» Show Us Your Marketo Instance At Marketo Summit!
18/04/18 11:38 from The Pedowitz Group
TPG is offering a $500 prize to the individual who shows us the best customer experience in Marketo. Got challenges or questions? Stop by our booth to chat!

» Make Sure Your Company is Ready for GDPR
07/04/18 11:04 from The Pedowitz Group
The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is taking place May 25th. If you are in the European Union(EU) or do business with individuals in the EU, your company needs to take some steps to prepare.

» The 2018 Modern Customer Experience Conference is Happening Soon!
03/04/18 14:47 from The Pedowitz Group
The 2018 Modern Customer Experience (MCE) is taking place April 10-12, 2018 in Chicago. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your conference experience this year!

» Oracle Eloqua Segmentation: Merge, Intersect, Trim
08/03/18 07:35 from The Pedowitz Group
3 powerful features available with Eloqua segments that allow you to merge, intersect or trim 2 different filters or lists.

» How Can Your Company Operationalize the Customer Experience?
28/02/18 07:27 from The Pedowitz Group
As part of TPG ONE™ Kevin Joyce breaks down the seven steps your marketing operations can take to operationalize the customer experience.

» Budget Shifts Happen. How Can You Be Prepared?
20/02/18 19:02 from The Pedowitz Group
It's happened before and it will happen again. The year-end marketing budget you set will have to shift, probably more than once, mid-quarter and mid-year. TPG's Justin Yopp talks with Pamela Muldoon on how to prepare the the unexpected ...

» Introducing TPG ONE™: Moving Beyond the Funnel
15/02/18 17:18 from The Pedowitz Group
TPG is moving beyond the marketing funnel as Jeff Pedowitz introduces TPG ONE™ – a Customer Lifecycle Map.

» A Revenue Marketing Journey: The Conclusion
08/02/18 14:44 from The Pedowitz Group
Rounding up all 16 articles of the Revenue Marketing Journey series.

» The Critical Importance of a KPI Roadmap
06/02/18 14:38 from The Pedowitz Group
Marketing is a science and an art, with the science side of this equation getting a lot of press lately, especially in the area of marketing ops. The primary implication is that marketers will experiment, collect results, analyze those r...

» Get Revenue Marketing Analytics Right for 2018
02/02/18 09:24 from The Pedowitz Group
This month, we turn our attention to revenue marketing analytics and, more importantly, how to choose the right metrics for where you are in your revenue marketing journey.

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