» Is Acquisition Tunnel Vision Cutting Your Customer Lifetime Value Short?
10/10/18 18:15 from The Pedowitz Group
Are you focusing most of your marketing efforts on new new leads? Read more to find out how build solid synergy with your lead management practice and your customer engagement practice to expand account possibilities.

» CMO Insights: Kira Mondrus, CMO, QASymphony
09/10/18 17:22 from The Pedowitz Group
Jeff Pedowitz sits down with Kira Mondrus, CMO at QASymphony, to discuss building a marketing team from the ground up, streamlining a MarTech stack and removing redundant tech and the challenges associated with becoming a global company.

» Establishing the Lead Management Process: Acquisition to Advocacy
05/10/18 16:50 from The Pedowitz Group
In our final post of the lead management blog series, we discuss stage 7 of the lead management process: establishing a foundation for customer management analytics. This involves reporting around a complete customer buying journey, such...

» Account Based Marketing (ABM): The CMO’s Silver Bullet
04/10/18 14:35 from The Pedowitz Group
Account Based Marketing is more than just a marketing trend. ABM is a powerful element you should consider adding to your marketing strategy.

» CMO Insights: Heidi Bullock, CMO for Engagio
02/10/18 18:33 from The Pedowitz Group
Jeff Pedowitz sits down with Heidi Bullock, CMO for Engagio, to discuss how she helps her customers build strong foundations for account based marketing, how she creates a team of thoughtful, well-rounded individuals who focus on the cus...

» Core Organizational Ingredients of the Ever-Expanding Marketing Operations Function
28/09/18 15:14 from The Pedowitz Group
Debbie Qaqish takes on the organization of functions surrounding marketing operations. Marketing ops has exploded into the marketing scene in just the last two years as a new and critical function for CMOs. Debbie examines the key elemen...

» How to Focus on Customer Centricity in 2019 (On-Demand Webinar)
26/09/18 10:07 from The Pedowitz Group
How do you budget for customer centricity? Read on to learn more about how to take the customer journey from a line item to a fully funded initiative that brings every department in the company into alignment behind a set standard and go...

» CMO Insights: Alison Murdock, CMO of SocialChorus
25/09/18 09:38 from The Pedowitz Group
In today's episode of CMO Insights, Jeff sits down with Alison Murdock, CMO of SocialChorus, to discuss digital transformation, the importance of educating your market on the problems you solve and the solutions you make possible and the...

» The State of ABM: Strengthen Marketing Ops to See Greater ROI
21/09/18 14:49 from The Pedowitz Group
Engagio's recent ABM Outlook Survey (2018) contains some fascinating information. We break it down for you here and tell you where you should focus your efforts to get the most return for your investment into ABM.

» How to Establish Thorough Service Level Agreements for Lead Management
20/09/18 17:31 from The Pedowitz Group
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are contracts between parties that define roles and responsibilities and document escalation points in the automated lead management process. In this seventh blog in our lead management series, we take a d...

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