» Opinion: Surf Air Bets Membership Airlines Will Succeed Abroad
08/23/17 03:05 from Business Aviation
Will a shared service succeed elsewhere? Surf Air, the California membership carrier, is expanding to Texas and Europe and is looking beyond those destinations. read more

» August 21, 2017: Updated Fuel Prices Now Available
08/21/17 15:30 from AC-U-KWIK Alert
Untitled Document

» ForeFlight Introduces Portable, Dual-Band ADS-B Receiver
08/21/17 03:02 from Business Aviation
ForeFlight has introduced Scout, a portable, dual-band ADS-B receiver that delivers inflight weather and traffic information to the ForeFlight Mobile app. read more

» First Embraer Legacy 500 Assembled In Florida Makes Initial Flight
08/21/17 03:02 from Business Aviation
The first Embraer Legacy 500 midsize business jet to be assembled at the airframer's Melbourne, Florida, facilities made its initial flight July 13 and is to be delivered this quarter. read more

» Cessna 182 In Notable Nonstop to Oshkosh
08/21/17 03:02 from Business Aviation
In July, a Cessna 182 powered by an SMA compression-ignition engine flew nonstop from Olympia, Washington, to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on just 80 gal. of Jet-A. read more

» G550 Becomes Gulfstream's Most Successful Model
08/21/17 03:02 from Business Aviation
This past July, Gulfstream Aerospace delivered its 550th G550 ultra-long-range jet, making it the most successful model in the plane maker's history. read more

» Airports Now Can Determine If GPS Signals Are Being Jammed
08/21/17 03:02 from Business Aviation
Airports now have the tools to proactively determine if GPS signal-jamming is taking place on their property. Sprint Communications' new portable GSS200D can detect interference coming from jammers more than 1,600 ft. away. read more

» LET L-410NG To Enter Production In 2018
08/21/17 03:02 from Business Aviation
Aircraft Industries (LET) reports its L-410NG high-wing twin turboprop will enter production in 2018. The Czech airframer says it has several orders for the new model. read more

» Small Drone Market To More Than Double By 2023
08/21/17 03:02 from Business Aviation
The worldwide small drone market is expected to grow from $6.76 billion in 2016 to $14.71 billion by 2023, according to Statistics MRC. read more

» HondaJet Production To Double To 80 Per Year
08/21/17 03:02 from Business Aviation
Honda Aircraft plans to increase production of the HondaJet at its Greensboro, North Carolina, manufacturing campus from 3-4 aircraft per month to a full capacity of 6-8 per month, or about 80 per year. read more

» National Gay Pilots Association Opens Canadian Chapter
08/21/17 03:02 from Business Aviation
National Gay Pilots Association recently opened a chapter in Canada, boosting the organization to 13 chapters based there and in Britain and the U.S. read more

» Cirrus Reports More Than 600 Orders For Vision Jet
08/21/17 03:02 from Business Aviation
Cirrus Aircraft reports deposits in hand for more than 600 of its Vision Jet single-engine aircraft, representing five years of production. read more

» Swift Aircraft Management Awarded ARGUS Platinum Rating
08/18/17 13:45 from AC-U-KWIK Alert
Swift Aircraft Management (SAM) has earned an ARGUS Platinum Rating, the highest and most prestigious ARGUS safety rating, demonstrating SAM’s dedication and ongoing commitment to safety. Swift Aircraft Management is based in Phoen...

» Ask AC-U-KWIK: How Crews Find FBOs on the Field
08/17/17 13:20 from AC-U-KWIK Alert
It is important that we publish each FBO’s location on the field to assist pilots and crew in reaching their FBO of choice. The small circle with the direction designation denotes the FBO’s location relative to the center of ...

» Cutter Aviation Celebrates Grand Opening of New Executive Terminal at Colorado Springs
08/17/17 08:00 from AC-U-KWIK Alert
Cutter Aviation celebrated the opening of its new world-class FBO Terminal at Colorado Springs Municipal Airport with a grand opening reception on August 3rd, 2017. Festivities included a formal ribbon cutting ceremony, a static aircraft...

