accountability in terms of financial measures. This includes contribution to pipeline, closed business, improved client acquisition and retention, and top ...

» WARNING Don’t Wing Campaign Development: 6 Steps to a Flawless Rollout
05/12/17 14:23 from The Pedowitz Group
Learn how to develop your own campaign development process

» Expanding the Role of Marketing Operations
01/12/17 05:46 from The Pedowitz Group
Debbie Qaqish of The Pedowitz Group explores the ever-growing responsibilities being adopted by the critical Marketing Operations function.

» CMO Insights: Greg Gibbons, Senior Vice President, Communications, Siemens Corporation
28/11/17 14:10 from The Pedowitz Group
Greg Gibbons, CMO of Siemens, provides insight into the challenges of supporting marketing initiatives across a a diverse range of business units.

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