» Windsor Jet Management Announces Leadership Team Updates
08/16/17 14:00 from AC-U-KWIK Alert
Windsor Jet Management, a private jet charter operator based out of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, announced recent changes in its leadership team commencing with the appointment of Juan Hincapie as General Manager of the company eff...

» Urban Air Mobility: Companies To Watch
08/16/17 12:42 from Business Aviation
“Just as shared, electric, and autonomous vehicles are redefining ground transportation, urban air mobility is poised for massive disruption over the next five years," according to aerospace incubator Starburst. read more

» Business Spotlight: Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport (LXT)
08/15/17 15:15 from AC-U-KWIK Alert
Lee's Summit Municipal Airport (LXT) has been serving the Kansas City area for 40 years. Its central location and easy access to Kansas City makes the airport an ideal stop for any flight. Learn more about what sets Lee's Summit Municipa...

» August 14, 2017: Updated Fuel Prices Now Available
08/14/17 16:00 from AC-U-KWIK Alert
Untitled Document

» TAG Geneva’s FBO Lounges Showcase Summer Art Exhibition by Swiss Street Artist Joule Champod
08/14/17 15:15 from AC-U-KWIK Alert
An exclusive contemporary street art exhibition entitled ‘The Caps Collection’ by the inspirationally talented Swiss graffiti artist Joule Champod will be on display throughout August and September at TAG Aviation’s sta...

» West Star Aviation's Dave Girard Receives the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award
08/14/17 08:00 from AC-U-KWIK Alert
West Star Aviation announced Dave Girard received the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award for 50 years as a mechanic.

» Northstar Aviation (KPVD) Adds On-Site Customs to FBO Services
08/11/17 09:00 from AC-U-KWIK Alert
Pilots and passengers traveling through Northstar Aviation at Theodore Francis Green International Airport in Providence, Rhode Island, now benefit from the availability of on-site U.S. Customs.

» Opinion: New Contender Takes On Venerable Pilatus PC-12
08/03/17 03:20 from Inside Business Aviation
Cessna wants a piece of the action The Cessna Denali poses the first challenge to the Pilatus PC-12 in a quarter century. The leader has 1,500+ aircraft head start. read more

» Oshkosh 2017: 500,000 People,10,000 Airplanes, Uber Elevation
07/14/17 03:05 from Inside Business Aviation
EEA AirVenture will mark the anniversaries of aviation and aerospace events including the Doolittle Raid, formation of the U.S. Air Force and Apollo 1 disaster. read more

» Gulfstream G-IVSP Pre-Owned Market at a Glance
07/13/17 13:05 from Marketline
Aircraft Bluebook At-a-Glance has reviewed the current market status of the Gulfstream G-IVSP.

» GE Challenges Pratt’s PT6 Hegemony With the ATP
07/05/17 03:00 from Inside Business Aviation
A new pretender to the turboprop throne The PT6 faces competition from GE’s Advanced Turboprop powerplant; J. Mac McClellan’s active retirement. read more

» Current Market Strength of 50 Pre-Owned Aircraft Models: Summer 2017
07/03/17 09:00 from Marketline
CMS represents an aircraft’s current strength in the market. An A+ rating indicates the aircraft is enjoying a very firm market. Prices for an A+ aircraft are steadily rising, and holding times are very short or nonexistent. At the...

» Pre-Owned Business Aircraft Market Graphs from the Summer 2017 Marketline
06/29/17 09:00 from Marketline
All of the listed aircraft have a composite score that is presented in the Used Aircraft Market graph. Data points are represented in relationship to the respective new delivered historical price that is equal to 100%. The measure of cha...

» Used Business Aircraft Market: Better Weather, Cleared for the Visual
06/13/17 14:42 from Marketline
By Chris Reynolds, ASA | Editor/Aircraft Appraiser | Aviation Week Network Pre-owned business turboprop and jet transactions are on the incline. Pricing is competitive with better-than-average inventories from which to choose. Time and c...

» Propeller-Maker Hartzell Celebrates Centenary
05/04/17 03:00 from Inside Business Aviation
A Wright was right again Century-old Hartzell has delivered 500,000+ propellers since Orville Wright urged it to start making them. read more

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